Best Granite Countertops for Cherry Cabinets

I was recently asked a question about working with existing cherry cabinets in a kitchen:  “What is the best granite countertops for cherry cabinets?”

Painting the red-undertoned cabinets was not an option. The homeowner wanted to update the countertops and didn’t know what to choose.



There are so many options of granite, and some of them will clash with or actually further date your cherry cabinet kitchen.



First let’s start with a bit of a wood primer – not primer as in a material used to prime a surface, but primeras in a short informative piece of writing. All woods have undertones of color, and some more than others. Cherry, mahogany, and cedar have red undertones, oak and fir have orange undertones, pine and bamboo have yellow undertones.


When choosing paint colors and countertops, you need to keep the undertones of your wood cabinets in mind. For example, choosing a green color or even a neutral with a green undertone will make cherry or mahogany kitchen cabinets go more red.

Ok, back to the question: what are the best granite countertops for cherry cabinets?



Cherry or mahogany cabinets are already dark, so I would steer clear of a dark granite countertop, and definitely stay away from anything with greens if you don’t want a Christmas-themed kitchen.

I would instead choose a light-colored granite that looks a bit like marble. The one that I’ve found that works best has bit of burgundy flecks in it, which work wonderfully well with red undertone cabinets: Kashmir White.



It’s the perfect choice for lightening up a kitchen that is already darkened by red undertone cabinetry. Make sure to choose a slab that is the least-busy visually. I’d also suggest an off-white subway tile for the backsplash that relates in color to the Kashmir White granite.  It was difficult to find a photo showing that choice, even on Pinterest!

cherry cabinets and white subway

via Pinterest

Most of the images I found featured ultra-busy and trendy backsplash tile. NOT a good choice, in my opinion. Trendy tile + dated cabinets = not really updated. If you stay light on the countertop and classic on the backsplash, the cherry cabinets will appear sophisticated and chic (rather than dark and dated).

Agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your opinion!


For more countertop ideas, check this post out!


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152 thoughts on “Best Granite Countertops for Cherry Cabinets

  1. Sarah says:

    Agree with everything! I have dark cherry cabinets. They’re not too bad but we just extended our dark brown cherryish wood floor into the kitchen in order to match the rest of the main level. Now it’s dark wood on dark wood, a bit much, which I knew. The next step is to have the cabinets professionally painted white and get a simple white granite/marble and white or gray subway tile. As you have written before, a white kitchen is always crisp and classic. Some people in our neighborhood have freaked when I have mentioned our plan to paint our “fancy wood” cabinets. But I’m betting they’ll all agree with me once they see the finished product. 😉

    Kristy have you ever done a post on kitchen counters? The recent surge of popularity of Carrara marble has me scratching my head because while it is gorgeous and luxe, it’s hardly livable if you have kids, cook, drink red wine lol, and don’t want to be on marble patrol! I understand it is extremely high maintenance and stains and gets rings easily. I would love to hear your perspective on some alternatives to marble in a kitchen.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      You can get the Carrara marble look with quartz. Brands like Caesarstone and Cambria carry options that look like marble but have tremendous durability and stain-resistance. A bit more in terms of cost than granite – but beautiful and so worth it!!!

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Let’s just say just about anything but the gold-brown granite that I see in just about everyone’s home. I love the light grays with specs of burgundy and I have a slab of it in my home bar which is based around burgundy. I say keep it light and let the dark cabinets be the main feature.

  3. Dolores says:

    I too have cherry cabinets but mine are much lighter in color- more of a natural, but aged warm cherry look, and I am planning for new counters this summer. I am not fond of granite, I do like the quartz, but I have decided to do soapstone counters.
    I have to note that granite counters are not so popular anymore here on the East Coast, instead people are gravitating more to quartz. My daughter just bought a house, and ripped out all the black granite countertops and replaced them with quartz.I just find granite to be a very busy and domineering counter material.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I’m with you, Dolores – so over granite, but many people still think it’s the end-all, be-all. Quartz is usually more expensive, which is an issue, too. I personally would never do granite. Thanks for the comment!

      • Becky says:

        I was just reading these comments to see if anyone talked about Quartz with Cherry Cabinets. Do you have a color of quartz that goes with cherry cabinets? I would love some more opinions on this as we are keeping our cabinets but updating our countertops and backsplash.

        • Kristie Barnett says:

          There are many quartz countertops that would work with cherry cabinets, and they are certainly my preference at this point! Any light-colored quartz, particularly those that have a marble look, would be a great way to lighten up a kitchen with dark cherry cabinets!

  4. Pamela says:

    I rarely comment anything negative so please accept this thought in the best light. The use of the words”further date” the cherry cupboards struck a nerve with me. Some of your readers may be like me, older,/mature and established. We love our cherry cupboards. Ours are dark cherry designed w/shuttered doors since we live in the subtropics and our area has a lot of Bahamian Colonial influence. We chose our stain based on our Ethan Allen solid cherry case goods. Picture this with white slipcovered camel back sofas and lots of dark wicker plantation style chairs. Like most homes here we are completly open floor plans with cool, light colored tile flooring surrounded by waterfalls and swaying palm trees. Not dated, timeless.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Please don’t take offense. I totally understand where you are coming from, which is actually why I wrote this post. Not everyone wants a white kitchen, but many want to brighten up their dark cherry cabinets. Now the truth is: few people are currently purchasing new homes with dark cherry cabinets. So in that way, they can appear dated when paired with the dark, busy laminates or granites that they have been paired with for many years. And that’s why I said in the post “If you stay light on the countertop and classic on the backsplash, the cherry cabinets will appear sophisticated and chic (rather than dark and dated).” I do think cherry cabinets can look sophisticated and traditional, and there’s nothing wrong with that. By the way, have you seen MY KITCHEN?? Most people would NOT want to replicate my “dated” kitchen, but I love it and it doesn’t bother me that they don’t. So I’m seriously not knocking anyone with cherry cabinets, just trying to give helpful advice for those wanting a bit of an update (for lack of a better word). Here’s a post where I showed my kitchen:

      • Pamela says:

        I HAVE seen your adorable kitchen! It’s darling. We have a small 90s era lake house in northern MI. It is a prefab w/very busy oak cabinets, pink Formica counters and filled with orangey pine furniture! I have hopes of someday having the look your kitchen has of fun vintage, solid construction with loads of charecter. I’m not offended by the post, just want the world to know some of us are more interested in classic style than being up with the current style.

