Roller Coaster Ride

Bad things happen, good things happen.  And then more bad things happen.  And more good things happen.  So we can focus on the bad, or focus on the good.  Or strap ourselves in and try to just enjoy the roller coaster ride.  Here are a few high points on my roller coaster lately.




Found treasures like this crazy bull I found at an estate sale.  Makes me happy every time I see it.  It’s weird and I just really dig it.




This awesome fabric and color combination that I got to put together at Merridian for a client’s living room.  It’s gonna be gorgeous!

fabric combination



This article I wrote for The Tennessean including photos of some bookcases I styled.

the decorologist in the tennessean



This “HomeGoods Happy” moment I had earlier this week with my friend and client, Melanie.   We totally scored!

2013-05-26 15.56.52



A massive save after a major Pinterest FAIL on church camp t-shirts (writing their names in Clorox bleach pens didn’t work out so well – fabric paint markers to the rescue).

painted name t-shirts 


The announcement that Ty’s House  (formerly known as the Mt. Hope Cemetery House, then Hard Bargain Community Centerwon an award by the Heritage Foundation of Franklin & Williamson County and will be on the 38th annual Town and Country Historic Home Tour this weekend.

Ty2 House historical colors

Ty’s House in the Hard Bargain neighborhood of Franklin


Homemade lo-carb macaroni and cheese from the best summer intern ever, LAURA.  She’s back from college, and I forgot how much I missed that girl.

lo carb macaroni and cheese



A few amazing photos of my youngest daughter after tucking roses in her hair because she wanted to look like a princess to go to the Renaissance Fair.

roses in hair

Melanie G Photography




Melanie G. Photography



beautiful little girl

Melanie G Photography



See, I feel better already.  I’m headed off to church camp with that precious little girl in the photos.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Michelle Burke

    Glad you’re finding some happies. Love you!

  2. Cindy Gray

    Have you seen the “Pinterest Fail” website? Some funny stuff on there!

    I want an intern!

    My mom use to sen me to every VBS in the county! A craft and a snack! Loved it!

    Your baby girl is beautiful! Perfect age, life is a grand adventure!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you so much, Cindy! I’m blessed to have my girls 🙂

  3. Karen

    Firstly (is that a word?), your daughter is beautiful and of course looked like a princess! Secondly, I must have the recipe for the low carb mac and cheese! (drool) And thirdly, your “happies” are making me a little happier too this morning! Enjoy church camp with your cutie.

  4. ange

    What a beauty, just like her momma! Enjoy the special time at camp this weekend, make fun memories! The t-shirts look great by the way, way to rescue the pinterest fail!

  5. Janice

    LOVE that precious princess with roses in her hair! Hugs to her!

  6. Connie Nikiforoff Designs

    I don’t have daughters, but who’s day wouldn’t be brightened with the sight of that beautiful little daughter of yours. She’s gorgeous! Of course, in a few years, my little granddaughter is going to be that gorgeous too! She’s two and already a charmer 🙂 (I’d post a pic of her here if I could.)

    Also, I LOVE that saying about life and rollercoasters! That made my day too!

  7. Paul Martin

    CONGRATS on all your successes ! Love your style.

  8. adele

    My family has that same bull! My parents bought it new in the 70s. I’m not sure, but I think they bought it on a trip to Europe–probably Scotland.

  9. ceil tarwater

    Wow! Your daughter is awesomely beautiful(just like you!)…so many blessings to count! 😉

  10. Paula Van Hoogen

    Hi Kristie–Your little girl IS precious! So good when churches provide such wonderful alternatives for kids to TV, FB, and video games. Enjoy your summer time with them–we won’t mind if you slack off a bit on this computer stuff 🙂 You’ve got your priorities straight!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you, Paula – you are always so encouraging to me, and it means a lot. 🙂

  11. Kelly

    Daughter’s are the best! They certainly are part of your life’s ups! I had a week like that last week, emotionally draining. Have a wonderful weekend Kristie!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Let’s hope next week is better for both of us, Kelly!

  12. Harriette

    Reminds me of a greeting card that a friend sent to me once. It said, “Life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it’s up. Sometimes it’s down. And sometimes it just makes you want to puke.” Cheered me right up!

    • Kristie Barnett

      That’s great, Harriette! Yes, last week I kinda wanted to puke 🙂

  13. Robin @

    Such sweet pics of your lovely daughter.

    And that lo-carb mac n cheese looked yummy … will the recipe be posted {pretty please!}


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