The Light at the End of the Tunnel? The Best Light Bulb for Designers

I must admit, when the government began fazing out incandescent light bulbs a few years ago, I began stockpiling them in my basement.  Incandescent light bulbs were at the top of my Christmas list at the end of the year when 100-watts were discontinued.  I still have a few dozen left, but my supply won’t last forever.

incandescent light bulbs


I am extremely sensitive to light.  I have hated overhead lighting since childhood and still only use it to light the room long enough to turn on the lamps.  The buzz of office lighting and those large kitchen fluorescent fixtures have always driven me to distraction.  Always a fan of warm, incandescent lamp lighting, I was sad when I no longer had the option of choosing what kind of light bulbs I could purchase.  The other options were cold, blue LEDs (light emitting diodes) or the never-bright-enough and harsh CFLs (compact fluorescents).  Compact fluorescent light bulbs work by flickering at a rate that is imperceptible to most, but can induce migraines and even seizures in those who are particularly susceptible.   I get myopic migraines a couple of times a month, and I have a very hard time spending time in the room lit by CFLs.  Plus, there’s the problem of the mercury content, which requires extra special care in disposal and if broken in your home.


The Decorologist


And maybe even more important to to some of us, artificial lighting can change the way we perceive color – paint color, in particular.  I’ve worked in homes where simply changing out the type of light bulbs made the paint color look so much better. My light at the end of the tunnel just may be the game-changing Cree LED.  Cree sent me a box of 75-watt replacement light bulbs to review for my readers.  I replaced the incandescent bulbs in all the lamps in my living room to test out the Cree LEDs. But first, I replaced only one in a couple of pairs of lamps so that I could really see the difference between the Cree LED and my precious, warm incandescents.  

cree led light bulbs

Cree LED light bulb


The revolutionary bulb looks and lights like traditional incandescent bulbs (forget that tacky corkscrew CFL!) but uses 82% less energy and lasts 25 times longer.  And there’s no dangerous mercury to have to worry about in the disposal process.  What’s special about this particular LED?  It turns on INSTANTLY (another reason to resent CFLs is the wait time to achieve full wattage) and is omni-directional and dimmable.  The high-performance bulb is illuminated by Cree LED Filament Tower Technology and provides a compact optically balanced light source within a real glass bulb to deliver the warm light we want and need to make our rooms more beautiful and pleasant to spend time in.  

Screenshot 2014-03-03 10.27.18

non-weird shape and non-weird light – thanks,!


I tested my new bulbs this weekend, and I am thrilled with the quality and color of the light. And no headaches. And guess what?  Cree is going to send a set of four 75-watt bulbs ($100+ value!) to one lucky Decorologist reader.  They should last up to ten years in your living room and give you the quality of light necessary for your beautiful space, without the headaches of CFLs.  In the photo below, the Cree is on the right and the incandescent is on the left.

cree led light bulb review

can you tell the difference between the incandescent and the Cree LED


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194 thoughts on “The Light at the End of the Tunnel? The Best Light Bulb for Designers

  1. Jil Sonia Interiors says:

    I too have been stockpiling incandescent light bulbs as well. I have absolutely been cringing about this change coming! I too am very sensitive to light and I even complain about the LED Christmas lights as they don’t throw enough light. I’d love to try a new Cree bulb ! PS My husband is a Cree Native, so of course he loves the name and says it’ll be a great bulb due to the name! lol

  2. Dena Crim Bost says:

    I get migraines as well and despise CFLs – and the innumerable blinking LEDs on emergency vehicles. Arrrgh. These bulbs look fantastic!

  3. Jessica Johnson says:

    Ok, first I am jealous of your 100 watt stockpile, but this looks promising!!! I can’t stand the corkscrew CFLs so I am glad you found us the perfect alternative!! Lighting is SO KEY!! thanks Kristie!

  4. Nancy McNulty says:

    My husband has totally been stockpiling! Great points in this article and will be sharing via our home-related client networks. Good lighting hope is great news! I was dreading this change over too.

  5. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    Thanks for this post. We have been using CFLs successfully but always planned to move to LED when they became more affordable.

  6. Cathy Jo says:

    Wow nice light quality and longevity! I hope the technology continues to improve. Lighting is a huge part of living comfortably in our homes.

  7. Marie G says:

    Wow, these new light bulbs seem like the perfect solution. I hate the CFLs. They make everything look so cold and sterile.

  8. Cory Ahern says:

    I am right there with you on this!! I hate the buzzing of the cfl’s, and am so frustrated trying to find good bulbs! I have so many I don’t use, they just aren’t sufficient for my eyes. I would love to try these! Budget is tight, tho – not something I can do at this time – I priced them out, and bought 1 at ikea, to see if it would work; it was dimmer than I like, tho, as they don’t have this high of a wattage. It’s nice to see here that they give true light – I am an artist, I require good light in all my works, (sewing, jewelry, paper crafts) and it’s hard to find!

