Beyond Blush Pink – 2018 Color Trends from High Point

As promised, I’m sharing the REST of the color trends from the most recent High Point Furniture Market. No, the entire market was not blush pink – and I know many of you are relieved. What I saw there points to the 2018 color trends will be seeing soon.

2018 color trends


So, what other colors will be trending in upholstery, furniture, and decor accessories? Let’s start with my personal favorite – the gorgeous greens.


jewel greens

The backdrop of this vignette in the ModShop showroom is very similar to Benjamin Moore Steamed Spinach, which I have used in a couple of projects – and in my own home.

dark green walls and art at mod shop 1 at High Point Furniture MarketModshop


Green and white cabana stripes are both preppy and refined. Love them with all the gold metallic and the blue-and-white ginger jars.

green and white cabana stripes in the mine showroom at High Point Market


Blues and greens of all shades blend beautifully together, and continue to be a part of the 2018 color trends.

dark green console cabinet at modshop1 furniture showroomModshop


This lush paradise full of green and white was in the Highland House showroom:

white sofa, green leaf wallpaper, forest green pillows and upholstery at Highland House furniture showroomCrypton fabric at Highland House


The most popular greens at market were the dark emeralds, jades, and forest colors.

emerald green wall in universal furniture showroomUniversal Furniture


dark green decor with white sofa and ottoman at century furniture showroomCentury Furniture


This gorgeous banana leaf fabric from Sunbrella can be used indoor or outdoor, and look how perfectly it matches my ring!

green banana leaf fabric at sunbrella


There were also splatters of jadite green throughout High Point Market, like this fabulous sofa from Younger Furniture:

mint green sofa in Younger Furniture showroom at High Point Furniture Market


And in both upholstery and stone tabletops in Green Apple Home Style:

mint green stone tabletop at Green Apple Home Style showroomGreen Apple Home Style


vibrant blues

If you think it may be over for blues, you are mistaken. From light blue to aqua to navy, blues are practically neutrals since they work with most colors. They continue to be popular in paint, furnishings, and decor, making them central to the 2018 color trends.

dark blue sofa in Century Furniture showroomCentury Furniture


Universal Furniture showroom featuring royal blue sofa and wallsCentury Furniture


Navy, royal, and teal were seen throughout High Point Market. The Sunbrella showroom featured saturated and varied blues, and I absolutely LOVED the striated pattern on this fabulous sofa that fellow High Point Blogger, Jana Phipps, and I snapped a photo on.

Sunbrella fabric showroom with royal blue walls and blue patterned sofa with Trim Queen Jana Phipps and The Decorologist Kristie BarnettTrim Queen and The Decorologist in Sunbrella fabric showroom


Teal was an important color in Michael Berman’s collection for Theodore Alexander . . .

teal wall in Theodore Alexander showroom Michael Berman line


. . . and for the Bend Goods showroom, which features seating, table, and decor made completely from wire.

modern Palm Springs Bend wire furnitureBend wire furniture


It wasn’t all dark – there were lighter blues throughout market, as well. I loved the marriage of navy and aqua in these shapely chairs!

aqua and navy chair from dunes and duchessDunes and Duchess


Because of technological advances in indoor/outdoor fabric, a blue upholstered bench like this one from Lloyd Flanders would be equally lovely on a porch or in an entry or mudroom.

lloyd flanders outdoor furniture showroom with blue and white upholstered bench


Even leather is going blue, like this lovely tufted sofa in the entry of the Theodore Alexander showroom.

light blue leather sofa from Theodore Alexander showroomTheodore Alexander


For a lighter look, you can’t go wrong with a lots of whites mixed in with variations of blues:

blue chinoiserie ceramics



black and white

Speaking of white, there was a ton of white and off-white at High Point Furniture Market. I’d say that white/off-white is truly the dominant neutral right now. Yeah, gray is still here, but the contrast of white and black is really hot. Many showrooms featured room vignettes that featured dramatically black backdrops for whites and light grays. Black and white are at the root of 2018 color trends.

white sofa and upholstery and black walls at bernhardt furniture showroom at high point furniture marketBernhardt Furniture showroom


scott living black dining room with chevron wood tableScott Living Home


Now, shall we talk about the FUTURE for a moment? I’m going to let you in what I believe will be the next big trend color.

