The Decorologist Home Staging Tips on Talk of the Town

Last week, I spent one morning taping a couple of segments of the Nashville-based Talk of the Town television show.

news channel 5

Host Tuwanda Coleman asked me to speak about home staging.  I shared some tips for appealing to the widest audience possible and for making rooms appear larger.  Brentwood Area Homes Realtor Melissa Allen let us use her home for demonstrating how my tips work. When Melissa moved into this home, I helped her choose the interior paint color palette and decorate her new space.

tuwanda coleman and kristie barnett

Melissa Allen, Tuwanda Coleman, and Kristie Barnett 

Tuwanda is such a professional.  She’s a natural in front of the camera, but is also an amazingly kind and warm lady.  Mike, the cameraman, let Melissa’s daughter take a closer look at his sweet equipment:



One of the segments aired yesterday, and the next is scheduled to air next Thursday, August 7 at 11:00 CTD. Click here if you want to see yesterday’s segment!



  1. Beth

    Great job, Kristie!

  2. Frances

    Saw you. You were great!!

  3. Nancy

    Great spot Kristie, and really good tips. You seem a natural in front of the camera! I have not watched Talk of the Town in ages (I do not watch any daytime TV) so I’d never seen Ms. Coleman. She seems a really warm and friendly person. I liked her immediately. And Melissa Allen’s beautiful daughter looks just like her mother! At first I thought, wow, she looks younger with her hair back! That’s what I get for looking at pictures first and then reading the posts. Mike the cameraman may have started something! I enjoyed having this back story to the TV segment. It broadened the way I perceived it. That surprised me.

    I have a question stemming from the spot: It showed a small dresser in front of the return air vent. Is it okay to do that? Those vents are not pretty and so often are placed where they become an eye-sore. Is disguising them really this simple?

    In our house it’s not the return but floor vents in inopportune places. Do you know of any way to park a couch in front of one and still get air-flow?

    I look forward to seeing your next segment. Nancy

  4. AppleHillCottage

    Watched your segment and really enjoyed it. We are listing our house soon and I’ve got a related question if you don’t mind. Up our stairway I’ve got a grouping of seven old photos of parents, grandparent, and us on wedding days. They are b&w or sepia. I don’t have any extra art hanging around (ahem) to replace them and I’ve heard we shouldn’t have boring staircases. Any thoughts about this? Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Great question – if you had something else to replace, then that’s what I suggest. But since you don’t, black and white and antique photography are the ONLY photos I’d consider leaving up. Just make sure you take down any color photos, snapshots, etc. elsewhere. Good luck selling your house!

  5. Ruth King

    Kristie, I love your work! I have been reading your articles & using them as inspiration as I renovate my house. What is the wall color from the talk if the segment? Thanks

  6. kelly

    Wish I could see your station from here, would love to see you on TV! Love your navy polka dot shirt, I would buy that for myself. If I have not mentioned it yet, your new photo looks so professional and pretty!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Kelly! You can click on the link in the post if you want to see the segment!

  7. SJ Marchi

    Kristie, you are awesome! Love following your blog. This house is my layout! What color paint is on the walls? I have yellow, and you have just inspired me to change it!!
    Thank you!


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