  9. Gail says:

    Maybe the light color/quality is acceptable, but the price is outrageous, at approximately $20.00 per bulb. Couldn’t find any info on their testing to back the claim that it would last 10 years. Wish our government had not stepped in to “help” us with this one, by mandating new regulations on light bulbs…

  10. Taryn says:

    So happy to know about this great option! The light in your room looks lovely, and that is quite the bulb life-expectancy! I’m impressed!

  11. Lija says:

    I love the LED lights we have in our home! In addition to all the great attributes you wrote about above, we’ve also noticed a savings in our electric bill that we’re pretty sure are due to replacing the incandescent floods in our kitchen with LED flood lights. And the kitchen stays cooler in the summer as well. I’d love to win 4 more to use elsewhere!

  12. Julie says:

    I also like the traditional “old school” light bulbs and am sad that they are getting phased out. It would be awesome if these new lights were comparable!

  13. Susie T. says:

    Thank goodness you found something that works! I REFUSE to do the corkscrew thing and have quite a hoard of incandescent bulbs in my closet. I’m excited about the Cree!

  14. Brenda says:

    My husband and I have stood in front of light bulb displays countless times debating this topic. He wants energy savings and I just want light that looks like incandescent bulbs. I’m so glad to hear of a solution that will make us both happy! Thanks for sharing the news about Cree.

  15. Kelly says:

    I am sensitive to mercury and have been waiting for a safe alternative to the new light bulbs, thank you for sharing this! It would be great to have these in my home, my husband and I are currently buying up all really cool lamps at thrift stores that need bulbs! We are a bit addicted!

  16. Dawn says:

    I was SO sad about the ugly new energy efficient lights, and so this is AWESOME! My husband is an electrical contractor and Realtor, Knowing information about this new light bulb is WAY beneficial for us! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Cindy Hall says:

    You have made my day!!! I am also jealous of your stockpile. I love a 100 watt bulb with a dimmer. Dimmers everywhere. Lighting is everything to me. Over head lights give me a headache so at times I’ve even had to wear a visor! The only time I use overhead is in my sewing room and I use Ott Lights for true color in my quilts. I have a friend that does not own one single lamp in her house. She keeps all the over head lights on all the time. When I’m there, I feel like I should be walking around with a hushpuppy in my hand. Can you use a dimmer with these bulbs? We are very environmentally friendly so the hubby wants to use the ugly corkscrew bulbs. Can’t wait to tell him about these however I’m not sure he’ll be so keen on the price.

  18. Rachel says:

    I have been going CRAZY with our lighting! I can’t seem to find bulbs with the right lighting and have spent a fortune in the process of buying bulbs. I’m very sensitive to light as well and I would love to get a chance to try these! Thanks for the info

  19. Andrea Brooks says:

    As a lamp addict myself and a huge proponent to my clients, I feel your pain!!! These look so promising I’m dying to try them for myself! Fingers crossed!!

  20. Suzy says:

    As a fellow stock-pilist and hater of the corkscrew light, I welcome this — but is that price correct? More than $100.00 for four light bulbs?

  21. Lynne says:

    I have been using up my stock pile of incandescent bulbs and have slowly been replacing with the awful CFL’s. I am thrilled with your information and can’t wait to try the CREE LED’s. I’m floored by the cost though. Wow!

  22. Teresa says:

    I am so glad to hear of this option. It sounds like the investment will be worth it. Thanks for sharing the Cree option.

  23. Karen M. says:

    I too get migraines and have been frustrated at the color of the light from the newer lightbulbs. Been searching for the perfect lightbulb. Sending my husband to buy the light bulbs isn’t working as he has no clue as to the type of warm vs. cool light!

  24. Roben Gamble says:

    My husband is a gaffer and absolutely hates the lighting in our house. He actually will keep the room dark rather than deal with our inadequate lamps. These look promising!

  25. Lori Carroll says:

    Wow the Cree LED really gives light so similar to the incandescent bulb. I had wished that I stock piled bulbs but after seeing your article I’m ready for the Cree lights. Thanks for posting

  26. Sondra says:

    I for one am really looking forward to trying these new Cree light bulbs! I have to say they look pretty darn good in your living room. I also think that they will be able to help in home staging so my house looks better than the competition! Thanks for the heads up Kristie!

