Meaningful Makeovers – Girls’ Bedroom Makeovers

I’m very excited to show you the final results of the girls’ bedroom makeovers for our RESA® Meaningful Makeovers project!

sherwin williams paint colors for teen girls rooms

If you remember, I chose a soft and lovely paint color scheme for the girls’ rooms at the Tennessee Children’s Baptist Home in Franklin, TN:

The color palette is all Sherwin-Williams, who graciously donated most of the paint for the project! The colors above (from left to right) are Unique Gray SW6260, Frostwork SW0059, Tradewind SW6218, and Malted Milk SW6057.

The “befores” show the previous peachy-brown colors on the walls of the girls’ rooms. This one was the lightest peachy-brown of the four bedrooms:


Elizabeth Scruggs of Superior Construction and Design and I paired up to redesign this room and its adjoining bathroom. We painted our room SW Tradewind, a lovely grayed blue that brightened up the room like the sky:

Sherwin-Williams Tradewind SW6218 girls room by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist


Here’s another “before” of the room:


We painted some furniture in order to repurpose it, and bought lots of new bedding and decor for the rooms. Notice that we removed the top hutch portion of this chest of drawers and painted the drawers in a pretty coral color from Southern Honey Workshop to tie in with the new lampshades and shams.

SW Tradewind SW6218 paint color in teen girls room


Elizabeth found this dresser from a consignment store for $56! It was white, black and fuchsia, with polka dot drawer pulls. A lot of white paint and some gold metallic spray paint made it look brand new. Another bargain find was the tufted blue chair from HomeGoods that I got for only $99.

white painted dresser and blue tufted chair in teen room with Sherwin Williams Tradewind paint color


The bathroom was pretty rough and needed more than a little help:


The new wall color unites it to the adjoining bedroom, and Iron Ore SW7069 on the oak cabinet really updates this space and complements the gray tile floor:

SW Tradewind bathroom wall color SW Iron Ore bathroom cabinet


Here is the “before” of another of the bedrooms in the home:


This room was painted in SW6260 Unique Gray and designed by Carol Lindsay of Mint Home Staging and Jamie Watford of JW Nash & Co. You can barely tell it’s the same room!

SW Unique Gray paint color in teen girls room by JW Nash and Mint Home Staging


I love all the sweet details and gold metallic touches:

SW6260 Unique Gray


Here’s their bathroom in its “before” state:


And now it’s just as pretty as any girl could wish for:

sw unique gray paint color in teen girls bathroom


The third bedroom featured muddy walls and more than a little chaos:


This bedroom is painted SW6057 Malted Milk and was designed by Shelley McCoy of Shelley McCoy Artful Homes and Karen Hattan of Home by Hattan.

SW6057 Malted Milk paint color on walls of teen girls room by Karen Hattan and Shelley McCoy


Shelley created some custom art just for this room, including the abstract floral between the beds and the yarn hangings above the beds:

SW Malted Milk wall color with green dresser


Here’s the adjoining bathroom before:


And here’s its happy transformation after:

SW Malted Milk bathroom walls


The final bedroom in this home previously held bunkbeds, but one of the oldest teen girls was about to move into it and wanted regular beds instead.


Anthea and Corey Click of Fresh Perspectives took on the task of designing this room that is painted SW0059 Frostwork.

SW Frostwork 0059 walls in teen girls bedroom


Every thing that was in this room was moved out . . .


to make room for a whole new look. I love how sophisticated the gray, black, and white makes this space!

SW Frostwork girls bedroom paint color on walls with gray headboards and black and gray bedding

All of the planning, designing, and labor was donated by the members of the Greater Nashville Chapter of RESA® (Real Estate Staging Association). If you or someone you know are selling a home, I highly recommend any of the women in our organization to stage your property to sell for top dollar – just look what they can do!

