Fine Tuning & Party Planning for Christmas

A client called me this week about fine-tuning her Christmas decor and helping her plan for an upcoming dinner party at her lovely home.  After we introduced peacock blue into her rather neutral decor over a year ago, she wanted to see how she could add that color into her Christmas tree this year.  A mix of gold ornaments of different textures and finishes was the base.  A dose of evenly-distributed metallic brown and peacock/turquoise balls make for a sophisticated yet unexpected palette.


This is the gorgeous entry I helped her create last year – it is in view of the Christmas tree, which ties in this amazing wall color beautifully.

Even a short expanse of banister can benefit from a simple, elegant garland.  We started with a plain, scrawny garland and added large clustered greenery picks to fill it out.  Then a few gold balls to tie back into the tree.
When you’re planning a Christmas gathering, you just focus on the decor and the food you are serving.  But there are lots of other details that are best planned ahead.   When having to seat a large number of people, you don’t want them to feel crowded – but you also don’t want them to feel segregated in different rooms in the house.  We strategically placed tables and chairs  within one area to keep her guests interacting, rather than wandering around trying to find a place to sit.   


We also determined that 2 serving stations would be necessary – the one with food in the smaller room with the lovely tree as the focal point, while the drinks, napkins, and utensils will line a counter leading into the larger area where we positioned all the seating.  Better to figure out these details ahead of time, rather than panicking the day of your party!

When we were finished, my client had a short list of  ideas and items to purchase to finish up her party planning, including three glass apothecary jars of varying sizes (like these from Pier 1) to be filled with a variety of turquoise ball ornaments as a centerpiece for the food being served and a few small green and gold centerpieces for the dinner tables.  So, are you hosting a party this Christmas season?


Photo Credits:  The Decorologist


  1. Amy

    Very beautifully done. Love that blue color and have been thinking about it since you first blogged about it this season. Christmas decorating with someone who really knows what they are doing sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. ehalvey

    Perfect timing-I’m hosting a party this evening!


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