Move Over, Chevron – Cabana Stripes Are Back

vintage cabana stripe

via Pinterest

No, there’s nothing new about cabana stripes.  They are classic, just like Grace Kelly.

 cabana stripe house of turquoise

via Pinterest

There’s something crisp and beachy about cabana stripes.  You can pair nearly any color with white to create a classic pattern that somehow seems new.  If white is not one of the two colors in the stripe, it’s NOT a cabana stripe.

duvet cover

Urban Outfitters

Thin, small stripes are considered pinstripe – cabana stripes are nice and wide.  Wide, vertical stripes look most “cabana,” but you’ll find lots of wide horizontal stripes identified as cabana.

striped tile

via Pinterest 

The tile in the bathroom above is layed out in a cabana-striped pattern.  While vertical stripes can make a room appear taller, horizontal stripes can make a room appear wider.  Our eyes can’t help but follow the lines!

mint and white cabana stripe wall

Chalk White Arrow via Pinterest

An orange, mint, and white color scheme in the room above is a truly fresh color combo. Great for a modern family room or an unexpected choice for a baby’s room.

sugar casa cabana stripe bathroom

via Pinterest 

I love the emerald green cabana stripes paired with the vintage pink and black tile in the bathroom above.  Embrace the era of your home and take it up a notch!

cabana stripe lonny

Lonny via Pinterest

Cabana stripes are everywhere – I’ve seen it in HomeGoods, Ballard Designs, and Horchow all this weekend.  Do you like?



  1. Kari

    Love the classics!

  2. kathleen

    I just put striped cabana wallpaper in my bedroom as my feature wall. Glad to hear it is all the rage!

  3. kelly

    Classic to be sure. I love the emerald green bath photo, so pretty! I would love to see Kathleen’s cabana wallpaper too- sounds really cool.

  4. Kathleen Barry

    Oh, I like … I like very much…

  5. Jessica Johnson

    I have always been a sucker for stripes!! I have a gray and white cabana striped duvet in my bedroom. Would love to do some in my future half bath!!!

  6. Kathi

    Kristie, just curious, whats the difference between “rugby stripes” and cabana stripes?-my daughter did her sons room with pottery barns navy and white rugby stripe comforters curtains,etc.

  7. Paula Van Hoogen

    I didn’t think that stripes ever went “out”….what’s not to like about classic?
    Or….Grace Kelly!
    YOU are the Grace Kelly of Nashville, Kristie!

  8. Cindy G

    Yes, I noticed them on the cover of at least 5 magazines yesterday. One even had an upholstered bed in red/white stripes. I like them, But I don’t know if I could re-embrace the emearld green/white Waverly stripes with large pink floral coordinating fabric! 🙂


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