  27. Lisa says:

    We just had an energy evaluation done in our home, and they replaced all the lightbulbs with horrible extraordinarily bright ones that were energy efficient. I could not even keep them on, they gave me such a headache. I am SO glad to read about your experience with these lightbulbs that are so similar to incandescents in color! I was praying something comparable would come on the market and I’d love to try these!

  28. Ashley Fawkes says:

    I’m excited about these new bulbs. Lighting has just been a big disappointment since CFLs. I hate the light they emit, the buzzing and the waiting for them to warm up so that light is emitted. I think it is money well spent to have decent lightbulbs again. I can’t wait to try the new bulbs!

  29. Susan W. says:

    I never realized the CFLs could cause migraines in sensitive people… I wonder if this is part of my migraine issue? Those bulbs would be worth every penny if it meant cutting back on my headache medications!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Well, they certainly do for me. I start getting nervous when I enter a room with glaring fluorescent lighting, particularly the exposed bulbs. Once the tunnel vision starts, I know I’m in trouble for the next few hours . . .

  30. Jane says:

    My husband has been stockpiling the incandescent bulbs and he is sure the LEDs can’t match up. So I am very pleased to read your review. I will definitely look for the CREE bulbs!

  31. jackie says:

    I miss the good old regular light bulbs and scoop them up whenever I can. But its becoming more difficult to find them. I hate the corkscrew ones! Ugly and…have you ever tried to put a lampshade on one of those suckers! I will try these out per your strong recommendation. Thanks for the post!

  32. AlisonByDesign says:

    I’m totally with you on the loathing of CFLs and cold blue LED lighting. The top of my staging proposals always advise on “Whole House” improvements, and changing light bulbs to warm incandescents is key! Thanks for the hot tip:)

  33. deb says:

    I’m all for saving a buck and being energy efficient, but it seems laughable that to save the environment we have to use light bulbs that could potentially be deadly in our homes! 🙂

  34. applehillcottage says:

    Yes, yes and yes to all you said. We are putting vintage lighting in the cottage and NOTHING looks worse than a vintage light with a stupid squiggly bulb. Plus, the light they give off is HORRIBLE.
    We’ve gotten a couple of Cree bulbs, and I’m relieved that there will be a sensible alternative.
    (And just look at how many stockpilers there are!!!) Great post.

  35. Krista P. says:

    Although I don’t hate CFLs I was never particularly thrilled with them either, just liked the energy savings so these new LEDs are very appealing.

  36. Leslee says:

    This is a fantastic review! I too have stockpiles of “incandescent” light bulbs… knowing that eventually I would run out of them, but safe for quite awhile. This is wonderful to see these Cree bulbs, and read you positive review! As a decorator, you otta know! And I respect you opinion and advice!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to “find” these somewhere in my location… but in the meantime… I hope I win some! Thanks very much!!!

  37. Vicki Barber says:

    My husband has been stockpiling bulbs also! I will have to try out the Cree. Thank you for the information.

  38. Nancy Smith says:

    Hi Kristie –

    Thanks for the information. I HATE the CFLs too and have been looking for something different. I, too, have a stockpile, but it’s getting low. If these are as great as advertised, it’s only a matter of time before the technology gets cheaper and the price comes down. But I would love to win a set now. 🙂


  39. Daphne says:

    I don’t like change. This is one of those things that I have chosen to repress. So excited to see an alternative that is doable rather than wasting money on bulbs I won’t like. Thanks! Great post!

  40. Lex says:

    I have often disliked the extreme yellow-ish light cast from incandescent bulbs and simply want to find pretty, clear white light. Not blue-ish, not pink-ish, not yellow-ish, just soft white light. The closest I have come in all my trials has been the GE Reveal incandescent bulbs but they too are disappearing from shelves. Using the Kelvin scale (roughly 2850 for Reveals per GE) hasn’t proven to be a consistent way to measure how similar the light will be because other non-incandescent bulbs at 2850 degrees Kelvin are NOT the same (they tend to go blue or pink). It’s driving me batty!!! So, would you say these LED’s are yellowish? I’d sure love to win to find out for myself. Because, honestly, I will gladly pay the higher price for lighting I really love. I’m super sensitive to Is affect in the colors in my home.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I don’t know the exact science here, but I think that typically “warm” connotes a bit of a yellow-ish light and “cool” connotes a blue-ish one. These are considered warm (2700K) and the 75 watt are 1100 lumens. I’d say they are yellow-ish like incandescents. They also have a “daylight” version vs. the “soft white,” so I’m getting that would be a cleaner white?

  41. Pam says:

    Great blog! I was concerned because I have cats who sometimes break light bulbs when we’re not home. I saw the Cree advertised on TV and it sounded like the best option. Thanks for doing the test for us.

