Simple Tip for Christmas Gift Wrapping

Rather than using ribbon on my Christmas gifts, this year I’m using inexpensive crepe paper.

  christmas gift wrap



I like the width and the fun texture of the crepe paper.  I bought a huge roll for about $3 from Target.  Super-easy to dress up even a plain white shirt box.

christmas wrapping


I’ve gotten tired of all the crushed bows from stacking gifts on top of one another.  No problem with this crepe paper alternative.

crepe paper


Do you have any easy gift wrapping ideas to share this Christmas?


  1. Great idea! I saw that wrapping paper at Target this week — super cute!

  2. Michelle L. says:

    Love this idea! Thanks!

  3. Love this idea! I just tried something new… I cut tissue paper into bands, then 3-folded the band and put it around the gift. It was pretty, but way too much work… and the tissue is limited in it’s length. I like this idea MUCH better :-)

  4. Crepe paper, what a great idea. I love the texture of this paper too. Where is that adorable wrapping paper from?

  5. Very cute! I’m noticing this is the year for owls. They are everywhere this season! And it makes me think of you and your love of decorating with owls. My family has been noticing it so much lately that we have owl hunts at the stores to see who can find them first… and then my brother just gave me an owl ornament for Christmas today. :-)

    Hope your holidays are great!


    • Lisa,
      You’re right – owls are everywhere. Everyone is going to be pretty sick of them eventually, but I probably won’t be. I’ll be scarfing them all up from the clearance racks . . .

  6. What a fantastic idea! I know I have a bunch of that somewhere!

  7. What? No smashed ribbons? Seriously cute!!

  8. I used leftover paint chips (have hundreds in the office) and used them as name tags for the gifts. Pretty and the price was right – compliments of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

  9. You are a smart cookie. I like this because it is snappy and preppy and pretty all at the same time. I was wrapping gifts today in silver paper with twine. That looked pretty cool too.

  10. This is an awesome idea! I’ve featured it in a post about wrapping paper ideas on my blog:

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