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Pamela,
        I am getting ready to remodel my kitchen. Our house is 3200 SF and we are planning to stay another 5-10 years before we downsize. I have gone back and forth on natural unstained wood or painted wood. Both are beautiful. However, I really love natural wood. I absolutely love hickory but it will not appeal to most future buyers as it is used mainly in mountain homes (which is my dream place to live). My cabinet maker suggested I get cherry which definitely has more character than the typical overused maple. The price of cherry is almost as low as maple at this time so it would be a good time to get cherry cabinets. I am only concerned about the fact that it has red undertones and will darken with age. My husband loves natural maple but I think it looks washed out and does not stand out like I think the cabinets should. I realize that painted cabinets are all the rage now but they may be out when we move. If I have cherry cabinets put in with light colored granite, quartz or quartzite countertops will there be any issues with selling later on? We spent a lot of time in 2014-2016 remodeling our 3.5 bathrooms with dark, shaker style cabinets, granite countertops with character, porcelain tile around the baths and showers (but neutral colors) and a huge travertine tile shower in the master. They are beautiful but already outdated!

  5. Kate Falkiner says:

    I, too, have Shaker style cherry cabinets and a husband who would have a fit at the thought of painting over them! We installed them 13 years ago along with Silestone Rosa Gray quartz countertops (when everyone was doing granite). They are not, thankfully, gold-brown – but rather gray, white and black with flecks of pink. It is the flecks of pink that bug me now 13 years later. Thank you for suggesting Kashmir White, I now know what to do to update. And, you are right, I can never find photos of updated cherry kitchens on the web to get ideas! Since we know we want to stick with quartz any thoughts on one that looks similar to Kashmir White granite?

  6. Michelle says:

    Absolutely agree! Last year I visited several granite yards to find the right granite to match my shaker style cherry cabinets. We really wanted to brighten up our kitchen by replacing our dark grey counter tops. Kashmir white was impossible to find at the time due to some issue with the quarry, so we went with a St. Cecilia White which tied in white, charcoal, and cranberry flecks. I love how the cranberry flecks look with our cabinets. We also selected a white dimensional subway tile backsplash with charcoal grout which worked wonders in brightening the space. I still wish I could have sourced Kashmir white, though!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Thanks for sharing that info, Michelle. Unfortunately, granite can vary with regions so it’s good to have other alternatives like St. Celilia White to turn to! I bet your kitchen looks fabulous!

  7. Diane says:

    When I redid my kitchen, I looked at all the types of available counter tops, and kept on going back to granite. I’ve just always loved the way it looks. I now have white cabinets, stainless appliances, a white pillow subway tile back splash, and azul aran counters. And I couldn’t be happier with the way it all looks. Different strokes 🙂

  8. Barb V. says:

    Okay, now that you’ve opened this door, what quartz color(s?) would you suggest for those of us stuck with Oak cabinets? Anything that will downplay the orange and the wood grain would be appreciated. May paint some day but not in the near future. Thanks. Interesting discussion, as always!

      • Robin says:

        Sooooo, we have been shopping around for quartz countertops to go with our cherry cabinets and I came across your wonderful blog. Have you written anything since regarding quartz with cherry? I haven’t been able to find anything other than these comments. We are looking at LG Viatera Oyster, Everest, and Aria and my husband is in love with Silestone Moon White granite (it’s his top choice) but I keep seeing a bit of a green tone to the moon white.

    • Pamela says:

      Why not keep your current counters? If your not painting the cabinets right now why put lots of money into stone counters? If you have laminate counters wouldn’t something like a counter transformation kit be better at this point? Or pay someone to just paint the cupboards instead if it is too big of a job for you to do yourself. I think updating cherry cabinets with a stone counter makes sense as they can look upscale, I don’t think that applies to orange oak cabinets.

  9. Jo Galbraith says:

    Great article Kristie! I agree it is hard to find examples of wood cabinets with light quartz countertops and plain subway tile backsplash – my favourite – instead of the trendy busy busy tile that I see everywhere!

  10. Kate says:

    I too am over granite. My house has over 30 feet of black granite (wraparound counters, window ledges, island and butler’s pantry). A window installer cracked a granite ledge a few years ago and it was a NIGHTMARE to replace. After much searching for something that could pass for being from a similar quarry, the fabricator accidentally mixed up slabs (my contractor had the same last name as another who also ordered an Uba Tuba, and that was how the fabricator tracked orders!). Then they denied responsibility so the idea of going through a replacement search, dealing with contractors and broken pieces again, not to mention paying for it all! leaves me cold. I am thinking about having it honed at the same time as our hardwood floors (in the kitchen as well) are regarded, which would remove the shine and make them look more like soapstone. Thoughts?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I like the idea of honing the countertops, but I honestly don’t have experience doing that. Let us know if you do that and how it comes out. I’d love to see before and after photos of that.

