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I get a lot of emails from promoters of new design and decor-related products.  But I’ve NEVER gotten an email quite like this one.



“Do you hate changing your sheets and doing laundry? We all do! Now you never have to wash your sheets again! If your sheet gets soiled, you can now instantly have a new, comfy soft sheet to sleep on by just peeling off the top layer!  No need to hassle with the time and expense of changing, washing, drying, and wrestling with the corners every time you soil your sheets. And forget about those stains that never come out…”

Do yourself a favor and watch this video they sent me.  And no, I am NOT recommending this product to you.  Especially not if you have college-age students . . . 

Screenshot 2014-03-04 21.10.38

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Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.  


  1. Nancy

    OMG this is hilarious!! Not a bad idea but I think it would work more for children’s beds while they are potty training!

    • Christine

      I was thinking the same thing. This is a missed opportunity for marketing to parents of toilet-training/bed-wetting children. Or even better, for those times when your children are ill. I have changed sheets at least three times in one night during the stomach flu season. Also, what about vacation rentals? Perfect for rentals without in-house washer and dryer. Of course, the disposable issue bothers me a bit.

  2. Ann

    Actually, this is not a bad idea. The limitation is it’s targeted market. This sort of thing may be useful in health care situations, temporary homeless shelters or triage situations. Any place where there is quick cliient turnover and a need for cleanliness. The next time you have to put your head on a pillow at the doctor’s office or x-ray, ask them the last time the pillow case was changed. So what makes our eyes roll is that it’s target is 20 something men. I think it’s a good idea, needs a lot more work.

  3. Beth

    Oh my. I’m not quite sure what to think of that!

  4. Alexis

    All I can say about the ‘AFreSheet’ is Oh My Goodness, how gross and disgusting.

  5. Lisa

    Wait, if it is water proof, it has to be sweaty to sleep on. I agree that it seems better suited to potty training and accident prone seniors in the home. For college kids – ew. The thing that I dare say comes to mind is a brothel!

  6. Linda

    yuck..this is a total turn off to me. If they are water proof can you imagine how gross that would be to sleep on? Definitely NOT for me.

  7. Jennifer Collins

    yeah, the marketing took a wrong turn here. NOBODY wants to think about college kids’ beds!!!
    Potty training and bouts of illness – ok.
    I think they’d be able to make their goal if they changed tactics…

  8. Luci@BungalowHomeStaging

    Wow! Great idea actually for nursing homes and even dorm rooms where kids eat on their beds but they are a bit pricey and I don’t think they would feel very good against the skin.. Weird and intriguing at the same time…

  9. MaryCC

    He must have been turned down by Shark Tank . It is true with two sons who do not like to do their laundry this may be the answer. But I can not help but think these sheets must feel strange. Good luck to him I wish him well and I hope he sells a million because he will not make it as an actor !

  10. Susie

    I can’t get past the tagline “Peel off the Ewww”. How gross!

  11. Maxwell AfreSHeet

    Thanks for the Great article on AfreSHeet! Please note it is not only for lazy students, it is for practical students as well! We are also expanding to suit many other markets. Doing laundry can take up to 50 gallon of precious water, chemicals, bleaches, lots of energy, time and money! AfreSHeet is made from a very soft polyester blend and is very comfy to the touch. Thanks for the support and please feel free to learn more at


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