Kickstart Your Spring with Florals from Kirkland’s Flower Market

I know I can’t be alone. I’m dying for spring to come, aren’t you? I’ve been putting away my winter decor to make way for the spring that I am looking forward to, despite the cold snap so many of us have been experiencing. “Hope springs eternal” is not just a catchphrase. It’s what keeps us going in the coldest and longest of winters, amiright?

Here’s the good news: the folks at Kirkland’s have a fun new initiative to fuel our hope of spring: Kirkland’s Flower Market!  Faux florals have gotten sooo much better than they used to be, and I use them in practically every room of the house.These are not your grandma’s dusty old silk flowers – the Kirkland’s Flower Market will bring to life the look and feel of your local farmer’s market with an authentic flower cart stacked high with faux flower stems, vases, containers and floral arrangements.

So here’s how it works: you go in to their store and you’re greeted by a cart of realistic faux floral options, along with a fabulous array of vessels to arrange the florals in.

kirklands flower market


When I walked into the store, I must admit that I felt a bit reticent to start creating my own arrangements of florals. Truth be told, floral arrangement has always been a puzzling thing for me – I’ve rarely been able to put together a satisfying arrangement, try as I might . . . but I was willing to take a stab at it.


My local Kirkland’s Flower Market was stocked full of all kinds of spring florals and vessels to contain them. Having a black thumb as I do, the idea of putting together a floral arrangement kinda freaks me out. But I must say, realizing they are faux (and therefore kinda perfect), meant that I couldn’t damage/ruin the fragile blossoms, so why not give it a try?

kirkland's flower market faux floral selection




So, here’s how it works: choose a vessel, then experiment with Kirkland’s floral choices. It could be as simple as a farmhouse favorite. I grabbed this wood and metal trough:


and filled it with the oh-so-popular (I am in the south, y’all) cotton sprays to create an easy-peasy centerpiece for a rectangular console or table.

kirkland's flower market cotton sprays


Or, you could grab a white enamel vessel like this one:


and fill it with florals and greens, like I did right in the store. A lady walked by me as I photographed these arrangements and exclaimed “How fun is that? I should totally try that!” Guess what? Kirkland’s encourages you to do just that!


Here’s a sunny arrangement I put together with a silver aluminum vessel, a few sprigs of greenery, and a few springs of yellow something-or-another. Obviously, I’m no gardener – I have no idea what this yellow plant is called, but it looks pretty darn realistic to me!

kirkland's flower market faux yarrow


Maybe wildflowers aren’t your thang. No problem – Kirkland’s Flower Market also offers lots of faux succulents, which are uber-trendy right now.

kirkland's flower market faux succulents


The great thing about succulents is: it’s extra tricky to tell which ones are real and which ones are faux. The advantage of real succulents is the low maintenance, but what’s more low maintenance than FAUX?


Maybe you feel terribly uncomfortable with arranging your own real or faux florals. Well, Kirkland’s offers pre-arranged options for the floral-impaired (yes, this may be me).

kirkland's flower market prearranged floral selection


These appear to be carefully arranged by you, but they aren’t. They look infinitely better than anything I could have arranged on my own:


That being said, Kirkland’s encouraged me to put together an arrangement on my own to take home with me. Would you like to see what a black-thumb floral designer like myself came up with? Ok, here you go – I chose an oversized galvanized bucket, two different yellow wildflowers, and some greenery to create this arrangement for my dining room table:


But then, I thought: it might be cool to put my new floral arrangement out on the front porch – kinda a harbinger of Spring. Here’s what it looks like:

kirkland's flower market by the decorologist

If you are as ready for spring as I am (even if the weather isn’t cooperating), you can get inspired at Kirkland’s – just click on this link to locate a store near you: Kirkland’s Flower Market. Create your own arrangement, or choose a pre-arranged floral masterpiece to get your home in a spring kinda mood!

This post is sponsored by Kirkland’s, but the opinions are purely my own!

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25 thoughts on “Kickstart Your Spring with Florals from Kirkland’s Flower Market

  1. Laura P. says:

    Super cute, Kristie! You did a great job on all of your flower arrangements, especially the one you put out on your porch. It looks so realistic and perfect for Easter!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Thank you, Laura! Like I said, floral arrangement is NOT my thing – but it was easy with all these options of pretty floral stems. And they never die, so that’s a huge plus 😉

  2. Roxanne says:

    I’m so glad you posted this because there is a Kirklands not far from me. I’ve been looking for realistic Florals and they have been hard to find. I can’t wait to check it out! Your arrangements and ideas were great. Kirklands is one of my favorite stores for decor!

  3. Vicki Reynolds says:

    I haven’t been to Kirkland’s in awhile but will need to check it out! Love the pretty blooms.🌼🌺🥀

  4. Elizabeth Scruggs says:

    I love this idea and happy Kirkland’s is offering it! So many times I find “almost” the right piece for a client- but it lacks a spring of color needed, or has too much of something else. This solves that problem! And I also love that they have it all displayed together so we don’t have to wander aimlessly around the store trying to find the perfect vessel- way to go Kirkland’s:) and Kristie, I think your arrangements look great!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth! Yeah, I liked being able to pick just the colors and sprays I wanted – and experimenting with how to put them together. You can see that I didn’t go too crazy – keeping the colors to a couple seems to work best for me, anyway! Is there a Kirkland’s in your area, or do you have to come up to Nashville?

  5. Jenifer says:

    I’m always looking for new sources for faux flowers! I’m allergic to real flowers and potted plants, so I’ve been limited to using faux my entire life. I like that Kirkland’s has an assortment of pre-made and DIY options. Very inspiring. I’ll have to go visit!

  6. Maura says:

    It’s so hard to find faux flowers that actually look real and natural and not too perfect. Love these, thanks Kristie!

  7. Maggie says:

    Great information…I didn’t know that Kirklands had these kind of plants and flowers. This is just what I need to cheer me up with the snow that is still on the ground. 🙁
    I can at least have some Spring inside!!

  8. Lynn O'Brien says:

    I love all of the arrangements you put together! I agree; faux florals are so much better than they used to be. I just recently discovered Kirkland’s, but had not visited a store until last week when I went in to pick up a lamp I had ordered. I opened the box to put it together Friday night and discovered that part of the base was broken so I took it back to the store and was able to exchange it for a floor model of the same lamp purchase. I picked up a second sunflower bunch to go with the one I picked up when I picked up my lamp and a faux hydrangea arrangement in a metal bucket. I also have a faux cotton blossom wreath that I ordered online.

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