  11. Kate says:

    I too am over granite. My house has over 30 feet of black granite (wraparound counters, window ledges, island and butler’s pantry). A window installer cracked a granite ledge a few years ago and it was a NIGHTMARE to replace. After much searching for something that could pass for being from a similar quarry, the fabricator accidentally mixed up slabs (my contractor had the same last name as another who also ordered an Uba Tuba, and that was how the fabricator tracked orders!). Then they denied responsibility so the idea of going through a replacement search, dealing with contractors and broken pieces again, not to mention paying for it all! leaves me cold. I am thinking about having it honed at the same time as our hardwood floors (in the kitchen as well) are regarded, which would removue the shine and make them look more like soapstone. Thoughts?

  12. MK says:

    I could not agree with you more! We bought a model home simply because it was a very long-distance move into a smallish town with not many housing options in the way of purchasing AND not many good rental options for a temporary housing. The builder had put in cherry cabinets with a VERY busy granite that has a cream background but it has large splotches of varying shades of brown. Bless his heart, every time the builder stops by for anything he comments about how he loves the granite, that he picked it out himself and is so proud of how it turned out, etc. And I just smile and nod, but privately I have told my husband I hate that granite b/c it is too busy and has too many dark tones in it. I cannot justify replacing new granite no matter how much I dislike it, but all that to say—Kristie is right again!!!!

  13. Laura Bervig says:

    Great article! I too have cherry cabinets but mine are more of a “spice” color and have more of an orange undertone. I would like to update my countertops from the existing Formica and wondered if the light colored granite like the Kashmir would work with my color also?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      If your cabinets are more spice orange than red, I wouldn’t recommend that particular stone because of the burgundy flecks. I’d do a white quartz or an Absolute Black granite.

      • Nancy says:

        This comes at a perfect time! I have that same “spice stain” cabinetry but the cabinets are maple. I’m having a horrible time with choosing wood floors for the adjoining family room and dining room. The kitchen is in the center of the house with FR, DR, LR entryways around it..In one light the cabinets are reddish, another brownish yellow. I’m to the point of tears as I read your info on “mixing woods” and am more confused than please!

        • Kristie Barnett says:

          Don’t try to match the hardwood floors to the cabinets – I’d suggest you go lighter on your floors. If they are oak floors, maybe Special Walnut or Provencial (Minwax stains).

  14. Donna says:

    What can be done to update white washed oak cabinets other than paint them? They are “pinking” up as they age. Definitely needs an update!

  15. Gina says:

    Hi! I’m relieved to see this article. I do love the look of white classic kitchens, for sure, but I’m in the process of choosing everything for my dream home build and want it RIGHT!! Our house will be nestled in the woods, on a hill, in the middle of 160 acres. The barn and original 1860’s brick house will be somewhat visible through the trees. That being said, I feel a white kitchen would be the wrong choice. I’m leaning toward some shade of cherry or maple (???) shaker style, with a bit of a rustic vibe, but NOT country. Thoughts, anyone?? In regard to the honed countertops in a previous comment, a client of mine chose them in her powder room. They are beautiful! Looks like leather. Her home is on a horse farm and she LOVES anything country and barn looking. I convinced her not to take that theme too far or she’d risk tiring of it, and possibly a divorce.

  16. Aimee says:

    I too have cherry cabinets, black uba tuba, beige backsplash and sage green walls (which the entire house is painted-ugghh). We moved into this house and kitchen a year and a half ago and I have since scoured pinterest and houzz to no avail to find examples of cherry cabinets and how to fix/change this kitchen (other than a complete renovation) that I hate and make it brighter space. Thanks for the pics and ideas!

  17. Linda Culp says:

    My kitchen is 15 years old. We did the white wash over oak (white oak, maybe. No grain to speak of.). The varnish has now yellowed, so I want to paint them an off white. I have solid black granite. My trim is SW Collector’s White. Please give me a paint color suggestion! I don’t want a stark white, but am unsure if I should use the trim color, or another color. Also, what finish should be used?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I would highly recommend you paint your cabinets the same as your trim color, and in the same sheen (probably semi-gloss). Just make sure you talk to your paint store about the best paint to use on wood cabinets, and also how to prepare the cabinets properly. I like Ben Moore’s Advance line of paint for kitchen cabinets. Good luck!

  18. denise says:

    Great post! You’re so right about there being almost no pictures available showing updated cherry cabinets. Our house had medium cherry cabinets and uba tuba granite with a tan tile backsplash chosen by the builder. I liked it pretty well at first since we were coming from a kitchen with white cabinets. But over time I just felt like the colors made our kitchen a black hole! Since the cabinets are custom, solid wood, it seemed a shame to paint them. Plus, it was really the counters that I hated. So we tore out the backsplash and the counters. We replaced the counters with white solid surface and put in a white subway tile backsplash. It’s amazing how much brighter and cleaner it looks now! I still feel the cherry is a bit dated but it’s livable and looks so much better.

  19. Lisa Kapp says:

    I just bought a house w/cherry cabinets/ubatuba granite/weird bronze tile backsplash. I’m definitely looking into the counter/backsplash recommendations you have. Thanks so much!

    Another thing that bugs me is the flooring. I want to replace the hardwood b/c it’s not in great shape. Would you recommend some hardwoods that would complement the cherry?

    Pics of kitchen can be found here:

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!

  20. Lisa Kapp says:

    Thank you for this post!!! I just bought a house w/cherry cabinets/uba tuba granite/weird bronze tile backsplash. Looking into Kashmire white/white subway tile combo. I want to replace hardwood floors as well – don’t like the ones that are there. Can you recommend some updated hardwood colors that would work w cherry cabs? Pics of kitchen are on this site:


  21. Deanna R. Jones says:

    I’m remodeling my entire kitchen now that I’ve settled into my new home. I’ve just installed my new cherry cabinets, so I just have to find the perfect granite countertops to go with them. I thought your made an excellent point my stating that light colored granite would look best with cherry cabinets. It seems like a good way to try to brighten up the kitchen a bit. My kitchen is a bit dim right now until I can get some new lighting fixtures installed, so I could use a light countertop to make the kitchen look a bit brighter.