I saw bits of it here and there at High Point, typically in a supporting role. But I believe it will become more dominant over the next couple of years, as it pairs beautifully with many of the recent popular colors and would be easy to incorporate into existing color schemes so many of us have.

yellow velvet sofa in Michael Berman collection at theodore alexanderMichael Berman collection for Theodore Alexander


Yep. Watch for yellow gold as it emerges as a dominant trend color. It’s gotta be done right, or else it looks dated – it’s all about updated color combinations and placement.

yellow color trend in century furniture showroom at High Point Furniture MarketCentury Furniture


yellow cabinet at modshop showroom at high point marketModshop


phylum design photographic art of butterflies by chris dunker at high point marketPhylum Design


yellow candlesticks at dunes and duchessDunes and Duchess


yellow gold walls at highland house showroomHighland House


modshop golden yellow chairModshop


mustard yellow walls at highland house showroom at high point marketHighland House


I told you it wasn’t all blush pink! Now that you’ve seen some of the 2018 color trends 2018, what do you think? Which colors or combinations are your favorites?


This is a sponsored post. The specific topic, content, and opinions are completely my own. All photography by Kristie Barnett.

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Karen Hattan
3 years ago

Yay!! ALL of them! I’m even excited about the yellow that is to come!
Thank you for this terrific view into the wonderful displays and trends at High Point Market! Since I was unable to go, I have to live vicariously through you and others who went and were excited to share their experiences!

3 years ago

Love the all the colors!! Do you ever teach classes in NY/NJ Metropolitan area??

3 years ago

I’m sorry, I just can’t say I like any of it! All I see is 90’s decor!

Becky Mckee
Becky Mckee
3 years ago

Love them all Kristie……. with that being said I don’t think I can probably get the blush to fly in central KY….. but we here in the bluegrass are always up for blue and green.! Thank you for such a great preview.

janice weinstein
3 years ago

Always so happy to see these gorgeous sapphire blues….but not loving many of those greens, and unless a client is in LOVE with them, I’m not sure I will incorporate them in bigger pieces.
Great piece, thank you!
Janice Weinstein
The Spirited Design

Judy Warren
Judy Warren
3 years ago

Cabana stripes? Uh….no. I tried hard to find a “love” among the colors and actually did. The black and white was the best I could do… and this is someone who loves Monet as well as Picasso! This was a tough batch, I felt.

3 years ago

I love the blues and greens and whites! They’re already the dominant colors in my home, with more and more clean white being added. As for the golden yellow, I really don’t like it, it’s not ‘fresh’ enough for me. But, I adore soft, pale yellows, and think they’d compliment any of the other colors shown, better than the golden yellow does.

Laura P.
Laura P.
3 years ago

Hi Kristie, First, I want to thank you for posting so many fabulous pictures and sharing your insight and adventures at the show. I appreciate the time you take to do this! My favorites from all the photos you shared are the blush lampshade, that striated sofa is darling and I want it now (I see it is a Sunbrella fabric; is it as soft as it looks?), the gorgeous banana leaf fabric, and the pops of Asian influence in design. I agree that the yellow trend has to be used judiciously, but didn’t Billy Baldwin in the last century… Read more »

Laura P.
Laura P.
3 years ago

Hi Kristie,
Wow! 2000 + photos…that’s a lot to edit! I hope you know how much your blog followers appreciate you! I’d love to see how you are using navy and celadon. I am not a designer by any means, just love to decorate my home and a lot of what I’ve found in reading your blog validates my choices….whew! Thanks for your reply!

3 years ago

I have always been a jewel tone gal. My favorite is the jewel greens. I have been craving green for a while and was so excited when Pantone announced Greenery as the color of the year. I thought there would be more green accents out there. I have noticed a recurring theme in pictures of rooms I love and it is that they all have lush large plants. Maybe that is what I need. I am liking the yellow lately, and I’ve never liked yellow. I even recently finished knitting a golden yellow cardigan. It goes well with so many… Read more »

3 years ago

Such a GREAT post! Thanks for all of the inspiring photos! I love all of the rich and saturated hues!

3 years ago

Wow, so gorgeous – love every single one! I tend to go with warmer jewel colors this time of year and then go back to lighter colors in the spring/summer. A lot of my walls are Hawthorne Yellow so it tends to work. Thanks for sharing your pics!

3 years ago

I like all of them but the blues and emerald green will always be at the top of my color “love list”.

Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright
3 years ago

Love the blues, greens and teal but yellow? Might take me a minute to like that one 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Shelby Sprague
Shelby Sprague
3 years ago

Love it all! I was hoping to discover the name of the navy chinoiserie pillow fabric in the Century Furniture pictures. The beautiful pillow on the navy sofa. Would you know how to direct me to find a source? Thank you!

Hannah Tiblier
Hannah Tiblier
3 years ago

Finally, some jewel tones!!! By the way, can you recommend a neutral, pale blush color that is so pale that you can barely see the pink? Like a string of pearls?

1 year ago

Thanks for the color examples. Green is the new black!

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