All You Need to Know About Trendy Fabric Patterns and Their Names

As an interior decorator, I sometimes find myself assuming that my clients know what I’m talking about when I suggest a flamestitch or imperial trellis pattern for their upholstery fabric or new rug.  Then I get the confused stare:


I have no idea what you are talking about . . . 


Today I’m going to clear it up for you, so mark it or Pin it as a handy-dandy reference for when you are deciding on which patterns to use in your home.

trendy fabric pattern names

Trendy Fabric Pattern Names

Infographic Created on Olioboard

Just a few notes:

Chevron and Flamestitch are different, although some Flamestitch patterns may be referred to as Chevron or Zig-Zag instead.  Chevron is a simple zig-zag, usually with just 2 colors, while Flamestitch is more complicated and usually has multiple layers and colors, and is not as rigid as a Chevron.

Ikat is pronounced “ee-cot,” but nearly no one actually pronounces it that way and even people in the fabric store may be perplexed if you do!

Toile is any pattern with a landscape or a repeating scenic picture.  You may have seen a lot of historic pictoral Toiles or Asian, but they can also be any kind of scenic picture, like children playing in a city park.

Zebra is the new Leopard.

Paisley is no longer a preppy 1980’s throwback.  It’s form is more flowing and typically more feminine than it used to be.

Moroccan may also be referred to as Quatrefoil.

Hexagon and Tiles are often used interchangeably.


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