Beachy Bedroom Makeover – and Why You Need Oversized Bedding

Now that summer’s in full swing, you may need some inspiration for a bedroom makeover. I’ve got one I hope you’ll like – the master bedroom of the beach vacation property I designed over the winter (and pay attention to the tip about oversized bedding).


When my family rents a house for our annual beach vacation, it’s either beach-themed to the hilt or it’s decorated like a regular old house you’d have anywhere else (only it’s near the beach). I prefer a look that nods to the location, but feels a bit more luxe. Here is the way this master bedroom appeared when the new owner purchased it:


Did I mention that it came with all the furnishings? Well, most of it was donated to a charity organization so that I could have my way with the place. We actually decided to keep the bed and dresser to use elsewhere in the home, but everything else was cleared out.

EXCEPT for the window treatments. Although the owner was willing to replace them, I knew that would significantly cut into the overall budget allotted for the new design. So I decided to keep them and work them into the new design for this bedroom.

The fleshy beige wall color and orange hardwood stain were first to go. Sherwin-Williams Tradewind SW6218 was my choice for the walls to balance the navy blue of the window treatments.

designer bedroom wall color is SW6218 Tradewind by Sherwin-Williams, design by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist


The other side of the room was previously overstuffed with furniture and decor.


Now it feels purposeful and peaceful. The chaise is the perfect spot for reading or catching up on emails. It can even serve as an extra bed for a young child who might get spooked and want to sleep in her parents’ room during vacay. I had the bamboo-detailed dresser and side table lacquered in Sherwin-Williams Naval to match the window treatments. I wasn’t able to do that color matching onsite! I’m proud to say that the color I selected for the furniture turned out to be a perfect match to the window treatments several states away . . .

painted dresser in Sherwin-Williams Naval and blue IKEA chaise, design by Kristie Barnett


The bed before:


And after:

oversized bedding and Sherwin-Williams Tradewind, design by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

I want to point out that this white quilted coverlet is an oversized king, which is difficult to find. Have you noticed that bedding is routinely undersized and typically comes up short on one side?

It’s the bane of my existence, I tell you!

I was thrilled to find an “oversized” quilted coverlet (and the included shams), which I purchased in multiples because the price was so good. Here’s where you can find it – you’re welcome! This oversized bedding is completely washable and bleachable, which is ideal for any bed (especially for a rental property).

This 2nd story bedroom has a lovely covered balcony where guests can take their coffee in the morning.

oversized bedding that actually fits a kingsize bed on all sides, SW Tradewind on walls


The fabric of the new upholstered bed was the inspiration for the entire space. I mean, THOSE CRANES!!! I love that bed so much. The lampshades were a lucky find that worked surprisingly well on either side of the bed.



The master bathroom required we keep the existing cabinets, countertops, and flooring.



I did what I often do – work with what the good Lord gives me.  I think it turned out really nicely:


I was able to purchase new lighting and mirrors, which made a huge difference. Here’s the before:



Mirrors with beveled mirror frames always look classy.


One last before shot:



Sometimes less is more, don’t you agree?


I actually chose a more muted version of the master bedroom wall color in this space, because Tradewind was too bright compared to the stone in the bathroom. I will admit to you – if I had this bathroom to do again, I think I would paint the walls the same white as the trim and put the blue color on the ceiling. I think that would tone down the travertine a bit more, which I’d prefer.

So the real question is:  would you be happy to spend your vacation in a bedroom like this one? This property is 20 steps to the neighborhood pool and 65 yards to the beach on the stretch of idyllic 30A between Seaside and Rosemary Beach, Florida. You can find out when it’s available to rent here.

This post includes an affiliate link, which means I get a very small commission if you purchase – but don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a dime more!


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