Form Follows Function

Small spaces require creativity and flexibility to use them most efficiently.  Think outside the box and make your home more interesting at the same time.  Use these ideas to multi-task and increase the functionality of your small space:

  •  Don’t use your dining table much?  Push it against the wall and use it as a desk, buffet, or library table.  You can always pull it out into the room when you need it for dining.  


  • Do double duty. Use a daybed rather than a typical bed in a guest room so it can be a sitting room, office, and guest room.
  • To define spaces without chopping up the visual square footage, use decorative screens or bookcases to create partial walls that still allow light to flow through and/or around.  A backless bookcase as a room divider lets light through and increases the function of the room.  I have a large backless bookcase from IKEA that I can use against the wall or out in the room as a room divider.
  • I love creating a library/dining room combination, like I did in this previously underutilized space.  Line one wall with bookcases and stack some books creatively on the dining room table – instant library, but still extremely functional for dining.

  • Rethink every inch of available space, especially where your home’s architecture forms nitches.  Place a bookcase or desk with mounted shelving above at the dead end of a hallway to create a small library or computer area.


  • Look for places where you can “tuck in” functional furniture.  Slanted ceilings upstairs?  Use the low ceiling to tuck in a sofa or a bed against that wall.  Make sure to tuck in the bed with one side against or almost against the wall.  Very European!



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