Rules Are Meant to Be Broken: Trad Home

So excited about the newly-birthed baby of Traditional Home:  Trad Home online.  Yes, I subscribe to Traditional Home magazine, but I’m sometimes wonder if they (and me) are just a little too . . . traditional.   No longer! 

Designer Ron Marvin


Trad Home is born, the hip new online rag that proves that traditional doesn’t mean stodgy anymore.   

Trad Home


Traditional Home teamed up with Lonny, another fab online shelter magazine, to make Trad Home a reality.

Sara Gilbane


The photography is, of course, fabulous.  And there are SO MANY fabulous rooms to gawk at! 

Bonesteel Trout Hall Interiors


And this baby is jam-packed.   The first issue boasts almost 350 pages and features lots of up-and-coming designers.

Trad Home


So check it out – but make sure you can spend a good long time pouring through the pages !

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Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly

Thanks for sharing! I love that shade material from Sara Gilbane. I love looking at beautiful pictures!

9 years ago

I have to subscribe to this magazine! I love the kids rooms! The first 2 pics!

9 years ago

I am sharing this on facebook! Such a fabulous online magazine!

9 years ago

Just reposted it with a new image!

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