Why Most Clients Hire Me

Most of my clients have good taste.  Most of my clients know what they like when they see it. So why do they hire me?


living room at beginning of first client meeting


My clients often have some very nice things – things they’ve inherited, collected, or bought. And they often like many of the things they already have.

living room

living room at the end of first client meeting 


Most of my clients tell me the difficulty they have is in pulling it all together and making their home feel cohesive and complete.  That’s what I love to help them do.  The first meeting with this client called for a look at all the furnishings and decorative accessories in the home, and then arranging things in a way that was architecturally harmonious and most visually appealing.  At that point, it was clear to me what was needed to help make the rooms look finished.  In the living room, we agreed that bookshelves needed to be added next to the fireplace.  Here are the two colors I recommended she decide between for the back of the bookcases, as well as a new hanging light fixture for the room:

OB-Lori J Living Room

Every decision we make when designing or tweaking a space makes the next decision easier, since we are narrowing our options.  But that’s also why the early decisions like paint colors and significant furnishings are so important. Which paint color do you think she should choose for the backs of the bookcase – Benjamin Moore’s Baked Clay 035 or Chelsea Gray HC-168

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26 thoughts on “Why Most Clients Hire Me

  1. MarySue says:

    I think the Baked Clay would look wonderful! And I am amazed at how the small changes you’ve already made in this room make such an impact! You have a gift. I’m grateful that you share it with us!

  2. Robert says:


    I follow you online and receive your (daily) emails because you have good taste and offer sensible, beautiful design solutions.

    And your eye for color can’t be beat!

    Keep up the good work!

    Robert in St. Louis

  3. Jenny B. says:

    Hmm… Well, my first thought was the gray because I don’t think that the terracotta red-ish color is as contemporary, but… The gray might be too dark and make the wall feel off-balance since the TV is also dark. So… I’m thinking maybe the clay color would work surprisingly well — especially with how it ties in to the reds in the throw pillows. I’m thinking some light blue/turquoise accessories on the shelf might help with the balance also. And maybe some sort of artwork to hang on the wall to the left of the TV?

  4. Karen says:

    Yes, the baked clay is wonderful and would work but we are trying to pull this all together for the client and the orange is the accent color so there is enough orange already in the room (although I concur with debbi in Texas–new rug–always!!!). Correct proportions of color in a room is important, therefore lovelies, I place my vote for Chelsea gray. It appears from my monitor that it matches the sectional. xoxo

  5. Beth says:

    Yep, baked clay! I am so thankful I found you and you are so gracious to share your gift. Although you were too busy to fit me in when we were at the color phase of building our home, I still benefitted and continue to benefit from your knowledge.
    Thank you!

  6. ncbelle says:

    My thoughts were the same as yours to move the coral chairs by fireplace & add bookshelves. Would go with the baked clay over the brick tone for sure. But my preference would be to keep bookshelves white or do a light coral & then pick up the ottoman color using turquoise accents & accessories throughout the room

  7. Beth says:

    I find a similar pattern with my clients. I assure them that they really do have good taste and know what they like; they just need a little help putting the pieces together. I do a lot of decor “coaching.” I give them direction and they can do much of it themselves.

  8. AlisonByDesign says:

    Hi Kristie. I vote for Chelsea Gray – always a favorite go-to color of mine! I think it will pull the gray from the sofa up as part of balancing the room while allowing the chairs and accent pillows to do the talking:)

  9. Adele says:

    I would move the television to that niche with some shelves built over it. The television will melt into the Chelsea Gray and then you’ll be able to decorate the mantle with with some great art.

  10. Sylvia says:

    Chelsea gray for me. I must say I really dislike a TV mounted above a mantle. Please, please stop. I know you didn’t do that the client did. Who in the world wants to look up a screen that high? You could store neck braces on the bookcase.

  11. Patte Lau/Interior Stylist says:

    I would recommend Baked Clay as it add some color and drama to the room. The hue also relates back to the colors in the accent pillows and accent chairs.
    When the book case is accessorized you will be seeing some of the Baked Clay color as the books and accessories will cover some of that hue.
    Take the plunge and go with Baked Clay.

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