Ode to the Commode

A funny thing happened a few weeks back.  I was contacted by someone from Clorox who had found a picture of my bathroom on my blog.  Clorox has a sweepstakes going where you can win a trip to a different city each week over an 8-week period.  Well, Nashville was on the list and they needed a picture from a Nashville bathroom to kick off this portion of the sweepstakes.  I gave them permission to use this picture.  

Clorox posted the picture on its Facebook page, Ode to the Commode.  I was kind of excited that Niecy Nash was the spokesperson for this campaign.  My kids and I love to watch Clean House

A few comments were posted about my bathroom – a few nice, a few not-so-nice.  Then this lady named Barbra posted a couple of comments filled with expletives about how it was the most HIDEOUS thing she had ever seen it was and how I must have been DRUNK when I designed it.  She strongly recommended that I rip out everything and paint it all white and neutral, and that I take down that “STUPID dining room chandelier!”  I guess you have to expect your share of criticism when you “put it all out there,” but it was really strange how upset the sight of my bathroom made her!  Her posts have since been removed – I’m not sure if she did that or Clorox.  Anyway . . .

If you’d like a free vacation to Nashville, you might want to sign up on Ode to the Commode sweepstakes.  If you’re already living here, you might want to check back next week when there should be a new sweepstakes for a trip to some other city.   Also, make sure you make a “virtual flush” on their Facebook page – Clorox is donating $1 per virtual flush to The World Toilet Association (I am not joking).  The WTA is a non-profit committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide.  So proud I could play a small part  . . .


  1. LaJuana Gill

    Well, I love your bathroom and I especially love your chandelier! And how cool to be on a national site!

  2. Michelle

    Hmmm. I remember us discussing your wallpaper years ago and discussing your curtains much more recently, and I will vouch that you were not drunk either time. “Barbra” has issues and probably has all white walls and plastic on the furniture. God love her.

  3. Cheryl

    Boy, I guess it takes all kinds.
    Congratulations on being recognized on Ode to the Commode!

  4. Julie

    I think it’s beautiful! To each their own I guess and heaven knows we all have issues. My opinion is that this is a cozy-yet elegant-and comfortable bathroom!


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