The 3 Questions You’ve Been Asking About My Home Staging Certification Course

Many of you have asked questions about the home staging certification course that I teach, Expert Psychological Staging™ (EPS). Since they seem to be versions of the same three questions, I thought I’d share the answers with you all, in case you are wondering about the same things but haven’t asked.

home staging certification course

Obviously, I would encourage you to take my home staging certification course, but I thought you might appreciate the perspective of some of the recent graduates of my class.  Here are the questions and answers you might need:

What if I don’t have any experience or background in the field of design?

“The course was amazing, I would highly recommend it! I had no prior experience, but took time off of my full time job to pursue something I’m passionate about. Kristie is so knowledgeable on the subject matter, and a very engaging speaker. I learned so much in such a short time, and can’t wait to start my staging business. The Paint Color Toolkit is so great, too.  I know it will be a life saver in our business. Thanks again, Kristie!”

Julie Kole, EPS™, Merchandiser


“I was hesitant to take this home staging certification course. I have admired Kristie’s blog from afar for a long time.  I love her sense of style and color savvy, and have always felt that she has a true talent that even someone like me who has no prior training could recognize and appreciate. The course was *so* fun and informative. After I took a breath and went for it, I discovered that everyone was really friendly and approachable – there was an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Before I went, I doubted myself and my creative abilities, but after learning so much practical, hands on knowledge, I feel much more confident that I will be able to help my realtor husband stage his listings, and take our business to the next level. I have been inspired every day since the course ended. To anyone considering taking the course, keep in mind that when you do the things you fear, you are growing. I am very glad I took the chance, and I think it was 100% worth it.”

Samantha Ley, EPS™, SummerCo Homebuyers


expert psychological stager


I’ve been staging homes already for awhile.  Will this home staging certification course teach me anything I don’t already know?

“I took the class last week and could not be more pleased. Having been in business for 14 years in construction and design, I thought this course would enhance my services. It did not disappoint! If you are thinking of going into home staging, are a real estate professional, or in construction or design already- do not hesitate. This is for you! I previously purchased her videos online, and now have her color boards and book. A fantastic investment. I look forward to more offerings from Kristie- thanks again!”

Elizabeth Scruggs, EPS™, General Contractor and Interior Decorator, Superior Construction and Design




“This class was FANTASTIC!!! Kristie and her assistant, Alison made me feel right at home – while learning some of the best curriculum I have taken to-date.  Highly recommend.”

Linda Green, EPS™,  Home Stager and Interior Designer, Reinventing Spaces by Linda


“Take this course! You will not be sorry. Course ended with a full hands-on staging Saturday of a home that had been on the market for months.  The property had an offer by Tuesday. It is worth every penny to learn from Nashville’s BEST.”

Melissa Allen, EPS™, ReMax Realtor, Brentwood Area Homes




Is this staging course accredited?

Yes! Our course is one of only four programs in the world accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association®!

UPDATE: The Expert Psychological Staging® course is now available ONLINE! Find out more HERE!

Expert Psychological Staging® training course



  1. nancy

    Great, great idea! Will you be offering it again? I would love to take the course but can not at the end of January.

    • Kristie Barnett

      I’m not sure when we will be offering the next course, Nancy – but stay tuned. By the way, I love the faux kale arrangement I bought in your booth at Bella Rustica – it’ll probably be featured in an upcoming post!

      • nancy

        Kristie, I will stay tuned for sure…love all of your posts. I went to design school on Rhode Island MANY years ago and would love to refresh…and the staging ideas I could sure use with my business now! I love the kale too and can never find it that size for use during the fall months so the faux was perfect. It reminds me of the rug you designed. Can’t wait to see the post….
        talk to you soon, Nancy

  2. Jean

    Have you thought about offering an on-line version of your course and/or materials for those of us who live far from Tennessee? Are your new books similar to the course? I live on the west coast, so…….

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hi Jean,
      Yes, I’ve thought about doing course online, but I want to perfect the content and course experience before doing that. Some things are hard to translate when you aren’t face-to-face. My new book (the professional version) is specifically for home stagers or for those who want to learn my method of home staging, so that will certainly help. It is not out to the public quite yet, though. I do have several online classes that may be helpful, including the Just the Right Paint Color, Just the Right Furniture Arrangement, and Psychological Staging for Living Rooms (specifically created for professional stagers).

      • Jean

        Thanks so much for your quick reply. I will definitely keep those online classes in mind. I love your blog, etc. Your suggestions are so “down-to-earth”. I look at many design magazines, websites, etc. Yours is the best. Good luck to you with your classes!

  3. nancy

    I will check out your on line classes also.

  4. kelly

    So happy for you that the class was a success! You go girlfriend!

  5. Melissa Allen

    My new client in Hermitage asked me about this! She is retired and moving to New Orleans (where the housing market is on the rise). I am sending her the link.


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