Saarinen Table

Euro Saarinen first produced his iconic Saarinen tulip table in the 1950s and it was a hit in mod homes of the 60s.  It’s popularity lives on in today’s homes because of its style and functionality.


I heart pedestal tables, because they give more room for chair and people legs!  It’s so irritating to constantly bump your chair into table legs, right?


Of course, the tulip table is right at home in modern clean-lined spaces like this one.  They have always married well with other international style or mid-century modern icons, such as an Eames’ molded plastic chair or Saarinen’s tulip chair.



A true Saarinen tulip table will run you about $1500.  But IKEA has a smart knock-off version for $150.  Gotta love that IKEA!



Saarinen tulip tables are everywhere, and not just in modern spaces.  They actually work great paired artfully with traditional furnishings.




A tulip table with mix-and-match chairs,  funky fabrics, and fun art create an eclectic masterpiece of a room, like this one.




I love it with these Frenchy blue chairs and a zebra rug!




Photo Credits:  Matters of Style, Style Redux, Elle Decor, Wary Meyers, Nibs (5,7), Skona Hem. 

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Jen C.
Jen C.
10 years ago

i love these tables. i think i love anything with a double “a” in it, though. 😉 i have never seen this table matched with such different styles of chairs. very interesting.

10 years ago

Jen, that’s what inspired me to do this post – I kept seeing these interesting mixes of the tulip table with unexpected chairs and styles. I’ll have to remember the double “a” thing – do I know any other words with double “a”?

Jen C.
Jen C.
10 years ago

hmmmm, i don’t know. i used to live in haarlem…i guess that’s where my affinity comes from. 🙂

Kristen and Jamie
8 years ago

Dear Kristie,

We wanted to let you know that we re-posted one of your beautiful photos on our new blog. Proper credit is given below the photo, and clicking on the photo takes the viewer directly to your adorable blog.
: )

Kristen and Jamie
Feather & Nest

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