I'm a Rug Designer – Who Knew???

I’ve learned some important lessons about business and life over the last several years.  You never know what you are capable of until you try, and when someone asks me to do something I’ve never done that might actually help me grow in some way, I now say “YES.”

So when Carpet One Flooring asked me if I would design a welcome mat to aid breast cancer research, guess what I said?


decorologist designed welcome mat

It’s October and that means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. This cause is important to so many people – not only the women affected by this disease but their families and friends, too. For that reason, 12 interior designers and stylists have partnered with Carpet One Floor & Home to create a new collection of pink ribbon welcome mats.



The welcome mats are available year round so they’ll be featuring a different designer’s inspiration every month, but you can check out all the mats any time at CarpetOne.com/Welcome-A-Cure.  25% of the purchase price of each Pink Ribbon welcome mat sold through the Carpet One Floor & Home is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. So far, the campaign has raised nearly a million dollars for a variety of breast cancer research charities.

decorologist welcome mat


The mats are designed to withstand conditions both indoor and outdoor; each complete with a sturdy rubber backing and a pink ribbon to remind people of the cause each mat stands behind. All of Carpet One Floor & Home’s welcome mats are stain-and-water resistant and machine-washable.

breast cancer awareness


I’d love to share my rug design with you!  I’m giving away 5 rugs of my design to my blog subscribers, so if you’d like one for yourself simply:

1) Leave a comment below and mention one of my blogposts that you’ve particularly enjoyed.

2)”SHARE” this post to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel you like.  Make sure to tell me where you shared!


I’ll let you know next week which 5 of you wins a rug.  I know this is a small thing, but it’s a big deal to me.  The next time someone asks you to do something you’ve never done before, why not to take a chance and see what you can do?  You’ll never know until you try!






  1. Elizabeth

    I love all your posts, but this one especially. My sister
    is a 10+ breast cancer survivor! And how wonderful you designed a rug!
    You rock! Am sharing on Facebook:)

  2. Laura

    The pink & green is gorgeous…..now I can’t wait for spring! The blogpost I enjoyed was the reveal of your assistant’s living and dining space redo….with the re-painting…..it was gorgeous! You can really pick a paint color!

  3. cher

    I love all of you post, but i really loved the work you did at your assistant’s house and the posts about that. I am sharing this on twitter.

  4. Pam C

    I really enjoyed the posts of the transformation of your assistant’s home.

  5. nancy

    Love the cause and the color combination. Reminds me of flowering kale that is perfect plant for October and to reminds us of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The two would work perfect together. The rug is a beautiful design of how we can all do our part to bring awareness to a dreadful disease and save lives…both men and women. I lost an uncle to breast cancer but my mother in law was a survivor. Thank you! I will share with all my Facebook friends.

  6. Alyson

    Boy, it’s hard to pick just one. I enjoy both the paint transformations and the staging and furniture rearrangements. It’s sort of two bucket list items for me (1. Get rich enough to have dollars to 2. Send photos to Kristie Barnett and see how she would arrange the furniture in my front two rooms) to have you consult via internet with me one day 🙂

  7. nancy

    Having lost an uncle and having a mother in law that survived breast cancer I thank you for taking on the challenge of designing the rug. It is perfect for the October weather and reminds me of flowering kale so it will survive whatever the weather and remind us of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Great design for a great cause.

  8. Karin Hensley

    Love the rug, Kristie!! Thanks for the “How to Style Your Bookcases with HomeGoods”. Very helpful!!

  9. Hollie Roy

    I love that you were part of this great effort to raise awareness and that you created something lovely and vibrant for the home! I recently took your advice and visited Bella Rustica for the first time (last Saturday!!) and walked away feeling very inspired and grateful for this community of authentic people!
    I’ll be sharing on Facebook. 🙂

  10. Jennifer Jackson

    I liked the blog showing your design assistant’s redesigned home. You worked so well together and made some beautiful changes.

  11. Cindy Weatherford

    I especially enjoyed the blogs about painting kitchen cabinets – always love before/after pictures. I am sharing this on FB

  12. Bev

    As a 5+ survivor I look for subtle ways to show support and I take a not so subtle approach to encouraging my girlfriends to stay on top of their yearly mammograms. I especially liked this post for those reasons. I’ll share on FB.

  13. jeannie casey

    i love your work and enjoyed the post of the barn sale last week. I love when you call out paint colors on the projects you do.

  14. Sandy

    I ‘m a sucker for all the posts with vintage finds, and also especially loved seeing your Downton Abbey dinner party.

  15. Susie

    Kristie, Is there anything you can’t do???? The rug is beautiful and for a great cause.
    I love all of your posts, but the karate chop pillows had me rolling!

  16. barbara

    I enjoyed the new farm house in Nashville both the interior and exterior. Using black for the interior windows and beams proved to be unique and up to date. I am sharing this on Facebook.

