So, Will You Do Inky Blue?

Jackie Jordon, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams,  is forecasting the latest “it” color of the year:  SW’s Indigo Batik (SW 7602). SherwinWilliams indigo batik walls via tiptoebutterfly blogspot So, Will You Do Inky Blue?



Jordon believes our country is “a blue jean nation” and this color represents that sense of relaxed traditionalism in America.  In  addition, prints and fabrics in ethnic batik and ikat prints are increasingly popular in this hue all over fashion and decor.

HSTMOD1 So, Will You Do Inky Blue?



I have specified quite a bit of inky blues in Color Consultations lately – sometimes in combination with lighter blues or blue-grays.  Some of my favorites include Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue HC-156 and Newburyport Blue HC-155.

blue ikat drapes blue room via leftcoastluxe blogspot So, Will You Do Inky Blue?



Inky blue can definitely be dramatic, especially in a high gloss lacquer.  This is a big trend in libraries, dining rooms, and even living rooms.  And I love it as an accent color in the backs of bookcases.

laquered blue room via decorpad So, Will You Do Inky Blue?



Traditional navy or inky blues pair beautifully with more fun, edgy colors – like Honeysuckle Pink:

lilil diallo book details via aliciabdesigns blogspot So, Will You Do Inky Blue?



Looks fabulous with gray and lavender.   I wrote about pairing blues and lavenders here.   Inky blue works great with kelly or avocado green, but not sure I would have put the lavender and green together with the blue like they did here:

blue rug living room via elledecor So, Will You Do Inky Blue?



I love it with limey greens and yellows, like this living room by Jamie Drake:

blue and green living room jamie drake So, Will You Do Inky Blue?

So the question is, will you do inky blue?

pixel So, Will You Do Inky Blue?


  1. Dianne Tant says:

    Of course I like it….it’s BLUE

  2. I actually have planned to in the bedroom that is for one of the boys…I saw a deep blue in one of the offices in the White House and was so impressed last year that I thought it would make the perfect colour for a boys room. One we have already painted grey..the other will be deep blue..with white wooden windows and rich wood furniture. I love the moodiness of inky blues and indigo blues and the amazing indigo fabric that the Japanese make.

  3. Jennifer Driver says:

    I’m loving inky blue!

  4. LOVE IT!! Especially that second picture with all of the batik fabrics – very cool, breezy feeling!

  5. Yes!! I love that it’s essentially a neutral that can go in so many directions. I like that it’s a change from black and gray (which I LOVE) and brown (which I loathe). People pair everything with denim, why not pair various decor colors with inky blue?

  6. I was thinking of have a blue accent wall with a nice gray for the rest if the walls, my only worry is that we have a light brown couch coming. It would go against a gray wall if we did paint. Would the brown look bad with gray and blue?

    • hmmm, kt –
      a gray-based neutral sofa would certainly look better against gray walls. how about a tan-based neutral with a dose of gray instead? that would tie in better with your new sofa.

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