  22. paige smith says:

    I did not know that there are so many colorful options for granite counter tops. I only thought that these counter tops came in white and black. These are really good ideas for my summer project to redo the kitchen.

  23. Densi says:

    What do you think about Viatera’s Aria with medium-toned cherry cabinets? I was all set to go until I noticed a few small flecks of blue in the sample.

  24. Glenn says:

    Great post! looking for your recommendations on the countertop replacement. We have crema marfil marble floors with cherry cabinets with English Brown granite countertops (too dark). We want to go with lighter countertops but are having a hard time finding the right choice. Appreciate any suggestions you have for us!

  25. Jamie says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on a backsplash? We have concluded that we want “Alaskan White” granite but the husband and I cannot agree or find anything we think “connects the granite with the backsplash. The attached picture is what we have now. SOOOO ready to brighten and lighten things up. Any thoughts or help greatly appreciate!!

  26. Douglas Brown says:

    At first I didn’t even think about it, but we had cherry cabinets and I suggest a type of granite that had a green tint. My wife simply laughed, and then moved on to the next color. I will admit, it took me longer than it should have to realize that that would have been a Christmas themed kitchen, like you said! Now, I just try to stay out of the planning phase 🙂 Any tips for a man with no idea how to help?

  27. Kirsten Leedy says:

    This is a great post. I am so nervous to make a counter top choices. I really don’t want granite. If I had to, I like the Giallo ornamental, but really it is so busy. I’m willing to fight for quartz, but what tone? I like the photo you used as an example. It is similar to a look I am going for. We are installing maple shaker style cabinets with a ginger stain. Our existing floor is 12″ porcelain tiles that are off white, with subtle white “marbling.” I have begun to think that a light colored quartz is best, but I’m nervous about it being unforgiving about stains, crumbs, etc. Can you offer a suggestion and reassure me that a light quartz will be an okay choice?

  28. Colleen says:

    These are great suggestions and a very informative article. Granite Emporium offers a wide range of high-quality granite options for residents of the Chicagoland area who are looking to update their counter-tops to better match their cherry cabinets. Visit our website at to view our beautiful stone options.

  29. Ginger says:

    This was a very timely article for me. We just purchased a home with cherry cabinets (the stain is cherry spice) and a very dated faux marble, green laminate countertop. We just found a beautiful quartz yesterday called Snowcap, which is cream with “veins” of a color very similar to the cabinet color running throughout. I like your suggestion of a white/cream subway tile for the backsplash. But I am having a difficult time choosing cabinet pulls. I’m not a fan of a high shine silver pull with the cabinets but a darker bronze color just blends in with the door fronts. I would appreciate some suggestions. Btw, I am also planning to install a distressed, cream-colored island with a cherry stained butcher block countertop to contrast with the dark cabinets so the pulls will need to work with both the cherry cabinets and the cream-colored island. Thanks in advance.

  30. Melissa Slaton says:

    Great, concise article. Design goes a long way for making your kitchen stand out and bring in the atmosphere that you want. I have been reminded here of the importance of the wood’s undertones. Finding the best color to suit you is a matter of also understanding the color scheme of the wood. The images you have contrast the colors found on the granite top and the wooden cabinets. If you aren’t certain, it’s best to consult when looking for granite tops.

    Again, great article! Loved the information provided.

  31. Ann Perkins says:

    We have cherry cabinets and the only light granites in our price point are called “Dallas White” and “Arabesco”.
    Have you ever seen these? Do you think one of these could work well with cherry cabinets? Our cabinets lean towards brown and are not as red as some.

  32. Ann Perkins says:

    Also in our price range is “New Venetian Gold”. But based on this previous posts, I am thinking it would be too busy and dark for the cherry?

  33. Sandy says:

    What are your thoughts on Mont Blanc (some call it Taj Mahal) Quartzite for Kitchen Countertops along with Darker Cherry cabinetry ?

  34. Robert Warren says:

    These are really good examples. Cherry cabinets are a beautiful addition to any home. It seems as though many colors are suitable for cherry cabinets because it is a warm-neutral tone. It really comes down to the preference of cherry wood or another wood color.

  35. Val Rocha says:

    What great article Kristie! I just recently used your information to bring to life the exactly concept you show here on this post! My client had the same cherry cabinets and had already decided on using a different granite with lots of green and reds undertones. After reading your blog she now has a beautiful kitchen with cherry cabinets and kashimir white granite countertops. I will be posting pictures of the before and after project soon! 😉

  36. Rhonda Hooson says:

    Hi Kristie – I noticed that you didn’t seem to reply to the 2 questions about Taj Mahal quartizite. We’re building a new home in Hawaii with a tropical theme so I went with mahogany shaker cabinets and trim, ivory travertine floors and light beige walls. I think we’ll do this in all the bathrooms as well and I’m about to purchase Taj Mahal for the kitchen and bathroom countertops. It’d great to get your input. Thank you!

  37. Linda Tucker says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice on using the right type of granite with cherry cabinets. This is the perfect guide for me, especially since I plan on getting cherry wood cabinets in my kitchen soon. However, I wasn’t sure whether to go with dark or light granite. I can definitely see your point on how dark granite would get the kitchen too moody– I’ll be sure to start looking at lighter colors instead! The lighter grey colored counters you have pictured look spectacular with the rich wood, too!

  38. John Anderson says:

    I want to get granite counters when I buy a house. I like the look and feel of it, and it is easy to clean. It makes sense that lighter counter top would look better with darker cabinets like cherry wood.