  42. sharon says:

    I enjoy every post you write — but today’s has me doing the happy dance! How good to hear that there is an alternative to those wretched pig-tail bulbs. They cast a sickly greenish pall over my family room that makes me feel as sick as I look! I’m ordering some CREE today! Thank you !

  43. Linda says:

    I spent Sunday running all over. I remodeled my bath rm. and I had a can light put in the shower ceiling. the bulb burnt out and so I slid the cover down and it broke. It was all burnt color. come to find out you do not use flood lights in a can light that is covered. It over heats I did not know. The electrician told me to use the standard bulb 45 watt. So what does a person use if they were to remove all incandescent light bulbs. The electrician said not to even use led bulb in the enclosed can light.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Wow, I have no idea – anyone know anything about not using LEDs in enclosed can lights? Maybe it’s the wattage. . . Ok, I just did a little unscientific test with my mismatches light bulbs (Cree and incandescent) that have been on for many hours now. The Cree bulb is substantially cooler than the incandescent – putting off less heat and there is an obvious difference.

  44. Dolores says:

    I read about these CREE bulbs last week on ‘MAISON DÉCOR, and though it killed me to pay $20.00 for a light bulb, I went ahead because I trusted Amy not to steer me wrong.
    I can now attest that these bulbs are indeed, much much better than any incandescent substitute bulbs I have used so far..every one which I have HATED so much that I emailed my senators/congressman to complain.No help there..
    Anyway, I have a huge horded supply of 100 W bulbs, but at least now I know that I can use the CREE bulbs and be ok.. I am also keeping my receipt and proof of purchase in a safe place in case they don’t last for 10 years..

  45. Deana Gray says:

    I currently live in a townhouse that has horrible lighting inside! I would love to give these a try to see if brings more light into the rooms.

  46. Frances says:

    Hope I am the winner!! So far we still have incandesents, but are rueing the day when they are all used up! Thanks for this info. Love you!

  47. Linda says:

    What great news that there is an alternative! Lucky you with your stockpile! 🙂 I am very sensitive to light also, and the corkscrew bulbs that my husband wants to use drive me crazy! Are Cree bulbs sold everywhere now?

  48. Sandy says:

    I’m a fan of the GE “reveal” bulbs that others have mentioned, and found some lower wattage ones that were cfls, but can’t find them as 75 -100 equivalents. I’d love to try the new led’s you’ve found. I love having the energy-effecient alternatives but it has made it difficult to come up with good color balance.

  49. Jennifer says:

    I’m not happy that CFLs give others a headache, but glad to know I’m not alone. It’s more so the sensitivity with my eyes, though. Have not had a good experience with CFLs at all. I can’t take the warming up. When you are trying to get three kids out the door, you need to see when you need to see!! I told my husband that CFLs were not meant to be flipped off and on and off and on; he doesn’t believe me! Someone else told me that. Has anyone else heard of that? That they will last longer if just left on most of the time? I will tell you that even though we switched to CFLs, they DO NOT LAST like they claim to. Have had to change them over in our entryway overhead fixtures several times in the last 3 years. Maybe because they are mounted sideways, not up and down? That’s my husband’s theory! Theories aside, I can’t stand them and wish I had a stockpile. I’m so green in other areas of my life that I feel I can let it go with the light bulbs.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      So glad you brought that up. CFLs are NOT meant to be turned on and off frequently – it is recommended that they stay on at least 30 minutes at a time. So if you switch them on and off going through rooms, it decreases their lifespan significantly! UGH! I think the LEDs are really the greener option because of the mercury issue with the CFLs.

  50. The Mom (Kathy) says:

    Where can you buy them??? I am so with you on this topic. I have not been able to find a compromise that works for me. I am always fighting the encroaching darkness! I hate these bulbs that get dimmer and dimmer over time. I would so much rather have an incandescent bulb with a plain old tungsten filament!!! Hope I win the new bulbs!

  51. Judy says:

    We were living overseas when the lightbulb changes were made and when we bought our house this past fall, it was full of cold, flourescent bulbs that made me feel like my front hall was a parking garage or public elevator landing. Ugh! So I went off to Target for new light bulbs, and whaaaat? I couldn’t figure out what to buy anymore. I have tried so many different brightnesses and styles now that I can’t remember what they have been. The bulbs are too cold or give off weird colors or look funny and nothing has the warm, inviting feel that I want for our home. But these Cree bulbs could solve the whole problem. I would love to win them and finally start making our new house feel like home. Thank you for the opportunity, Kristi!

  52. Kelly H says:

    Interesting debate. The Cree’s look great, but the $25 per bulb price tag is a bit hard to justify for many homeowners. I just wish we lived where natural sunlight year-round was an option.