  17. Jackie

    Hi there, Nice rug! Would look swell in my house! 🙂 I shared this post on Pintrest. And I love your holiday decorating ideas. I used a few of your Halloween ones from last yrs display and I have been thinking of your 3 tree display for Christmas last yr. I’d like to try something new & unexpected like that this yr. Thanks for all the tips you share.

  18. Ann C

    I shared to pinterest. Love all your blogs especially what you do in your own home!

  19. julie


    LUV LUV LUV it! But then again , there isn’t much you do that I don’t adore!
    Thanks for supporting such a great cause with your creative genius!

  20. Shaina

    I am a breast cancer survivor for 7 years now. I recently celebrated my 40 th birthday with my beautiful 10 year old daughter. Every day is a blessing and a gift! I love the pink and green rug. It’s beautiful. I really enjoyed your recent post on coffee table decor and ideas on how to make your coffee table interesting. Even though life is busy I hope everyone can take a moment each day to enjoy the gifts around them 🙂

  21. LaPriel

    What a great idea! I love your rug.

    My favorite post is Belgian Chic.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration and education.

    • LaPriel

      Oops! I shared on FB.

  22. Rebecca Dimino

    I love your rug may design for breast cancer awareness. The pink represents the month well and the green combination is a happy and hopeful touch.
    I love all of your blog posts and am inspired,but them all because they are so helpful. The one I keep going back to and referencing however is the one where you painted the rafters in a vaulted ceiling as well as the fireplace in gray. I would never have thought of that color and it completely transformed the room. It made it so. Much lighter and brighter and modern!

  23. Rebecca Dimino

    I do wish I had proof read my post because I cannot type! So sorry!
    It is rug mat , and I am inspired by them all (your posts). Also no period after
    It is so much lighter and brighter and modern!

  24. Debra


  25. angela@spinachtiger

    I think all your posts are wonderful, but this one especially because it’s so true. We don’t know what we’re capable of, usually so much more than we think. You’re rug is adorable.

  26. Barbara Million

    I have enjoyed almost all of your posts but the two that I loved were the Christmas Trees in front of the living room that you decorated and also I love your dining room. I so want it. The Breast Cancer Awareness rug is divine. You are a talented lady.

  27. Barb V.

    I got some of the best ideas for staging our condo to sell from your blog. I tell everyone about it! Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

  28. Janet

    Love all your posts, but this one is especially cool because I love hearing about your new achievements and being inspired by them to try something new myself. I was always expected to be perfect as a child which discouraged me from trying anything that I wasn’t pretty sure I was at least nearly perfect at, so it took a long time for me to learn to “go out on a limb” and try something new just for the fun or the challenge of it regardless of the results. Life is too short to worry about perfection, though I do still strive to do MY best at whatever I try. It may not be someone else’s best at whatever it is, but I may be better at something else than they are and it takes a variety of talents and skills to make the world a better place. Thanks for making this part of the world a bit brighter by your talents, creations, and cheerful smiles. Love the rug and I’ll share your post on Facebook.

  29. Victoria Riddle

    I enjoy all your posts, this one touched me having lost my mother to breast cancer. The rug is beautiful! You are so talented! I will share on FB.

  30. Beth

    As a BRCA-1 “mutant,” I appreciate this beautiful mat. And I am tinkled pink that you got to participate! 🙂

  31. MARTHA

    I really read all of them but if I must choose here goes ,,,The Secret to Making Your House a Home !!!!! The Family Photo Wall is a given !!!!!!! TY

  32. MARTHA

    I shared & liked on Face Book !!!!!

  33. Lynne

    I love your rug design! It is very pretty! My Mother is a breast cancer survivor of 27 yrs. I think it’s great to have such a happy rug to greet you! One of my recent favorite posts is when you were styling a bookcase. I need help in that dept.

  34. Mary

    Is that a trick question? I so enjoy all your blog posts and am learning so much from you. This rug design is so beautiful in pattern and colors used. Well done! And you have inspired me to also not be afraid to try new things!

  35. Maxine

    All your blogs are interestin, but recently found the how to fill your bookcases useful. I especially like the idea of painting the back of the bookcase a different color. Makes everything on the shelves pop.

  36. Michele

    Kristie, I love your blogs on home decorating and color schemes. You are so talented. This rug is beautiful. I am a 7 year survivor; diagnosed at the age of 34. I absolutely love Pink October and every year I purchase something special to celebrate the month.
    I send hugs to all my cancer sisters and thank you for acknowledging our fight.

  37. Cindy

    I shared on FB, and my most favorite blog posts are before/afters, esp furniture arrangement.

  38. Dale

    I loved the post where you painted The Flintstones rock fireplace. I never would have believed they were the same rooms. Sharing on fb

  39. Jil Sonia Interiors

    I believe the current stats are that 1 in 8 women get this horrible disease. That’s a LOT!

    What a wonderful idea from Carpet one, to bring even more focus to this worthy cause. Your carpet is gorgeous and I’d be thrilled to win one.

    My fav post was where you showed the same colour on the wall, as the ceiling and how different it looked!

    Shared, and big hugs to all the survivors fighting this disease.


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