  39. sdowney says:

    Agree, this post is AWESOME. How to ‘update’ cherry cabinets to appear modern and bright. So much of it seems to be the countertop, the flooring, and then paint. I was psyched about your suggestion for Kashmir White, even though I thought granite was not as ‘hip’ as quartz and then I read that you don’t really like granite either as your first choice, but it appeared to work to meet the ‘lighter’ goal. So I’m still excited, till I read the point about the more orange/spice cherry… which is what I think I have… and I’m back to square one 🙁 Conceptually would you say I should still be looking for a light/whitish counter… quarts or granite… perhaps with flecks to connect w/the cabinet? but not busy and bold. And what might that be? Solid colors seems to stark? and too forced (modern vs. traditional)? granite seems ‘yesterday’. I’m stumped and would love your thought.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I just saw some new lighter granite options at Home Depot this weekend. Stonemark was one of the brands – you might want to check out the Bianco Romano, White Ice, Colonial White, and Yukon White. Take a cabinet door with you can see what works best!

  40. Michelle says:

    I have cherry cabinets and I’m going to redo my kitchen… What would you suggest I use for counter top ( granite or Quartz ) flooring ( travertine) backsplash ( I would like a natural stone)

    Thank you in advance for your advice and time

  41. Aimee says:

    If I can’t afford to rip out all the granite paired with cherry cabinets, what about changing just back splash? What would you suggest with Tan Brown granite? Also, could I change my island to lighter color counter? It’s a very large island? If so, would I do granite or could I change to quarts?

  42. Betty says:

    I am locked into cherry cabinets for our new home but would like something different for island. Do you have any suggestions to make the cherry more up to date? Thanks for ideas for countertops!

  43. Karen says:

    What about suggestions for higher grade to exotic granites that pair with the browner cherry cabinets, as Kashmir white is nice, but maybe a little too common. I am wanting to put in a light gray floor though out my whole house (including kitchen) ……so you can see the mess I have!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Actually, Kashmir White isn’t available around my area anymore, as the mines have been tapped out. The other good alternatives I’ve seen lately are White River, Persa White, Duke White, Viscon White, Samoa White, Santa Cecilia Light, Perla Bianca, China Bianco Antico, White Delicatus, Glacier White, Casa Blanca, Danby.

  44. Deepali says:

    I loved this article. I am going to have dark cherry cabinets with cotton white granite and very light colored porceline tiles with no glossy finish. I am still confused how to choose my backsplash but do you think above combination would look good in a small narrow kitchen?
    We did not go for dark colors because our kitchen is kind of narrow and very different than usual kitchens.


  45. Steph says:

    Kristie, what flooring color would you suggest with this palette? I was thinking of something with a grey tone? Also, do you think dark grey grout on the subway tile would look okay?

  46. Betty says:

    Love this article! Planning on adding island but not cherry like cabinets. What do you suggest and I guess same granite (I’ll be using one you suggested).

  47. Myrna Johnson says:

    What do you think of glass backsplash? We have cherry cabinets and would like to use River White granite countertops. I don’t like a busy backsplash.

  48. Deborah says:

    I need ideas for my backsplash. we have cherry cabinets with maple flooring and counter tops are Corian, gray with black, brown and white specs. I do love subway tile but white seems to be too white!

  49. Nadine says:

    Thank you for the beautiful ideas in updating with white. I am waiting for my new countertop, white carrara marble (fingers crossed ) and white subway tile backsplash. Going with a porcelain , wood look tile in a gray tone for floor. Cabinets are glazed cherry. Thoughts on flooring?

  50. Johane says:

    I do have the maple cherry cabinet from 1997 I changed the counter for granit 7 years ago. A mistake. It’s Kashmir or Venetian I can’t remember the name. The backsplash is beigish kind of see tru. Now I want to paint the cabinet !! Shall I go grey? Or white ? Thanks !

  51. Jamie Davis says:

    Help…so I did a remodel last fall…Love my granite…but severely dislike my back splash that we decided on (my husband blames me lol) Not sure exactly what it is that I do not like, not sure if it is pattern, color, texture, but I do not like it. My husband wants a glass mosaic with browns, creams, maybe some black and/or stainless (the long small horizontal glass mosaic pieces) but I am not convinced that will not be too busy. Any help or suggestions? They would be GREATLY appreciated.

    • Robin says:

      Jamie, is that White Spring Granite? It’s one of the colors we are now considering and I cannot find any pics with our cherry cabinets. Do you still like the granite today?

  52. Raquel says:

    Hi there!

    I see I’m not the only one with the cherry post. My husband and I are considering putting an offer on this home we just saw today. He thinks the kitchen is awesome (he’s allowed since he is the one who cooks) and I’m going greeeeeat cherry cabinets with black top and green walls to make it even tackier?! So when I saw your “Christmas kitchen” comment here I laughed out so loud I probably woke him up! Now I just need to wake him up to the colors. LOL Sure a nice coat of paint will get rid of the greenish/brownish – what color is that?! Wall Thinking of going white or just off white. Floors are white tile very small so I probably will change it too. Any ideas on what I should do besides painting the wall white.
    Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      A light gray blue on the walls might be a good way to un-Christmas that kitchen! With white trim and tile, that would downplay the redness of the cabinets. Let us know what you do it you buy the house!

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  54. Kyle Burger says:

    I also have the cherry cupboards and am updating my kitchen with granite counter tops. I was thinking of doing gray leathered on the counters and the shiny side on the island. I have black subway tiles on the backsplash. I am worried this might not all go together and be too dark. I was going to have a very light gray color on the walls. What is your suggestion?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I think black subway tiles would be too dark to pair with cherry cupboards. The gray leathered counters would be ok, maybe paired with a light gray subway tile instead of black?