  53. chastity says:

    what a sweet giveaway! I am in love with the warm glow of old light bulbs and would love to give Cree lightbulbs a try!

  54. Paula Diekhoff says:

    I have read a bit about Cree light bulbs. They are expensive, but sound as if they are worth the money. I would love to try them out!! Also, I read with interest about your migraines, which can be caused by overhead lighting. My daughter was told her “sinus infections” could be migraines in disguise. Perhaps she also is being affected by office lighting….

  55. Pam says:

    We have also been stockpiling incandescent light bulbs as well. We have found some at dollar stores. I have had migraines for years due in part to florescent lighting where I worked. I do have fewer migraines now since I no longer work there. The expensive CFL’s we have used have not lasted as long as some of the incandescent blubs. They say they will burn 10 years but have only lasted two years at the most. Of course you can send them back for a replacement but who wants to go to all that trouble!!!! I am adding the CREE bulb to my list for our next trip to Home Depot!!! Thanks for letting us know about this new bulb!

  56. Ann says:

    I am dangerously near the end of my stash of incandescents so I’m delighted to read your recommendation. I trust your opinion because from following your blog I know how important color is to you. Next time I go shopping, I’ll look for these bulbs. Thanks.

  57. Pamela says:

    Love this post! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my never ending search for the best light bulb possible. Would love to try the new CREE bulbs! Thanks for the wonderful info!

  58. Karina Aguon says:

    Kristi, what does Omni Directional mean? We also have a stash of the old light bulbs. The time it takes the curly lightbulbs to light a room drives me crazy. Lighting can affect so much and I feel like I get eye strain from certain lights. Not fun at all. Glad that we will have an option.

  59. Linda says:

    Oh my..I’m headed to try these out pronto. My husband (the energy czar) replaced all our incandescent bulbs with those horrible cork screw ones and we argue about it constantly. I hate them. Thank you for “enlightening” me about these new Cree bulbs.

  60. GIna says:

    OMG! I feel much better knowing I was not being a decorator snob who has absolutely refused to buy one of those bulbs until I exhausted the stockpile in my basement. People act like they”re the only logical choice, leaving me feel like I’m committing a crime for not being “green”. I thank you AND Cree for showing us a true match made in heaven! I knew it was only a matter of time until a company came up with an option that didn’t make our warm and beautiful spaces look like surgical operating rooms! Thank you, thank you!!!

  61. Cindy Gray says:

    I hate buzzing and flickering lights!! There is a grocery store in town that makes my dizzy everytime I go in. I’m excited about these new fangled lights. My house seems to eat 120V lightbulbs, an electrician suggested I switch to 130V. 10 year bulb life? I love it!

  62. Cindy says:

    CFLs are relegated to the back yard (porch lights) at our house. They don’t seem to bother the dog. Maybe these new bulbs could be allowed in the house! I’m jazzed!

  63. Pam C says:

    I have been angry with the government for pushing this through about the light bulbs. These new bulbs look nice, but what a price. They say they will last ten years. Maybe. Some of my old bulbs have lasted a few years and only cost pennies.

    I am also angry that the new bulbs are so dangerous that you have to have a hazmat team in your house if one breaks.

  64. Jean says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. You may very well have saved my marriage. My husband keeps bringing home those awful new lightbulbs that give off a creepy kind of light. I HATE them all! I get migraines from flashing lights and I had no idea that these energy saving lightbulbs, besides looking terrible, might be to blame. One more reason for us to start looking into these Cree bulbs!

  65. Beth says:

    I heard something new was coming out. I’m so happy! We just replaced all the bulbs in our new future home (but a rental for now). I hate waiting 5 minutes to be able to see well. Hopefully by the time we move in, the Cree will be a little more common and less expensive.

  66. Marilee Tice says:

    It is always a conundrum when environmental concerns are matched against comfort and beauty. As an elementary media specialist, I can attest to the effects of lighting as I had lamps on tables all over my media center. Students were quieter and more focused. If you turned on the fluorescents, volume and distraction went up! I’m hoping for fewer migraines and a great value with these new bulbs! Thank you, Kristie, for sharing!

  67. Gail says:

    Thanks for the chance to win these bulbs, Kristie. So sorry you get headaches. These light bulbs seem like a great option for many of us.

  68. Kim says:

    Hallelujah! My daughter and I are both migraine sufferers; if I win we’ll get two bulbs each :-). I haven’t found a CFL bulb I like yet — maybe this will be “the one”!!!

  69. Cyndi says:

    I love the incandescent bulbs, too. Not so much the new CFL’s.
    Just saw the CREE bulbs the other day. I would like to try them.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the bulbs.
    I love your website and your talent.

