SuperNeutral to the Rescue!

Sometimes a plain ole neutral won’t do the trick.  Sometimes it’s just not enough.  But then a bold color isn’t usually the way to go, either.  Especially in the most public area of your home.  That’s when you really need a superneutral to come to the rescue.  What is a superneutral, you ask?  Elusive and mysterious, a good superneutral is a chameleon.  It works with lots of colors, but isn’t a predictable beige or off-white.  It carries a hint of color, without screaming COLOR.

SuperNeutral to the Rescue


This is the color the builder chose to coat the interior of my client’s new home.  The Decorologist was called in to intervene.

Living Room Before Color


We had to work with the undertones of several existing elements:  the wood cabinets and floors, the carpet, and the granite countertops. 

Kitchen Before Wall Color


As a Residential Color Expert, it was obvious to me that a superneutral was needed to save the day.  Enter Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood. 

Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood



We went through lots of my bag of “on-trend neutrals,” but all of them seemed to fall flat.  So I called on my superneutrals and eventually found the one that worked perfectly with the orange and yellow undertones of the cabinetry and the green flecks in the granite.

Painted Kitchen


The client’s seated furniture was dark brown leather and she wanted red accents, so the wall color had to complement those choices, as well.  This superneutral is subtle enough to let the other colors in the room to take centerstage, yet it’s not so neutral that it bores. 

Living Room in Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood


Notice how we wrapped the entire room – walls and ceiling – in Winterwood.  A stark white ceiling can be so . . . stark.  Wrapping the room makes it all the more peaceful and enveloping.

Winterwood Walls


Contrary to popular belief, this actually makes the ceilings appear taller since the boundaries between planes are erased.

Kitchen with Painted Walls and Ceilings


If you need help choosing a superneutral for your home, contact The Decorologist to schedule your Color Consultation today!

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17 thoughts on “SuperNeutral to the Rescue!

  1. Barbara Jacobs says:

    I love the “superneutral” idea. Actually that’s why Full Spectrum paints are so great – they are Super-Color even as neutrals, since they are all so color-rich (no black in any of our formulas) that even a little color, or what seems like ‘beige’ is actually a minimum of seven colors mixed to create the luminous effect.

  2. Kelly, Restyling Home by Kelly says:

    Beautiful color Kristie. I was just looking in that color area for something nice to go with Cork. The color looks beautiful with the cabinets. Love it!

  3. Joan says:

    I love the living room in winterwood and the ceiling painted as well. I am painting my living room Fescue by Divine paints, and it is similar. I have dark leather furniture and think it would all be more grounded with a painted ceiling. I am terrified however, since there is no overhead light, just two small windows facing East. Do you think this would be too dark?

  4. Cathy says:

    I love Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood- am intending to repaint my downstairs in this color. I live in one of these newer homes where one room flows into the other. The color of my kitchen cabinets calls for a superneutral so Winterwood will definitely go in there, too but can I paint the adjacent dining room a different color? The furniture in my LR/DR is neutral with blue and green accents. Is there a blue/gray color that would work well with Winterwood?

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  6. Elaine says:

    I am wondering why I can't find "Winterwood" in my Benjamin Moore fan deck. Is that color only available in the U.S. or does it have a different name in the Canadian fan deck? Love following your blog!



  7. Nicole Schmauder says:

    I watched your “Just the Right Paint Color” class and learned a lot! I would like to paint my bedroom yellow, and I’ve picked a color, but I believe it is too bright for the whole room. How do I create a superneutral so that I can use it to paint the whole room? Do I look to the left and right on the fandeck? Up and down? Do I add white?

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