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  56. J g says:

    Hello I am so happy to find this blog about cherry cabs ! I don’t have the heart to paint mine. Was reading all through the comments and I was looking to Kashmir white or river white counters with subway tile back splash (? Gray color ) to try to update my kitchen. do you think my cabs are too orangey? They were yorktowne garnet but faded over the past 15 years – in need of advice for granite or Quartz Counter and back splash. Then I plan to paint – no more pink red or gold !
    Any suggestions welcome ! thx u so much
    I attached a pic of my current situation ?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Kristie,
      What do you think if I chose a Quartz that looks like marble with alittle brown in it? subway tile and change hardware ? Can you rec a countertop that would update this – I do not have the heart to paint these cabs..
      Amber I like your marble look!

        • Jennifer says:

          I am shooting for a grayish wall paint to update my first floor but am having trouble finding a quartz or granite counter ( no speckles) that can pair with my traditional cherry cabs..
          Some of the quartz that look like marble are so gray and white – not very warm … Do you have any suggestions for a counter that has the light cream background you suggested ? Thanks so much!

          • Rick says:

            We are in a similar situation. We are having new cherry cabinets installed and are looking at quartz. We like the clean look of the marble-like quartz. We considered the Viatera Minuet, but were concerned the background was too white and the veining was a little more gray than it was taupe. Thought it wasn’t warm enough. Now, I think we are going with Caesarstone Frosty Carrina. The background is a little more creamy than Minuet, and the veining, while much less pronounced than the Minuet, seems to be mostly in the Taupe color range.
            Anyone else’s thoughts on the Frosty Carrina with medium cherry cabinets?

  57. Amber says:

    My goodness, I cannot believe the cherry cabinet discussion! I have a mid-century home with birch cabinets. They had been modified so much I really could not salvage them. Under pressure from my hubby, I quickly ordered cabinets and chose a light cherry wood. For classic look and since they darken with age, I am leaning towards a light marble look quartz (Cambria Torquay or New Quay or Pental Statuario) but I can’t find anything like it online in pics.

    By the way, for those looking at marble looks, Cambria has come out with some new marble looks that are gorgeous. I love gray and it is the in color now, but probably too gray for what I am doing. New Quay, Torquay and Statuario all have the light brown tints in them that would compliment the cabinet color.

    I am considering full height backsplash since the current formica full height backsplash has ruined the walls which are not textured and I have no intention to texture to cover up the glue.

    Thanks for your input as you have time!

  58. Amber says:

    New Quay–Yes, vinyl floors. I need the soft and quiet over the basement!
    Granite does look beautiful with this wood, but I want the low maintenance.

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  63. Amber says:

    Thank you Kristie for taking time to respond and reassure me. 🙂 I do want light, airy and classic. Additionally we live in the kitchen. I mentor and have a lot of family so it is well used and well loved.

    My cabinets came in a couple of shades lighter. I have contacted the company to see if the sample was mislabled or if I can plan on them darkening like the sample. It makes me 2nd guess the cherry choice!

    I do appreciate your blog, I’ve learned a lot from this one, and just signed up for your email subscription. Thank you!

  64. rebecca kyle says:

    we have lighter cherry cabinets with light granite countertops. the walls are painted 90s yellow that continues into the family room. what wall colors would you recommend to update our look?

  65. Rick says:

    What do you think of Viatera White Pearl quartz countertops with a medium cherry cabinet. Our floors are oak hardwood with a light stain.

  66. Steve Pierson says:

    Does it matter, when selecting a quartz or cherry countertop to go with cherry cabinets (mid tone) when the appliances (stove, fridge, dishwasher) are white? Looking forward to your advice.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      If your appliances are white, be sure you repeat the white on the trim in the room. I think a light-colored quartz that has a white or off-white marbled look would be perfect. Hope that helps, Steve!

      • Steve Pierson says:

        Thanks, Kristie. I was thinking along the same line of thought. I like the granite (Kashmer White) you recommend and also found at HD a granite called Bianco Antico that is just beautiful with cherry cabinets. It can be found as such in a quick search on Hz. or Ggl. However, after reading this blog, I’m going to do my best to find a comparable look in quartz.

  67. Hope says:

    I’d love to ask your opinion as I redo my kitchen and I’m starting to panic as we make decisions…. we’re putting in raised panel cherry cabinets. Beautiful but right now we have white so a huge difference. The floors we like the best are a deep brown wood color (laminate). We’re getting granite b/c it’s less expensive than the rest and nicer than what we have now. I can’t figure out the color. I’m freaking out! We’ve picked samples that look like Kashmir White – burgundy coloring on a white/gray slab. So pretty but…. I hate black and gray in decorating. It just isn’t for me. My husband hates brown which is my favorite. (I know, we’re screwed LOL)I feel like the Santa Celia sample I have is a bit dark b/c I agree that the counter needs to be lighter in color to offset the darkness. I really don’t want to build a super dark great room! (We’ll paint a pretty beige/off white but the floors will be darker and the couch is probably going to wind up brown – he wants recliner sectional and recliners only come in leather…. 2 small kids and a dog soon so no light colors….) Anyway, do you think the gray/white (mostly white with some gray) and burgundy is going to feel like a black color family or am I ovethinking it? I don’t want to make a mistake and its so hard to choose and now I’m totally pancking that I’m going to hate our new kitchen. OY! Thanks for the opinion!!! (And don’t even get me started on appliance color LOL which will probably be brushed stainless)