  70. Donetta says:

    I have 99 can lights in my house – I’m slowly transitioning to LED because of the cost too. I stockpiled all the can lights when they were on clearance last year. I would like to try the Cree bulbs as well for my lamps.

  71. Vicky says:

    They sound expensive, but if they cost $20 and last 10 years, that’s only $2 per year. If they decrease the energy costs they practically pay for themselves. I’ll try them for sure. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  72. Sydney Catlett says:

    I have been so discouraged about the light options; harsh, not enough light, expensive, weird looking in many fixtures, difficult to use outside. Maybe this will be the answer!

  73. Ellen says:

    Have you noticed the enormous shelf space now allotted to light bulbs? At my Home Depot, it is one side of an entire aisle! Of course, some were specialized, but it’s been that way a long time. It takes forever to find what you want, if it’s even available.

  74. Scott says:

    THANK YOU for this, I can’t wait to try these out… I am a designer as well, and have been told on many occasions that I have a light bulb addiction problem…. Errrr, whatever…. I just know what I like and what will make my rooms or a clients room look it’s best. I too have a stock pile of incandescent bulbs in many styles, lol…. (I guess I do stop and stare at the light bulb section in most hardware stores)
    I’m totally addicted to dimmers, timers, and lamp dimmers. Do you use lamp dimmer? LOVE THEM


  75. Jennifer Jackson says:

    Like you I have a stash of incandescent bulbs that I continue to use. If I win, it would be a great opportunity to try the Cree’s bulbs.

  76. Sandi says:

    Looks like I’m in good company here! What about chandelier bulbs? Are you aware of an attractive alternative to the incandescent ones that are being phased out?

  77. Catherine says:

    I have also been stashing incandescent bulbs but never thought to put them on my Christmas list. Good idea! I am anxious to see the Cree bulbs though I am not anxious to see the price on them!

  78. Judy says:

    As a fellow home stager, I supply all the light bulbs for the lamps I use in a staged home. In the past I would buy the cheapest ones on the market. Yes they burned out quickly but I just threw them away and bought more. In the end, I was adding to our landfill problem! The new Cree LED bulbs sound like a very good solution for a softer, warmer light. Yes the price tag is high, but I can use them over and over again in my staged homes.
    Hopefully they don’t become such a hot commodity that people start “stealing” them from staged homes at an open houses! By the way, I’d love to be the winner of the Cree LED bulbs!

  79. Carol says:

    I have been stockpiling too, would love to get the new bulbs so I can finally relax and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel too!

  80. Lee says:

    We’ve been hoarding old fashioned light bulbs too! I heard a piece on NPR recently about the cutting edge LED technology that allows you to choose your color/warmth in very precise gradients depending on whether you are a decorator, artist, museum curator, or anyone else who is very sensitive to lights and lightbulbs. Apparently the technology has been around for awhile – just no one is hearing about it. Would love to win the Cree lightbulbs!

  81. Merri Ann says:

    I have replaced almost all the bulbs in my home with these bulbs. The light is great and the energy savings is better than great.

    My daughter was coming home from school with headaches every day because of the new CFL’s they have started using in their classrooms. The CFL’s are also ridiculously hazardous if broken. If you want a scare, just do an internet search about breaking a CFL bulb.

    These are a much better option and the bonus is (like you said) the light is really nice.

  82. Michelle Walker says:

    I despise the corkscrew design and get annoyed waiting for the lights in the mud room to “brighten” up, so I’m ready for this new bulb. Where can I buy the CREE???

  83. Kim Venable says:

    Thanks so much for sharing about the Cree bulb. My partner & I are always recommending better lighting for our clients because of the fact that it helps influence potential buyers so dramatically. One client had shown her home 35 times last year without an offer. After we visited and advised adding more, better lamp lighting, she got an offer within the week. Lighting is crucial to great design and I’m excited about the Cree bulb. Can’t wait to try it.

  84. Mary says:

    I despise the curly bulbs also, I’m too late to stockpile 100 watt bulbs but I do have a stash of 75 watt old style bulbs. I do think more companies will improve the new light bulbs. I have them in outside fixtures, they’re really ugly but my hubby bought them and I don’t want to waste them. Plus, they haven’t lasted any longer than the old style bulbs. If they were good enough for decades and decades, they’re still good enough for me!

  85. Darla says:

    Yours look great. Can’t even tell the difference in the two bulbs. I’ve read several articles, but still hate that we can’t use incandescent anymore. I never knew about the headaches. Thanks for the great info!

