Paint Color Advice from the Experts

Need paint color advice?  I’ve been invited to participate in a Virtual Painting Summit, where I was interviewed about choosing the right paint colors by host, Kari Caldwell.  Wondering what a virtual painting summit might be?  

virtual painting summit



Here’s how Kari describes it:


PAINT….It’s always been there to help you make things look fantastic!

MEET 14 experts to help get you INSPIRED and get new looks with the stuff you have!

You will discover color coordinating for your home or office, furniture repainting, adding bold statements of color or pattern, and much more!

I guarantee with these 14 experts you will have the creative answers and ideas 
for any painting project to create the look you have been waiting for in your home!

 The ideas will be flowing and you will not want to miss out on the fun! So you can LOVE the space you live in!

Kari Caldwell, Ms. Faux Artist, TeleSummit Host



My interview is LIVE today at 3pm Pacific Time – sign up now so that you can get info about how to hear the interview at that time, or how you can listen at your leisure after the interview is aired.  I’m going to share great tricks specific to color placement and choosing paint colors that work with your existing finishes and furnishings.  When you sign up for the Virtual Painting Summit, you will also be privy to advice and interviews from 13 other experts in the field, including Annie Sloan (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) and Kim Myles (Myles of Style, HGTV Design Star).  Check it out HERE.


just the right paint color video

If you want to learn even MORE, order my Color Workshop Video for real-life examples and application of the rules I follow in order to choose just the right paint colors (including my Top 12 Benjamin Moore neutrals!).



  1. ~syl

    Dear Kristie, I have been following your blog since I made the dicision to paint my LR space, which is actually a dual LR/DR combination for my small duplex. We have been living with horrid wallpaper for the past twenty plus years, which we were never fond of from the initial move in date! Over the years, we made every effort to eliminate the paprus from each room, but have failed on multiple struggles, even with professional involvement. The last room we attacked, we just painted over the paper which worked for the best. Which is the reason on our hesitancy on such a big project for this remaining space (probably minimal in comparisson to what you usually do). What a VERY special treat and absolute delight to hear your voice!!!!!!! I have been making every effort to ponder and follow your recommendations. I am also endeavoring to gather my pennies to perhaps afford a consultation with nothing short of finest!!! Wish you all the Best and thank you sooooo much for all the great advice!!!! Blessings to you, your family and career!!!! Thank you!!!!


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