Ruffles are everywhere!  It started in fashion, where ruffles are on the hottest tops, skirts, dresses, purses, and shoes.  Look around – it’s already all over decor now, as well.   And these are NOT your grandma’s ruffles . . .









Photo Credits:  PomPomInteriors, AbsolutelyBeautifulThings, IndiaRose, CrateandBarrel, Etsy (5&6), BrocadeHome, LaylaGrace, CountryLiving, AtHomeWithIt.

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12 thoughts on “Ruffles

  1. Heather says:

    finally! one of my favorite things in the world is now a trend! i think im going to go stock up on ruffle pillows and keep them forever or until they go out of style. i love feminine detailing!! i especially am drooling over that second image. i love round entry tables.

  2. kristiebarnett says:

    Never fear, Heather – feminine is not on its way out yet! I have a round entry table myself, and I would love to have that tablecloth! I have a round coffee table with a tablecloth very similar to the layered one in the first picture made by a fabulous seamtress friend of mine, Christiana Liddle. I hope to put up a post soon of all the amazing table slipcovers she has been creating for me. You might want to have her make one for you!

  3. kristiebarnett says:

    Daniel, you are too kind. This is all pretty new to me – I had barely even read a blog when I started mine. I had an idea (ideas) and I needed a way to get my thoughts “out there.” So I just started doing it – clueless as I was in terms of technology. I just keep learning and trying to understand more of the computer lingo – although I STILL do not understand what Twitter is! I do a lot of google searches to try to educate myself about the things I don’t understand. I’ll check out yours – I’m sure it’s not that bad! We are more critical of ourselves than others are!

  4. kristiebarnett says:

    Daniel – I just checked out your blog, and I really like it! It’s clean and simple – which goes with cleaning 🙂 with good information for your readers. You need to set up something on it where people can subscribe to it – that will help remind people to check it when you have a new post. Then promote, promote, promote. And write posts more often (but not TOO often). I would really try to target it to other house cleaners – I find that decorators/stagers are some of my most loyal followers. Keep on keeping on – you’re doing great!

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  6. Karina Aguon says:

    Kristie, I thought of you this weekend. I was looking through a Country Living magazine at the supermarket and saw some ruffled curtains in one of their layouts. I am really enjoying your website and LOVE all of the ideas. You are very talented!

  7. Anita- Comfyheaven ruffled pillows says:

    loved the way you say it , these are definitely not your grandma’s ruffles. Love the ruffled pillows from Etsy. Especially the teal blue and purple silk ones.

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