  86. Diane says:

    My husband is an electrician and says people are using the Cree light bulbs, but then added, “How do you know they will last for 10 years, as they have only been on the market for a short time?”:)

    I know we took a lot of CFL bulbs back to Lowes for a couple of years. They replaced them, but I cringed every time I brought more home, because of their ugliness. Hope I can talk my pro into spending the money. I fingered one at IKEA, also, Cory, and then put it back because of the price and low wattage.
    Since I can’t count on the above, I hope I win . Thanks for the chance, Kristy.


    • Kristie Barnett says:

      My daughter said the exact same thing as your husband did, haha! The CFLs are not lasting as long as promised. And apparently CFLs shouldn’t be turned on and off frequently – that shortens their lifespan.

  87. Toni says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! We purchased one CREE bulb at Home Depot last week but have yet to put it up. It will go into our dimly lit kitchen with very high ceilings – the good and bad news of a house built in 1917. Thank You!

  88. Dawn says:

    I have to admit that I have been stock piling light bulbs too. This is so encouraging to hear that there is a bulb that will emit soft light. I share your absolute need for lighting that creates warmth and comfort. I would love to try these bulbs. Thanks!

  89. Beverly Carlson says:

    It is a sad, dimly lit day when the government tells us what light bulb we don’t need. If we can’t have incandescent light, should just outlaw light bulbsa altogether! What ever happened to common sense?

    Who is dating their light bulbs to make sure they really last 10 years? I have already accidentally broken one of the curly bulbs and I read that you are not to put the broken bulb in the trash. Well, I don’t exactly want it lying around the house, so where do you think it went?

    So now light bulbs cost 10 times more and are more dangerous. What ever happened to common sense?

  90. Jane Cederholm says:

    Thank you for the information on an intelligent alternative to those awful CFL’s. I too have suffered from vascular migraines as did my mother. Just do not understand how CFL’s are supposed to be superior. Again, thank you for the information.

  91. Adele says:

    I read about these on Apartment Therapy a few months back. I gave a couple Cree bulbs to each of my brothers-in-law as Christmas gifts. Practical, non-cluttering, and enough of an investment that they probably wouldn’t buy them just to try them out. I bought two for myself–one white light, one natural light–but haven’t used them yet.

  92. Monique says:

    This is great news Kristie! I have so many lights in my house that I hope I win lol! It will cost me a small fortune to switch over. By the way, where did you get the mirrors in the first picture? I bought one the other day at HomeSense but need another one!

  93. Rachel says:

    I bought my first Cree light bulb about 3 months ago, and absolutely LOVE them. I am slowly replacing every bulb in my house with the Cree bulbs. They also make a bulb for recessed can lighting (like a flood light bulb) which works equally well. Since I have high ceilings, the fact that they last 10 years means I won’t be climbing up on a ladder for a loooong time to replace them. They are dimmable also!

  94. Shannon Hickman says:

    Interesting. This article is the most I have ever learned about light bulbs. I would love to win these because I love LIGHT in the house. I know I’m terrible to leave a lot of lights on downstairs, but I enjoy walking into already-lit rooms. Which is why my husband calls me, “the electric company’s best friend.”

  95. Gwen says:

    These bulbs look promising but at $20 a bulb they won’t be in my house. Just love how my government just keeps “HELPING” us. We will all be sitting in the dark. Just what they want.

  96. Jennifer Collins says:

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halleeeeeelujaaaah!
    Lighting makes or breaks a space. It doesn’t matter how well appointed a room, if the lighting is wrong, it has no atmosphere.
    Thank you SO MUCH for this info!

  97. donna @ dh-designs says:

    I have always been sensitive to overhead light myself, but don’t suffer the migranes – poor you :(.

    I scoped out these bulbs at the Home Depot while I was stock piling 100 watt incandescents (I think I’m good to 2050) but wasn’t willing to dish out the $25 to experiment with them – so Thank You for sharing!

  98. Jo says:

    As an artist, I need good light in my studio. I’m so sick of searching out light bulbs and, when I finally find a bright white one, it only lasts a few hours. My question is this……I looked these up on the HD site and saw that some are noted “daylight” and some are not. Which are the ones you tried that gave off the warm light. Pricey but worth it if the light is good and they actually last as long as promoted.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  99. Debbie Bruns says:

    I too am very sensitive to light and dislike overhead lighting. Grateful to hear of these bulbs whether I win or not.

  100. Shannon Phillips says:

    I, too, hate being mandated that I have to drop a week’s worth of grocery money on replacing LIGHT BULBS in my house! Good grief! Would love to try out the new Cree bulbs. They are manufactured right here in my backyard, so I’m a supporter, but just wish they weren’t so darn expensive.

  101. Tami says:

    I’m going to forward this post to my husband because he stockpiles incandescent bulbs too.
    Thanks for the info. Hope the Home Depot in Canada sells them!

