5 Things I Loved This Week

Well, my dears, today was the last day of a much-needed vacation at the beach with my family and family friends. We were on the Gulf coast, where the weather was perfection the entire time (the beaches on the Atlantic didn’t fare as well). I tried not to work (too much), but it’s not in my nature to not accomplish a few things even on vacay.

Here are a few things I loved this week.

1. This pink house in Seaside, Florida:

pink beach house


I love the confident use of color on a beachside cottage that I spotted on our vacation. Pink, white, and gray perfection! I could live in a beach house like this, couldn’t you?


2. Seeing my house on the cover of This Old House in the grocery store while in Florida:

the decorologist this old house cover

What’s more fun than seeing your work on the cover of a magazine in your own town? Running into it while shopping for chips and salsa while you are vacation! Even though it’s October, there were still a couple of September issues on the stands. I bought them all, of course.

3. This article about Expert Psychological Stager™, Amy Wagner:

reflections of you, by amy wagner

Reflections of You, by Amy

Amy Wagner of Reflections of You, by Amy, was in the very first Expert Psychological Stager course I taught. This article by Style Blueprint came out this week and highlights her booming staging and design business in Louisville, KY, along with some tricks of the trade and design inspiration. Here’s a tip that Amy shared:

“When purchasing a chandelier for a kitchen or dining room table, an easy measuring tool to use is to measure the width of your table and divide by two. For example, if the width of your table is 48 inches, then the diameter of your chandelier should be 24 inches.” – Amy Wagner

When asked to name industry mentors, role models, and personal interior designer crushes, Amy named her interior designer grandmother and myself. That TOTALLY made my day! Amy Wagner’s company is modeled after the EPS training, and she sends several of her stagers for training every time I offer a course. The company is able to boast a 98% success rate for their stagings, which is amazing. This lady is doing BIG things, and I love to watch as her business grows and expands!

4. This quote about the Real World:

I saw this quote on Facebook and it is TRUTH. I don’t know the source, but I just had to share:

“Living your passion will include doing things you detest doing. Things you are not good at. Things that scare you. Things that bore you. Things that are extremely challenging. Those that look for easy will never find extraordinary. Those above doing grunt work to pay their dues will never deserve a promotion. That is because you live in the real world, not on a unicorn farm.”


5. This odd but awesome beach video my friend took:

[jwplatform RubDtya5]


Hanging out at the beach all week, we did a lot of people-watching. We weren’t exactly sure what this fella was doing (maybe exercising?) but this went on for a long while and my pal, Melanie, caught a portion of it with her cell phone. I’ve watched it over and over, partly because it’s funny and partly because I’m a bit amazed at this guy’s lack of self-consciousness out there in front of lots of people.

Just doing his thing, dancing with the ocean.  Maybe we should go forth in this new week with the same mindset! All the while, remembering that this isn’t a unicorn farm . . .

I’ll be touring the Southern Living Showcase Home outside of Nashville tomorrow, so stay tuned for a fun trendspotting report!







  1. Amy

    I just love your wonderful advice! We were in Seaside in September and I swear we saw the same guy?!

  2. Jessica

    It looks a little like he is doing tensegerity.

    “Tensegrity® movement, or Magical Passes®: The modern version of movements and positions of body and breath that were discovered by seers of ancient Mexico in states of awareness called dreaming, and which help to tune one’s energy body, and to restore healthy physical and energetic flow in one’s being. These are practiced in silence, or danced with music or sounds of nature.” from cleargreen.com

    I haven’t seen it in ages but I think that’s what he is doing. I could be wrong though, so don’t take that as gospel unless you happen to ask him ?

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Jessica – that’s a new one on me!

  3. kelly

    Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Free entertainment! I saw someone doing this in Cabo on vk for the whole week.
    I would be jumping up and down seeing my magazine everywhere! So cool!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Yeah I pretty much jumped up in down in the Seaside Publix. When I went through the checkout, the guy asked me why I got 3 of the same magazine. Of course, I had to tell him that my house was on the cover (with Kelta behind me yelling, “It’s MY room!”).

  4. Joanne

    Jessica DiLullo Herrin is the author of #4. It’s a great quote from a great article “The Unicorn Farm Is Not Hiring”. It’s an article about living your passion and all it entails. Thanks for mentioning it. Glad you had a fabulous vacation in my state ?

  5. Susan

    Boxing moves. Looks like he may have an old injury he is trying to work through


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