Is Your Bedroom A Sanctuary?

Of course, your master bedroom should be a sanctuary.  A place of peace, a place of calm, a place to dream. But with a busy life and young children beneath your feet, you probably think it’s just not in the cards at this point in your life, right?  I mean, your daughter wants you to redo her room all Audrey Hepburn-ish for her birthday.  And your son is tired of the neon green walls he insisted on a mere two years ago.  So those things come first before you get your OWN dream room.  Right?

designer bedroom tufted headboard

That’s ridiculous.  Don’t you, as the grown-up, deserve to have a sanctuary of your own?  My clients had little furniture when they moved into the home they built a few years ago.  When I first visited their home, there was nothing in their master bedroom except a bed frame and mattress.


nashville designer bedroom


We actually worked on their living room and dining room first, since that’s where the whole family spend most their time.  Did I mention they have five children under ten years old? Once those rooms were in the works, these clients made the wise decision to focus on their own bedroom before tackling those of their ever-growing and ever-changing children. We began with choosing a bed and window treatments.

loungue chair


Then we found the perfect chaise longue.  No, it’s NOT “lounge,” it’s “longue.”  The correct pronunciation is found here.  I will admit, however, that I still pronounce it “chase lounge” like everyone else in the south. Sometimes proper pronunciation of such things just cause confusion or (worse yet) would make me sound like a snob, so I don’t bother!  This term is used for any long, reclining chair.  The first blend of a chair and daybed originated in Egypt.  The type we chose is actually referred to as a méridienne, because it has a high head-rest and a lower foot-rest, joined by a sloping piece. They were popular in the grand houses of France in the early 19th century. Its name is from its typical use: rest in the middle of the day, when the sun is near the meridian. There’s your lesson for the day.  Now back to pretty pictures!


reading nook designer bedroom


We added a small table, nickel desk lamp, and a nickel starburst mirror for this corner of the room to finish out the reading nook.


nashville designer bedding

Other elements of the this bedroom include the tufted headboard, generous side tables, and an upholstered bench at the end of the bed.  Some of the bargains in this room include lamps and trays from HomeGoods and headboard from Home Decorators. Would you like to see the “before” of the room?  I knew you would, of course:



And here’s the completed sanctuary for the deserving parents of five little children (and one large dog):

nashville decorologist


This supermom deserves a pretty place to retire to at the end of a long day. And so do you. Next on the list: the kids’ rooms! We chose paint color schemes for each of those rooms last week and furniture selection is coming soon.

But not this week – this week I am teaching my Expert Psychological Stager certification course, hosted by F&M Mortgage in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee.  The real estate market is booming, and if you need an excellent mortgage lender, Joe Repass is your man!  Benjamin Moore and Floor to Ceiling Home Store is providing paint fandecks for my students and SmallWall is providing one of my favorite staging/decorating tools, SmallWall paint sample boards.

designer bedroom tip

I’ll leave you with a designer bedroom styling tip:  use a pair of pretty trays beneath your bedside table lamps to ground them and corral small items.  This looks great and makes it less likely your side tables will get cluttered with junk – a drawer or two in your side tables will help, too!


  1. Julie Young

    Love the tufted headboard! The tip of the trays is a great idea that we will implement. Thanks, Kristie!

  2. Cathy Z

    Beautiful “real” room Kristie, just lovely.

  3. Kelly

    Looks very pretty Kristie! What a transformation. Good luck with your classes this week!

  4. Gwen

    Great room Kristie. Who is the furniture manufacturer of the chaise? In the north we don’t even speak the second half of that piece of furniture 🙂 Imagine this couple is enjoying the sanctuary!

  5. Sheri

    Great transformation. So, so important not to neglect the master bedroom (which typically is the last room to be decorated). Loved the tip about the trays!

  6. Juanita

    Hi Kristie,
    Beautiful job… you always make it “seem” so easy…. 😉 that’s the true talent of you! (’cause it’s NOT easy!!!!)

    Your pronunciation story brought up a memory of my childhood. I have lived in both New Orleans and Jackson, TN. In that order. So… one time in 11th grade when someone told me they had been to Lafayette (La – FAYE – it) …. it took me a while to process they meant La-FIE-ette, the way I was imprinted to call it as an 8 year old child in New Orleans. ( We won’t even get into how that’s pronounced…. !)

    • Kristie Barnett

      Great story, Juanita! There are so many southern towns that are pronounced differently by the people who live there!

  7. MarySue

    It’s beautiful! And so restful and peaceful!

  8. patti

    Love the curtains/drapes. were they custom made or pre-made? If pre-made, where were they purchased?

    • Kristie Barnett

      Those curtains are available to the trade – they really are pretty, aren’t they? If you are interested in purchasing them, send an email and I can get you pricing.

  9. Diane

    Love, love, love this room. So pretty and comfortable looking.

  10. Sofia

    Oh this is lovely!!!!!!

    Our master bedroom looks like the BEFORE photo. I am collecting beautiful idea rooms like this one so that it can be transformed into a sanctuary!

    For the bedding: is it a matelesse cover (sorry for the misspelling) and then a light weight comforter?

    • Kristie Barnett

      Yes, Sofia! It’s a coverlet/matelasse with a duvet folded across the end.

      • Rebecca

        Hi Kristie! Where is this bedding from? Specifically the duvet and shams. Is it custom made? Thanks!

        • Kristie Barnett

          Bedding is from none other than Pottery Barn!

  11. Mary

    Love this – do you tell us anywhere what the color of the paint on the walls is? If not, would you share? Just found your site, love it!

  12. Miguel A. Lyons

    It’s beautiful! And so restful and peaceful! Just found your site, love it!


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