Blue Christmas


Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  I blogged last Christmas about nontraditional holiday color schemes, and they are even more the rage this year.  Lots of us want a fresher look, something fun and fiesty rather than the traditional red and green.  I’ve got some great inspiration if you’d like to have a blue Christmas this year!



Pairing blue with white for Christmas is certainly a crisp, clean look.  It lends itself well to a modern or contemporary style.   It even works in a modern country or shabby chic setting. 



Beware of too much blue and white, with no other color.  It can look quite stark and cold.  This bedroom is cute, but it makes me shiver to look at it!  Maybe it’s the snowflakes . . .



It’s not surprising to see so much blue this Christmas – turquoise, afterall, was dubbed “The Color of the Year.”



And then there was the success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and the subsequent deluge of Wonderland-inspired fashion and decor – highlighted by Alice’s famous blue dress. 


Blue is the new green, you know.  Here it pairs beautifully with the traditional red.   Red and turquoise look great together, as I blogged about here.


To add some blue to your holidays, all it takes is some blue spray paint, a few ornaments in a blue hue, or simply the use of blue wrapping paper (think Tiffany boxes).


They’re even dying poinsetta plants blue these days – I saw some at Kroger last week!


I totally LOVE this peacock wreath!   So, do you have more blue in your Christmas decor this year?


Photo Credits:  Country Living (1, 3, 4, 7), House to Home (2), Daily Days of MKH, Design Decor Staging, Thrift Shop Romantic, Elle Decor.


  1. Karina Aguon

    I love the three paintings beside the fireplace of a tree and the christmas tree at the ocean. Absolutely beautiful. I would love to spend christmas at the beach one year.

  2. Dianne Tant

    I LOVE blue at Christmas…I always incorporate some

  3. Julie

    We decorate my parents tree when we get to Florida. Before we left one year, I went on and googled tags with an ocean theme and ordered cream scalloped tags with different shells and animals–octopus to sea turtles and tied them on. Then we put up blue lights on the 11′ tree (that we got for $9 at Lowes since it was 2 days before Christmas), blue, green, turquoise glass ornaments I got a ReCreations 50% off, a couple peacock feathers tucked in tip top and we had a beautiful tree! All the decorations are in a bin down there waiting for us to put it all on another tree this year! x, Julie

    • Kristie Barnett

      wow, julie, that’s sounds gorgeous! would love to see a picture of that!

  4. Michelle L

    If you love the turquoise and red look, Macy’s has a gorgeous tree featuring those colors! I was at the Cool Springs store, and they have a Christmas section in the furniture department. Made me want to do a whole new tree. Of course, I’d have to do a whole new room around it first!

    • Kristie Barnett

      well, i totally need to check that out! except that will require me to go to the mall, which i HATE to do! 🙂

  5. Kelly, The Brave New Home

    I’ll be bringing out my vintage collection of Shiny Brites (the only ornaments I own!) The colors are great…and there are definitely lots of blues and turquoise hues.
    Fun post…with some interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Naturally Carol

    I think blue and white is lovely especially for a warm climate like ours in Australia ‘cos you want to feel cool and calm at that time of year. Teamed with red seems a great idea for cooler climates where the blue and white can look a bit icey. The red warms the whole room and still looks fantastic.

  7. ehalvey

    I love the blue and silver look. I joke my tree is a Chrismukkah tree since they’re Hanukkah colors. I would add elements of white if I had colored walls, but it would be too much with beige and vanilla.

  8. Heather

    I read this and thought of you:
    have you read the latest issue of rue magazine? if not she has a link to it in the above article. there is a christmas feature that was done in Elvis vacation home (or something) and it is so vintage retro wonderment. the women in the article make me think of you. gorgeous. glamourous, vintage vixens.

    ps. i haven’t gone crazy with decorations for christmas but def. included my aqua accents!

    • Kristie Barnett

      thanks for the info, heather!!! that elvis christmas thing reminds me of the Mad Men dinner party i went to last night! i plan on coming to your Art Market tomorrow afternoon 🙂

  9. Mary CC

    Hi Kristie, this is my first comment to your site ! I have been following you for this past year and I love all of the articles about the wonderful things you can do with paint in your home. I am still trying to get up the courage to paint upholstery, but I have already made nice strides with wall painting. Sorry to get off subject….I have always done a blue Christmas tree to match my blue dining and living room, because red just didn’t seem to cut it. I have used green,gold, white and silver and crystal or clear glass as the main colors for the trims and ornaments. The blue in my home is not navy, royal, or delft blue but rather a dark warm blue I call it Jeffersonian blue for lack of a better name. I do keep another smaller tree in the family room done with traditional red and green colors so I can still hang those special ornaments my children have made over the years.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your blue home and Christmas trees. You always get me excited to try something new in my home.
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year.


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