  102. Kaylie says:

    I really think the evil of the incandescent bulb was overblown, especially in comparison to the new, blue, mercury-filled replacements, just like the electric car is not nearly as environmentally friendly as it’s cracked up to be (and those batteries are full of carcinogens).

    I like that these light bulbs are much more like real light bulbs, the blue-tinged light of the corkscrew bulbs drives me insane. I can also sense the flickering of those awful bulbs and develop headaches. It’s nice to know that there are now alternatives once my small stock of incandescent bulbs dries up that won’t turn my home into a hospital.

  103. Brenda kraft says:

    I loved the Reveal bulbs and agree with all you’ve posted here. I’d love to try the Cree, I’ve been searching in vain for a CFL I could recommend to clients and use, myself!

  104. Lisa says:

    This seems like the best replacement so far. I would love to try these bulbs. I have been stock piling bulbs for my store as well.

  105. Amanda gates says:

    We just changed our entire house to Cree LEDs. They aren’t quite as warm as a 3000k bulb but they are nicer than CFLs. I too am extremely sensitive to light. Migraines are frequent with me. The bulbs were close to a $800 by the time we were done with the whole house but if they last 15 years it’s worth it.

    Lori sawaya, Kelly berg and myself did a podcast on LEDs about three years ago for those who want to know more about LEDs and their properties. For example, did you know LEDs are grown in a factory? And the good manufacturers like Cree get the pick of the litter. Here’s the podcast:

  106. Gretchen says:

    Oh goodness, light bulbs drive me crazy anymore. There are a bazillion choices, and none that are warm, instant, and dim-ble. I think you have just solved my problems! Thank you!

  107. michelle w. says:

    oh boy, oh boy! I have been dying to find something close to my warm bulbs that are now down to only 3!! ugh!! I wasn’t a smart girl like you in stocking up Kristie! ;-D So excited and hope I get to try these babies out!

  108. Kathleen Steenson says:

    I have one Cree lightbulb and like it SO much better than the horrid CFLs. Thanks for the chance to win more!

  109. Kathryn Frankfurt says:

    Well then, maybe there is hope. I have sworn I would light my home exclusively with candles and lamp oil before resorting to CFLs or LEDs. Since You understand me and lighting, you may make a believer out of me.

  110. Maureen Bray says:

    SO glad to know about this Cree bulb, Kristie! I too hate using CFLs and longed for another option. The cost should be OK given the energy savings, and how long they last 🙂

  111. LaJuana Gill says:

    LEDs are especially great to use in the homes of aging parents. They provide a purer, crisper light than CFLs!

  112. nancy says:

    When I click on the link to purchase these, it goes to HD. They offer the “daylight equivalent” and the “soft white” equivalent. Do they both cast the same warm light?

  113. Nancy says:

    I just changed out some cfl bulbs today, using some of my small stash of incandescents. My husband sneaks cfl bulbs into fixtures and it drives me nutty. Headaches and irritation from the lack of light. I will definitely be trying the Crees.

  114. Cherie says:

    I, too, yearn for soft lighting. I know what a difference it makes. I am so thankful for this post, Kristie, because finally I feel hope in the light bulb situation. I’ll be ordering some of the Cree bulbs. Meanwhile, I sure would love to win some of them!

  115. Joey says:

    I was reading this post, already knowing I would share it, because I have so many friends, who, like you and I, suffer headaches and migraines triggered by various bright light sources. Overhead lighting is something my husband and I go ’round and ’round about! I’ll be picking these up, without a doubt.

  116. Jenny B. says:

    I am wondering if you have always used 100w lightbulbs in the past (regular incandescent) or if that is 100w equivalent? Most of our lamps say 60w max on them. Do you put 100w bulbs in 60w sockets? Is that OK?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the new halogen replacements? They are not CFLs. We have been using some, and I can’t really tell a difference in how they look, but they do put out heat.

    I have always been frustrated with the yellow lighting in our house. I like the light from the GE Reveal bulbs, but they cost more and burn out quickly, so we stopped using them.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I used to use 100 watt bulbs, but they don’t make them anymore, not even in CFL or LED. I only have bought lamps that allow for 100 watts – no, you shouldn’t use a higher wattage than what the lamp says. I guess I’ve had some smaller lamps that say 60 watt maximum, and that’s all I use in those. The halogens scare me because of the heat they put off. I had one of those old halogen floor lamps before and you could see smoke coming off the top if there was dust on top of the lamp! You might try a Cree LED in the “daylight” version – I bet it’s less yellow.

  117. Mary says:

    I too have been so upset that we can no longer get incadescents, and don’t think the CFLs come close to providing “proper light”. So glad you have introduced all of us to the Cree LED bulb! Thank you!

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