Advice for Choosing Lamps from a HomeGoods Ambassador

You may have noticed a new badge on the right side of my blog.  Now that I’m an official “Ambassador” of HomeGoods, I will have front-row access to the latest HomeGoods news and plans!

HomeGoods Ambassador Badge

Some of you many remember (or even attended) a special HomeGood event I was asked to host last winter, but now HomeGoods has invited me to be part of a new blogger program that will give me access to new products, information on the latest trends, and their seasonal style guides.  Yesterday, I got this little package in the mail:

homegoods ambassador


One of my favorite things about HomeGoods is their amazing selection of TABLE LAMPS.  How many times have I told clients to shop for lamps at HomeGoods?  Too many to count, but I did just that yesterday during a Staging Consultation here in Nashville. One of the best ways to update any room without spending a fortune is to bring in updated lighting, and most people I meet don’t have enough lighting at eye level.  They wonder why their home feels gloomy. I tell them that they desperately need table lamps and plenty of them!

homegoods table lamp

Above is a fabulous lamp I saw at HomeGoods just this week.  You may ask:  how do I choose???  Well, wonder no more.  As my first act as an official HomeGoods Ambassador, here is my advice on the matter.

how to choose lamps

1)  Buy Lamps in Pairs

Make more impact with a matching pair on either side of a bed, sofa,console, or sideboard.


2)  Choose Drum Shades vs. Triangular Shades

Triangular, pleated, or ribbed shades tend to look dated.


3) Pick Lamp Shades Wisely

Don’t buy lamps with dark shades if you need maximum light, and don’t buy lamps with white shades if your room is full of off-white molding and upholstery.


4) Choose Large Lampbases that Make a Statement

This is a great way to repeat an accent color in your room so don’t go too “neutral” with your lamp base!


5) Choose Lamps with Maximum Wattage Capacity

Don’t bother buying lamps that will only give you 40 – 60 watts of light unless you want ambient lighting. Look for 100 watt capacity for living room and bedroom lamps.


Any other advice or questions about buying updated lamps?  Feel free to comment or ask below.


  1. Good for you, Kristie! :) And very good lamp buying advice.

  2. Congrats!! Time for another HomeGoods shopping party. :) Love the tips.

  3. I bought a white lamp shade and thought it might be too white for my living room, but I guess it depends on the colour of the light bulb as well, because when turned on, it doesn’t appear white at all.

    • Kathleen,
      If it sticks out like a sore thumb when the light is off, you may need an off-white or creamy shade. If you do white shades, just make sure you repeat some other whites throughout your space.

  4. Is there a formula when choosing a shade vs. size of the base? I have a feeling I’ve gone too small with my barrel shades, help!

  5. So glad you are sharing thoughts on this topic. I’ve been mulling switching up some shades in my living room. What are your thoughts about “matching” shades? I have a decent size living room with 6 lamps. How do you decide how much shade ‘variation” to include???

    • What a great question, Marina. Pairs of lamps need “matching” shades, but you wouldn’t want 6 identical shades in one room. The key here is to NOT mix off-white and white. If you are using a pair of off-white or cream shades, another pair could be a slightly darker linen shade with a knubby texture. If you are using a pair of white shades, you might use another pair of shades that are a real color, like spa blue. You can use a pair of plain white shades + a pair of textured white shades to get a bit of variation, too.

  6. Mary Cudworth says:

    So excited for you Kristie ! You are definitely getting around lady ! I think you should celebrate and buy a lamp or two !

    I was lucky enough to find a pair of Ralph Lauren lamps at Home Goods last year in California. I am going to use them when we stage the beachhouse. Wow I love Home Goods !

  7. Thanks for the fabulous tips,Kristie , and congratulations on your new gig-I was just shopping at Home Goods yesterday and bought the most fantastic large “White Heron” picture for $59.99 for my Charleston SC condo-it seriously looks like a gallery painting.Also, bought 108 x 84 silver designed 2 panel grommet drapes for $29.99-perfect timing on your post, I need all new lamps and your tips will come in handy! Keep em’ coming!

  8. I must say that lamps are one of my favorite items at Homegoods. I have gotten some amazing ones there.

  9. Home Goods has great stuff! I look at Home Goods for lamps even if I do not need them because they have a great selection.

  10. Kristie, congratulations on your collaboration with HomeGoods! And thank you for your transparency when discussing their products.

    I LOVE HomeGoods and only wish that the nearest one weren’t an hour away. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing!

  11. This is great! I went to Home Goods for the firs time recently because you had mentioned it on your blog. So you were already an ambassador, now you get the official title. :-)

    One question about lamps: how do you judge how tall they should be? I had a large table lamp on one end table, but it seemed too big. I moved a smaller one there, but it seems too short. Before I go to Home Goods to find a pair, is there a formula for figuring this out?

    Thanks, Kristie!

    • Good question, Judy – the answer is: it all depends. Depends on the size of the sofa or chair beside it, and on the table it’s sitting on. If your side tables are low, you could do taller lamps. But if your end table is high, it may require a fatter, squattier lamp instead of a tall one. If you are sitting up straight on the sofa, the middle of the lampshade should be near eye level. Stay away from buffet lamps (stick lamps) for beside a sofa, chair, or bed.

  12. Thanks for this article–I came home from Home Goods with two laps today–lamps I might not ever have looked at.

    I’m not positive about them yet, but at least I’m trying something new. I’m not a huge fan of the drum shades but I know my cone one was dated.

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