The Decorologist’s Insider Secrets for Getting Your Paint Color Right

When Nashville-based interior design resource, Interior Canvas, recently asked me to write a post about using color in the home, I decided to share a few of my top tips for choosing the right paint colors.




We’ve all have had the experience of  finding a paint color in a friend’s home or a magazine that we absolutely fall in love with.  Have you ever been frustrated when you think you’ve found that “perfect” color, only to find that it’s not so perfect in your particular space? As a Color Consultant I find that most of my clients know what they like, but they have difficulty achieving the look they want without the proper foundation – the “right” paint colors. 

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Check out the Interior Canvas post here that will help you find the colors that work in your own space.  Please leave a comment there if you have the time!





  1. Lisa

    I’ve had such a hard time finding paint colors that work in my space because of the existing colors. It’s easy for me to dream that I’ll rip out that kitchen counter and replace it, but the reality is that I’m stuck with it. So I’m doing the best I can with what I have. Thanks for a well-written article.

  2. Holly

    Heading over to check it out – I’ve found in my experience so far that people don’t consider the amount of light a room gets and the different times of the day and type of light that comes into the room. There is so much to color selection – I’ve found it to be challenging and fun all at the same time. On a side note, I’ve been busy but trying to catch up on my blog reading.

  3. Erin

    Can you take a darker color palette from the main part of your home and use lighter hues of those colors throughout the rest of the house? For example, can you use a mustard yellow, medium blue and barn red in the main room and a butter yellow, medium blue and white in a bedroom down the hall? Or perhaps a butter yellow, sky blue and white? Does changing hues mess up the flow? Is there a way to lessen any jarring that might occur switching between hues?

    Thanks for clarifying!

  4. Daniel Smith

    Thank you for sharing these insider secrets! As someone who has experienced the frustration of choosing the wrong paint color, these tips are invaluable. I appreciate the emphasis on considering lighting, undertones, and the importance of sampling before committing. Your expertise shines through in every recommendation, making the daunting task of selecting paint colors much more manageable. Can’t wait to put these insights into practice for my next project!


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