BUT, that’s not all! We also made over the living room, dining room, kitchen, and front porch area of this home, which I will share in my next blogpost. AND, our group is making over a second girls’ home on the campus next week! Stay tuned . . .

Thank you to our largest sponsor, Clarcor Filter Foundation, for donating the majority of the funds required for our Meaningful Makeover project!



  1. Lori

    Beautiful! What an incredibly wonderful gift you all have given them!

    • Kristie Barnett

      We loved doing this project – such a worthy cause, LoriBeth!

  2. Lezlie Owsley


    To you and all the lovely women who helped you, thank you for sharing your time and your talents to bring such beauty to these girls. You have created rooms that are sanctuary spaces. The impact of these makeovers will be much more than just the physical changes. You have done something that can alter how these young women think of and experience themselves, an impact that will last much longer than the perfect paint colors and fabulous arrangements. I am grateful for the willingness of each of you to give in such a worthwhile way.


  3. Molly

    The rooms look fantastic. I want to live there now. Great job, Kristie (and everyone else)!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Molly! Yeah, I think we all just wanted to spend the night there when we were finished 😉

  4. Keti Abazi

    Gorgeous, beautiful work!
    And what an awesome gift to give. 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Keti! It was a great experience for all of us 🙂 I hope it blesses lots of little girls.

  5. Kathy Marrou

    It continues to amaze me to find that following Kristie’s rules can so completely transform, beautify and make a space so beautiful. That’s why taking her Psychological Staging course helped me know the reasons WHY we do some things and not others. What a gift! Thank you, Kristie.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you so much for that wonderful complement! I hope you are doing well 🙂

  6. JL

    Absolutely beautiful. Great job!!!

  7. Tamara

    What an amazing make over! How fantastic for those kiddies, they must absolutely love their new rooms 🙂

  8. Jenifer Morales

    Amazing job ladies! All the rooms are beautiful! Love the new colors.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Jenifer! Everyone put their hearts into it 🙂

  9. Beth L

    Incredible job, ladies. You showed these girls that they are valuable and loved!

  10. Hannah

    So wonderful! Great work by everybody, and life changing for the lucky girls moving in.

  11. Amy Monroe

    Wow! This is absolutely incredible. Such beautiful work you all did on this house. I can hardly wait to see the photos of the main living area you worked on as well. You’ve really created a beautiful place to call “home”.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Amy! I’ll be posting as soon as I get through this weekend (I’m teaching my home staging course through Saturday).

  12. Ann C

    I loved the looks of every room and hope the girls are able to appreciate them but I was curious what you did with all their personal things. It appeared you removed any and all shelving for their memories to be displayed. Don’t mean to be negative just wondered if you just didn’t show that area.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hi Ann,
      The girls knew we would be re-doing their rooms, so they packed away all their personal things before we came. They have large closets with built-ins, so a lot of their personal things are in there. We also replaced all their dressers with larger ones, so they should have more room for their clothes. In the room I designed, I added large pinboards for personal mementos and a write-on/wipe off calendar on the wall that you actually don’t see in the photos. I’m sure the rooms will look a *bit different* once the girls integrate their personal things back into the rooms! Which is fine 🙂 FYI, the kids’placement are often in flux – they aren’t all there for long periods of time – so many girls will rotate through these rooms. Thanks for the good questions!

  13. The Furnshop

    This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.

  14. Joy Bradford

    As our children are finally grown, we are the process of renovating the house we inherited so that we can do foster care again (we adopted one of our daughters after fostering her, but had to stop to take care of my aging parents). I need something that could work for either boys or girls with some slight redecorating. Do you think Tradewind would be a good color for both boys and girls? If not, is there a different color you would suggest? Thanks!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Joy, I think SW Tradewind could work for either girls or boys up through elementary age. I think it might be a bit too light blue for the tastes of most teen boys, though! I think SW Meditative would work for either boys or girls, though. I pray there will be many blessings for you in this new phase of parenting!


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