Paint Colors for Show House Revealed

One of the perks of getting a press pass to a Designer Show House is getting the full paint schedule for the whole shebang.  As a paint color consultant, I always love seeing what paint colors other designers use and the effects that are achieved with their choices.  Let’s start with one of my favorite rooms in the house, why don’t we?  The master bath:

sherwin williams contentedDesign by K Evers Interiors 


The soaking tub, the floor tile, the mirrors – oh so glamorous!  I love this bathroom, and I love the color used in the space:  Sherwin-Williams SW 6191 Contented.  The water closet (aka, the potty room) is a luxe dark wallpaper, but reads an inky black in the photo.  Man, I love this bathroom!  

sherwin williams contented


The black ties in well with the dark fixtures, the mirror frame, the floor tile, and the countertops. You can see a hint of the ceiling color in the photo above:  Sherwin-Williams 6189 Opaline.  The adjoining master bedroom is fresh and peaceful with the walls painted Sherwin-Williams SW 6190 Filmy Green.

sherwin williams Filmy Green

K Evers Interiors


Although the bedding and window treatments create a peaceful tone-on-tone effect in the space, the dusky purple undertones in the sitting area look surprisingly pleasant against the Filmy Green, as well.

sherwin williams filmy green

Design by K Evers Interiors


The small entry to the Show House features dark blue upholstered walls, while the trim is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Amazon Green 2136-30.

benjamin moore amazon green

Designed by R Higgins Interiors


The upstairs powder room has a fun mural painted over a base of Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere 2138-60.

benjamin moore gray cashmere

Designed by Starbuck Designers


The dining room walls were covered in a wallpaper, although it is difficult to see that in the photographs.  The ceiling is painted out in Benjamin Moore Shale 861, which I have used in clients’ homes on both the walls and once on kitchen cabinets.  It’s a beautiful color, but you have to watch out for the pink undertones in this one.

benjamin moore shale

Crysta Parish, Lead Designer – Dana Goodman Interiors


One of the guest rooms was painted out in Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray HC-173, which is a popular color with designers lately.  It works well with the strong green and the Chelsea Gray accent in this space.  Edgecomb Gray typically reads as an off-white, which may surprise you if you’ve seen it featured in design magazines and on Pinterest.

benjamin moore edgecomb gray

Designed by J. Haynes Interiors


This neutral is really more beigy than gray, and  has both pink and yellow undertones, and I find that it can be a good solution in a bathroom with certain ceramic tiles.  But again, it reads like an off-white in a light-filled room like the one in the Show House.

edgecomb gray HC173

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173


The kitchen walls are painted in Sherwin Williams Warm Stone 7032, which is a warm contrast behind the white cabinetry.  This color is a nice grayed brown.

sherwin williams warm stone

Design by Vicki Edwards


Both gray-based and tan-based neutrals were used as paint colors in the Show House.  Let’s take a look at some of the tan-based colors now.  The living room is painted Benjamin Moore Sandy Brown 1046, which has a peachy-yellow undertone.  Since I photographed the house prior to its public opening, the best shot I could get was while  Traditional Home photographers were on site, so forgive all the equipment in the room:

benjamin moore sandy beige 1046

Design by Mark Simmons Interiors


In the upstairs family room, the designer chose the wall color based on her inspiration for the room – the bird wallpaper.  The warm beige that serves as a backdrop for this space is Benjamin Moore’s Bar Harbor Beige 1032.

benjamin moore bar harbor beige

Designer Kim Zimmer


This guest bedroom by Scarlett Scales was painted Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige 7037 to act as a neutral backdrop to the vintage vibe of the space.

sherwin williams balanced beige

Designed by Scarlett Scales


Now it’s your turn!  Which colors do you like best in the Show House?  As you should know by now, color is relative and is highly affected by lighting conditions and surrounding colors.  As a paint color consultant or a homeowner, have you used any of these colors?  How did they turn out in your space?




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