Country Farmhouse, City Farmhouse

Last week I spent a day at the country farmhouse belonging to the director of my older daughter’s school.  Every summer, the director hosts each grade of school children for two days at her historic farm located an hour outside of Nashville.  

pullen farm


It’s a great place for “city” kids to experience some old-fashioned country fun and the tranquility of living off the beaten path for a few days.  And it’s a great place for us grown-ups to get outta town and get a wee bit of perspective . . .

country covered porch

 farmhouse style


Instead of dogs and cats, Ms. Terry has goats and chickens.  My younger daughter was completely in LOVE with the goats and is trying to talk me into getting a few!




The idea of a few chickens and daily organic eggs is a bit more appealing to me than the idea of goats!  Interestingly, my surburban neighborhood passed an ordinance about six months ago allowing up to five chickens per home, so it actually is in the realm of possibility.




I didn’t find myself checking the time all day, like I typically do.  And the day seemed to last much longer than my days in the city – and I mean that in a good way.

old fashioned screen door

for interior photos of this farmhouse style, click here


The kids put pennies on the railroad track in the early evening so that they could retrieve the smashed results the following morning after the train came through.  I had to snap a few photos while they were playing around.

kids on railroad tracks


We even went berry picking, which I have never done in my life.  The kids absolutely loved it.

berry farm


I remember my dad picking blackberries once when I was a kid.  The taste of these gave me a total flashback to age six.  They don’t taste like this in my grocery store! 




After we picked all the blackberries and blueberries we could carry, the kids broke up into teams for a berry pie baking contest.  

pie making contest


The grown-ups got to judge, as that’s the kind of thing grown-ups like to do!  Well, that and actually eating the pies.

blueberry pie



We didn’t share with the goats, and I don’t think they liked that one bit.


irritated goat 


It was a lovely day, and it’s a great segway into my latest news:

I have been invited to speak at The City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Sale in early October in nearby Franklin, TN.  These kind of sales are getting increasingly popular over the last few years and are such a great place to find unique antique and vintage decor.  There will be some fabulous vendors, speakers, live music, and food at the 2-day event.

city farmhouse barn sale

more info here 


I’ve been asked to do a presentation/demonstration about paint color, so I need some ideas from you guys!!!  If you were going to be there, what would YOU like to learn from me in about an hour’s time?  It needs to be related to color and decorating with antiques.  Ok, I’m listening!!!

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17 thoughts on “Country Farmhouse, City Farmhouse

  1. LIsa Hassler says:

    If I were there I’d love to learn about paint colors that complement different types of antiques that are commonly found. For instance, chrome yellow was a very popular color for thumb back and Windsor chairs. Antique Hitchcock chairs frequently come in a dark brown/black. There was a reddish brown (iron oxide?) paint that was popular and cheap in the 18th and early 19th century.

    How to use color to complement the antiques but also give a fresh take on them. Some historic colors look remarkably modern – like a Federal era gray.

    Btw, love that pic of the goat! what attitude!!

  2. AN says:


    This is totally non related but after your blog on accent walls, I took the plunge and painted my bedroom a vivid turquoise, instead of cream walls with a turquoise accent wall behind my bed. I love the results. My room looks fresh and crisp and the artwork ( reds, yellows mainly) and furniture ( dark wood) pop against the walls.


  3. Lisa Grubb says:

    Wow, I am drawing a blank. I have loads of antique furniture in my house that has been handed down. I am always trying to find ways to make it exist with more contemporary styles. The painted furniture craze is calling me to paint some of the more distressed pieces but I am conflicted as we whether it will ruin their value. Maybe which paint colors work better with different stains and finishes. Marrying the new with old. Hope this helps. Wish I could be there.

  4. CityGirlCountryBloke says:

    Time does seem to slow down in the country. We get so caught up in our daily, hectic lives that we forget to appreciate the small things. I now live in the country and love that we have sheep, a peahen and soon to get chickens as well as a kitchen garden. Life is still crazy and busy but it’s nice to feel as though I’m transported to another place when I pull in my driveway.

  5. Kelly says:

    Reading about black berry picking brings back great memories. I love the farm to this day. I want to live in a country home but have an apartment in the city too! Have a great weekend!

  6. Laila Poole says:

    Kristie, we purchased some chickens a couple of months ago and we love them! They are so much fun to watch and I love the eggs! I had always been a city girl and here I am with a garden, canning and preserving our food, and now chickens! Who would have thunk it! 🙂 I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my country life. Thanks for sharing this, we may just have to get some goats now! 😉

  7. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I LOVED this WHOLE article, Kristie—-those “temptations” might just be a tug on your spirit to add value to your children’s & your lives!!!
    So…here’s what I would suggest about the Farm demo: Ask Meridian Furn. to supply you with some exemplary pieces (giving them a plug). Then do your Small Wall samples in at least 10 colors that could enhance the antiques. I’d bring your bottles of Annie’s Chauk paint along with some examples done by you with “before” pictures….And finally if possible, bring a large portfolio type note book of YOUR “befores” and “afters”, people could look through. Meanwhile, do a running demo of each piece of furniture and what happens to change it’s looks depending on the color behind it. Maybe your husband could do a huge backdrop for your booth consisting of one outstanding (small) “before” and a huge, gorgeous “After”. In fact with his talent, you could even have a running video about you & The Decorologist on the side. Ok, that’s a boatload….just brainstorming! Now it’s your turn to glean :). Wish I could be THERE!!!!

  8. Aletta Hennessee says:

    I’m a little behind and catching up on my Decorologist reading! I am sure your talk will be very informative and I would love to know how to bring my cherry and oak family pieces up to date with out painting them, but would also love to blend them in with more contemporary decor, which I hope to be going toward. But the real reason for my comment is the Irritated Goat on the Rock photo. It is beautiful! Can’t believe there weren’t any comments on it! It looks like a photo in an old timey story book. I grew up on a farm with chickens and horses (no goats). Thanks for the memories.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Yes, Aletta – I LOVE that photo, too. As soon as I brought out the camera, the goats started walking right up to me and posing, like they really wanted their pictures made!!

  9. Deb Konrad says:

    Nothing better than fresh picked berries…my grandparents grew all kind of berries on their farm. This blog post bought back the many cherished memories of summer days spent picking and eating them. My grandmother often added them to her home made vanilla ice cream for dessert…such good times!

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