  68. Cindy says:

    I could not agree more! I bought our townhouse in 2004 (married in 2014…hence “our”:) and the kitchen was horrid. What work had been done since 1968 build was downgrading electricity and venting. Worse, the owners of the previous 12 years laid contact paper over 1/8″ deep spills of soda etc. I refused to unpack or use the appliances. Even on a good salary in the D.C. area I could only afford such a fixer upper and with that nasty of a kitchen (the gas guy was grossed out by the oven) I needed to do it soon. So, I did the kitchen in 2005 with the intention of selling by 2009. I could only splurge so much in certain areas. I did demo., flooring, and finishes myself to save money which helped a splurge on a hammered apron front sink at the time and quartz countertops (I try to lean eco friendly as much as my pocket book allows and yet also low maintenance). In a tiny galley kitchen the contractors were surprised i picked cherry cabinets, but i balanced them with light walls, and a not so dark countertop…it is “kona beige,” within the lowest cost line. I went with a counter top that read well with the natural cork flooring (my color choice there was to keep the kitchen flooring color nearly identical to the wood floor in the rest of the less than 700 square foot first/entry floor). Once it was all together with the apron front sink, partial wall removed, painted etc. the contractors all commented on how nice it turned out and how much they learned. For instance, this was the first apron front sink they had worked with and the first time they ever used wall cabinets on the floor (in a tight space, with heat vents in inconvenient areas, a shallow wall cabinet can make use of previously un-used space). Well, here it is 2017, i got seriously ill for several years and could not finish the house, let alone sell it (well, in the bubble market i could have). But, that was a blessing as i stayed in the area and met my now husband…the wonderful cook! It is his kitchen now. I have added additional task lights for him, turned the walk in/reach in pantry into a butlers style, added a wine area and a coffee area. We plan to move in the next few years so planned no more kitchen changes. Then, about a year ago the quartz countertop cracked from the sink to the stove and sank nearly a quarter inch in places below the 4 inch quartz backsplash! None of the architectural engineers or other specialists can tell why and all think it is settling after nearly 50 years. Plus the faucet is beyond repair (installed in 2005…I miss the old style…you know, the ones with washers that are still around and working, if maintained, from the 1940’s and before). The sink I originally got is not great in size for the hubs taste, so he was just putting up with the size (he loves the look). I was able to find quartz in similar enough pattern and color (the stone place i originally used went out of business, after 30 years, in 2012). But, hubs and i BOTH aren’t too thrilled with the current color and the trend i see continuing is in more blacks and whites and greys, which we like. I figured up cost, colors, and my own labor (I do most of our remodeling) for downplaying the brown-ness of the current countertops and red-ness of the cherry cabinets as well as for new countertops or overlay types, back splashes, new wall colors etc. I could get the countertops in similar color to be toned down, the kitchen brighter and not need to paint the whole first floor…with careful paint and backsplash selection. Then my husband said “I really like the grey countertops.” Well, since we are going to stay a few more years now….:):)…I felt the medium to dark grey counters he liked would be too dark…I worked up some layouts with a white grey veined marble look quartz, and his preferences, with…subway way tile backsplashes. He liked all of them but kept leaning towards the darker greys (I still felt the grey in the tone he liked would be too dark). So, I got him to go with me to check out the counter top options with a cabinet door, and white to represent the subway tiles and…he chose the more white marble look! Go figure! We will not be doing this change until summer when he can cook outside every day…but i will post before and afters….probably on pinterest:) BTW “his” kitchen is so narrow I can reach cabinets on both sides easily and i am only 5’3.” So, it’s small, but, with attention to what I could move of the layout originally it makes it viable for one to be cooking, another prep or clean up and another setting the table or cleaning it off and none running into each other, unless pets are present.

  69. Danetta says:


    I am really close to needing to make a decision on countertops for our kitchen. We have a cherry cabinets that are not really reddish, they are more brown. The house has ceramic tile from the foyer, hall, both baths, utility room, hall, and kitchen that is a very bright white, with dark gray not charcoal grout. I have recently painted the kitchen gray Sw Repose Gray thinking I need to focus on floor because it is such a huge amount of color. We have cleaned the grout and tile and it looks great. I have seen the granite with the burgundy spots but my cabinets do not have a burgundy color. They are more medium brown, with a formal traditional finish. I found a remnant that would work great that is vanilla ice, and a piece of silver pearl that would work on the island. This is not an expensive house, it is a house we are doing for our daughter. 1400 square feet, 2 bedroom, patio home with high ceilings. I thought I was keeping the countertops and have painted the entire house mostly gray, foyer is black, and bedroom is silvermist. The living room with is open has a wide engineered flooring I love that has grays and brown that looks a little distressed. I really like the fantasy brown. I am so concerned about to much going on, in such a small area. I am curious what you would recommend for these counters. The remnant I found is more white that black. It has black specs that are light and then the got to dark in a few spots. The piece for the island matches the grout beautifully. I admit the granite is a tiny bit lighter than the floor.

  70. Darlene says:

    What do you think of natural oak floors with cherry cabinets? Also thinking of going with a granite called snowfall. It has the burgundy flecks. It’s quite white with a hint of gold here and there. Has grey and some black veins.

  71. KatinSC says:

    Interested in what you all think about Silestone Seleno with mahogany cabinets? I do not have natural lighting so I plan on installing under the cabinet lights.

  72. Harold says:

    Ok, we were looking at Cambria Bradshaw but per your post this is not a good idea. Looking at their new marble collection, we are considering either Weybourne or Swanbridge with our medium to light stained cherry cabinets. We have white knobs and appliances and are considering white subway tiles for a backsplash per this discussion. My concern is, white, white, white, and in a few years the trend will be something else. We need long term classic solution so when we do sell in the future.

    Can you please precise feedback.

  73. Marie says:

    I have New Venetian Gold granite and Cranberry Maple cabinets, currently have Huntington Beige on the walls, ready for a paint change want to go lighter but keep it warm, can you suggest some grayieges or grays that would pair well with the cabinets and granite.

