Trim Color for Brick and Siding – Netflix Inspired!

trim color for brick

I’m always on the lookout for exterior color combination inspiration, and I love when I find great examples of trim color for brick and siding. Sometimes you need to show someone a photo for them to understand what you are proposing!

One of my favorite shows on television right now is TURN – Washington’s Spies on AMC. It’s a historic drama about The Revolutionary War that is currently in its 4th and final season. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you go back to the beginning and binge watch straight through it! Be sure to turn on the “closed captioning” option, though. I didn’t do that in the first season, and there is a lot that you’ll miss if you don’t – the British accents plus so many colloquialisms of the time can make you miss a lot of the subtle humor and details.

The street scenes and buildings from TURN illustrate a few points about exterior paint colors that I thought might be helpful to some of my readers. Although brick and stone buildings usually sport white trim nowadays, it’s often the wrong choice. I think it’s more of a default for homeowners, but it doesn’t usually yield the best result.

Here’s an inspiration for trim color for brick exteriors – how about black? Notice also how the red door ties in well with the brick color, and the vivid green door provides a great POP like an exclamation point:

check out Benjamin Moore Essex Green (the blackish trim), Country Redwood, and Yellow Green

Here are examples of red brick buildings with warm-colored trim like yellow and green. These earthy choices look lovely as trim color for brick:

trim color for brick exteriors

check out Benjamin Moore Lehigh Green and Marblehead Gold

When you have siding, rather than a brick or stone facade, you can be as colorful as you wish. Here are a few historical examples from TURN:

check out Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff, Southfield Green, and Garrison Red


check out Benjamin Moore Whipple Blue and Van Deusen Blue

We see a lot of white on white these days on exteriors, which is classic and lovely:

white trim color on white house


But not often do you see red on red on red – which looks gorgeous here in Colonial Williamsburg, VA:

red trim with red shutters on red siding exterior of building

check out Benjamin Moore Country Redwood

Always remember: exterior colors fade over time in the sunlight, so expect them to wash out a bit a couple of years down the road. Also important to note that with so-called “neutrals,” the undertones will emerge in exterior lighting conditions – so make sure you don’t choose an undertone you want to avoid. I see this a lot with exterior neutrals with red-violet undertones that end up looking pink or purple.

trim color for brick and siding

pin this image for later reference


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