Front Door Friday – Results from Spring Edition

Most of you know I hosted a Front Door Friday – Spring Edition last week, where I spent a day choosing new paint colors for readers’ front doors.  When I choose a front door color for a home, I take into account a number of things:  the color of the brick or siding, the trim color, the roof color, and even the plantings and landscaping. This is the home submitted by one of my readers:


Front Door Friday – Spring Edition

What a lovely home!  The white siding and black roof makes many front door color options possible.  Let me show you the options I chose for this home.

OB-Falkiner Home


Like I mentioned, there are a wider range of good options for front door colors when the home has white siding than when it’s another color or brick.  So I actually provided three options, each of which you see above.  But, I also suggested that the homeowner consider repainting the shutters in Stratton Blue.  If she chooses to do that, I recommend she paint the front door either Palladian Blue or Sweet Daphne.

I’m actually considering painting my own front door in Sweet Daphne.  Which option would YOU choose?

Front Door Friday – Spring Edition is over, but if you need a professionally-chosen front door color for your home this spring, contact my assistant at [email protected]  We can have a few great options for your front door within three days after you submit photos!



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9 thoughts on “Front Door Friday – Results from Spring Edition

  1. Patti Hutchinson says:

    I like the colors you suggested. I really don’t like the monochromatic look on a house. I like when the front door pops!!

  2. Angela says:

    I agree that the shutters would look wonderful in the Stratton Blue. What a gorgeous color! As for the front door… hmm. My initial vote would be the Palladian Blue, but I can see the Sweet Daphne making more of an impact. I would be very curious to know what your client decides 🙂

  3. Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos says:

    I have a similar house and I think Stratton blue would look beautiful! ….and if the shutters are changed to a different color too it will give it an entirely different look. I can’t wait to see what you chose and how it turns out!

  4. K. Falkiner says:

    Thank you, Kristie, for your great advice and color choices for our front door & for featuring our house here!! I can’t wait to get started with my paint samples this weekend – I think I’ll start with Sweet Daphne.

    PS I would not have objected if you Photoshopped my bare grass patches… LOL – that’s what happens after an unusually cold and long NC winter! 🙂

  5. Eileen says:

    I’ll be curious to see what she does because I too have a white house with black shutters! We currently have a red door which matches our red barn in the distance.

    Does the house you showed have a screen door? That makes it trickier, doesn’t it? Are you painting the screen door the same color as the door? It seems like front door color gets lost behind a screen.

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