  74. KFKeys says:

    I’m rebuilding (due to Hurricane Irma) and we were able to save my cherry cabinets. We are going with ivory travertine flooring. I fell in love with the new Brittanicca Gold Cambria but it is very cost prohibitive. Do you have a recommendation? I’ve also heard that many are using just a thin 2cm edge these days. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      2 cm is standard for quartz – it’s a very durable material, and I think it looks great. As for the Brittanicca Gold, there’s really nothing else out there with that look, unfortunately!

  75. Carole says:

    I guess I’m in the disagree column, and not surprisingly, very much alone. lol

    Even after all of this time, I don’t understand the draw of quartz and granite counter tops. In most homes that I’ve seen them in, they are blinding with the type of lighting that people choose.

    As for cherry cabinetry, that is what I have in my own home, and I don’t feel that it’s dated. Perhaps because the room itself isn’t dated. When we remodeled our 1972 ranch house kitchen, we went with Craftsman style cabinetry, and I still love them. Our counter top is not stone, but it does look like stone. So much so that designers, and floor specialists, among others, have had to go right up to it and look at it closely, even tapping on it to know that it isn’t (I also credit our installer for making the seams invisible). I take that as a compliment, because I worked hard to find something that looked like stone, but was more budget friendly for us at the time.

    At this point we could afford granite, or some other high end option, but it doesn’t interest me.

    We do have black Corian on our coffee bar (a coffee bar was a new idea when we did it lol), and although I love it, I wouldn’t want it on all counters.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      So what kind of material do you have for countertops, Carole? I personally don’t have granite or quartz, either, but most people want one of the two. We actually put mahogany veneer over our laminate countertops, stained it dark, and topped it with epoxy. It was an inexpensive stop-gap options for us at the time, but we still love it after all these years!

  76. Jenny says:

    This is a wonderful thread, thank you!

    We have cherry cabinetry and have chosen Silestone’s Eternal Calacatta Gold which is white with a very light grey marbling with light hints of gold (it looks much subtler than it sounds).

    I want a white subway tile splashback. What’s your thoughts on matte vs glossy and beveled vs flat tiles …. and tile size? (I never knew there were so many choices). Thanks!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Honestly, the finish and style of white subway tile is really just what you prefer. Any of those will be great, as long as the color of the subway ties in well with the countertop (make sure it does). The varying prices of those you like may also impact your final choice 😉

  77. Scott Jenkins says:

    Your recommendation of Kashmir White was a good one. It’s pretty universal and looks good on white cabinets too since it’s a nice mix of white and black with flecks of rust.

    River white quickly comes to mind for dark wood cabinets too. It’s very similar to Kashmir but without the rust colored undertones.

    River white may be a bit more appropriate for mahogany or other dark colored cabinets than cherry, however. For anyone not familiar you can see it here:

    Anything at the stone yard that’s not too dark could work well. Anytime I walk into a kitchen that has dark cabinets and dark countertops I feel like the walls are closing in on me. It’s not a look that I enjoy or recommend to others.

    Looks like the comments have covered quartz extensively and I think that’s a great choice too. Quartzite is also a great option that’s available in lots of milky shades of white. It’s so indestructible that most fabricators hate working with it. It’s really tough on their equipment and saw blades because it’s so hard to cut.

    The only thing that I think they hate more would be Dekton, but there are some colors of Dekton in their xgloss natural line that I think would compliment cherry wonderfully. It’s probably the most durable countertop on the market right now.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Thank you so much for that valuable input! I have never specified quartzite or Dekton and was unaware that they are difficult to fabricate. I agree that River White is a good choice for dark cabinets, too. Since I wrote this post a few years back, I have found that Kashmir White is no longer available in my area because the quarries are depleted. So I’m always looking for other light granite options that are similar and available to my clients. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  78. Sharon says:

    I need to know who the door is made by. I have the same ones and need a few more for my kitchen. Been looking all over for months.

  79. Jeanne Ledger says:

    Hi there

    I have Oregon Pine kitchen cupboards (reddish/ gold pine colour) and want to replace the counter tops with granite. The cheapest option in South Africa for granite is a dark anthracite/ black granite but I think it is too masculine/ dark/ severe.
    I was thinking of a Red granite- called African Red- but then in one post above you mentioned that Pine has a more yellow undertone so am thinking not such a good idea after all?
    Another option is a mottled granite affect with a peachy/ pinky grain with some black specks in it which looks nice but not sure it’ll go with Pine and then the light granites are all grey in colour which I don’t think works well with the pine colour at all.
    What would you suggest?

  80. Kay Graham says:

    I didn’t see any mention of quartzite for countertops. There are types of quartzite (not quartz) that look a lot like white marble but are hard as granite, such as White Macaubas Quartzite.

    I currently have a mahogany hardwood floors in my kitchen, with natural maple shaker cabinets and Blue Macaubas Quartzite countertops, I went with a plain off-white 4×8 glass tile (stacked, not offset) for the backsplash, because with the grain/movement in the woods and the quartzite I felt that anything else would be too busy. The result is stunning and _everyone_ comments on the countertops — it’s like looking at a cloudy sky.

    I just bought a vacation home that has red mahogany cabinets and black granite countertops—put in 10 years ago when that “Starburcks look” was all the rage. The cabinets are custom, high-end mahogany in great shape, so I’m not interested in painting them (yet), but I was looking at alternatives for countertops. Granite is too busy for me—I get twitchy in a kitchen with granite countertops, and then people add those busy backsplashes and I’m ready to run out of the room. The uniformity of quartz is nice enough, but lacks character unless the cabinets or backsplash are really interesting. I will probably end up going with a White Macaubas Quartzite for a marble-look that will be timeless regardless of what I decide to paint the cabinets once they begin to show signs of wear.

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