SmallWall, Sherwin-Williams, & Me

Yesterday I attended the Sherwin-Williams national trade show here in Nashville.  I’m so excited about my new partnership with Small Wall, the company that created best tool for testing paint colors accurately.

small wall paint boards



Owner Julie Boney and her team set up a Vegas-style booth for their product, which is so ironic since I am speaking next week in Las Vegas at the Real Estate Staging Convention!  

2014-01-23 10.35.38


Anyhoo, I love Small Walls and use them in my paint color consultations so that my clients know exactly what the paint colors will look like up on their walls.  The non-porous, adhesive-backed product is the closest representation to the way a paint color will actually look on your wall – 10x more accurate than a digital paint swatch you pick up in stores! Always test your wall colors on Small Wall, rather than putting it directly on the walls. You’ll be able to move around the swatches to see how the color looks on different walls, against your fixed elements, and with differing lighting conditions.

Screenshot 2014-01-23 16.57.08


Small Wall will be offering a one-day “Color House Call” with The Decorologist as part of a contest they will launch in the spring.  They will fly me to the winner’s city, where I’ll conquer paint color fears and leave someone with the perfect paint color palette for their home. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

small wall and the decorologist


The contest will be featured wherever Small Wall is sold, including all 3,908 Sherwin-Williams paint stores in the U.S. and Canada.  

small wall in sherwin-williams

Sherwin-Williams store display


I got to hang out with HGTV’s David Bromstad for awhile at the trade show.  I interviewed him back in the fall for an upcoming magazine article that I wrote about 2014 Color Trends that will be in the March edition of Everyday Home magazine.  He was really nice, and I really wanted his blue velvet jacket . . . 

david bromstad and The Decorologist

The Decorologist and David Bromstad


Julie and I kidnapped the HGTV gnome for awhile, snapping photos with it all over the trade show.

julie boney

Julie Boney, Small Wall creator


Here’s me with the HGTV gnome and Amy Matthews of HGTV’s Renovation Raiders:

amy matthews and kristie barnett 

I’ll let you know when the contest launches – who knows, maybe you could win a day of Color Intervention with me!


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13 thoughts on “SmallWall, Sherwin-Williams, & Me

  1. Cindy Elia Barnett says:

    I wish you were here on the west coast. We have a new home (new to us) with a million dollar view of the Sierra Nevada mountains and I’m sooooooo clueless about paint color and placement of furniture. Can you recommend someone in the Grass Valley or Sacramento area of California?! Thank you very much.

  2. ~syl says:

    Congrats on your partnership with Small Wall Kristie – such a stellar idea!!! The trade show looked like a great time of fun!!!!! For Cindy who posted, may I suggest you purchasing Kristie’s videos on paint and furniture placement! I recently made the investment and am learning so much!!!!! Well worth the price and great tool to start with your decor!!!!!!!

  3. Lezlie says:

    I’m telling you, you better watch out, you are going to get in trouble with those gnomes! So excited for you and the wonderful ways you impact and influence so many!

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