My Remodeled Stairway and $100 Gift Card Winner

black stripe stairs


Ok, I know I have yet to show you the rest of our recent upstairs renovation, but I have an excuse. Rooms with yellow walls are difficult to photograph! I’ve taken photos up there at different times of the day, on cloudy days, on sunny days – and the color never seems to be completely accurate in my photos. Oh, well, today I’m going to show you the results of the stairway remodel, regardless!

And stay tuned – I’m announcing the winner of Kirkland’s $100 Gift Card giveway at the end of this post.

Let us begin at the beginning, shall we?

7O3A1956before, going up to the second floor

This is after we blew out the left-hand wall where the hobby room was and the facing wall that was part of my younger daughter’s room.



We repainted the stairs with oil-based porch paint, then came back a painted a black stripe down the middle – taping it off, of course.

black stripe stairsblack stripe on stairs

Here’s a peek at the top of the stairway after we copied the railings on the other side, painted, and put the furnishings in:

stairwell remodel

Now, let’s take a look at it from upstairs looking down. Here’s where we started:



7O3A2154in process





black stripe on stairs


This is where I am considering hanging the cow art from Kirkland’s I showed you last week. I haven’t bought it, so maybe you can weigh in as to whether or not I should get it. Here’s a little virtual mockup of how it would look here:

OB-cow in the hall

I like it! I may need to hang it higher, but I think it could work. I promise I’ll show you the rest of upstairs next week. Ok, now it’s time to announce the winner of the Kirkland’s gift card:

Congrats to Amy A!

Allison will be contacting you so we can get your Kirkland’s gift card to you. Thanks to Kirkland’s for this giveway – I hope you guys will get by there soon and check them out!



  1. Tonia

    Love the stairs! I’ve looked back through your posts and I’m not able to find the light bulbs you recommend for lamps. Can you provide this information again?

  2. Karen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the cow! I almost bought it for my house (the smaller version), but didn’t really have a place to hang it! Say yes to the cow! 😉

  3. Jean

    I love the cow art! I think it is wonderful to see something that makes you smile as you go downstairs to start another day. How could you walk past that cow, and not feel a little happier?

  4. Lynne

    I love the cow art! The colors are wonderful! My vote is do it! 🙂

  5. a reader

    Great job! We have a 1930’s steep staircase to the second floor with narrow treads. Our shoes scuffed the risers terribly. A black painted runner will hide that. We added sand to the paint of the treads for improved traction (treads and risers were contrasting colors).

    Have you thought anymore about your kitchen redo? I would look forward to it, knowing that you would likely keep the small footprint and vintage feel.

  6. Libby

    Your entire stairway renovation looks gorgeous!!! So very bright and cheery! Really beautiful!!! Absolutely yes to the cow. It was made for your space! 🙂

  7. Alexis

    I love the look of your new stairs . . . but aren’t you afraid of slipping and falling down them. We have installed dark cherry hardwood flooring in our living room/dining room and dark hardwood in our second-storey hallway. We have the wood for the stairs but we have been putting off installing it until I could find a beautiful runner. I have found one so I suppose it will be completed in the fall. We are a lot older than you and the fear of slipping and falling and breaking a leg is terrifying. When it is complete I will take a photo and email it to you.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Hi Alexis,
      I was worried when the children were younger about the painted stairs, but after 14 years with no major incidents, I’m not anymore. Even if they were carpeted, you could still break a leg if you fell down them. We do have a nice handrail 🙂

      • Kristie Barnett

        I’d love to see your runner once it’s installed!

  8. Lora

    Love how the stairs now feel more open. And the treads look great! I have yellow walls and I feel your pain. Everyone who sees any of my pics and has never been over to my house must thinks I live in a garish neon bright yellow home! Yours look pretty tame;)

  9. Pam from Louisville

    Yes, hang the cow artwork. I have seen this cow picture at Kirklands and thinking about buying it.


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