The View Out My Window

Last week was a tough one for me – I had a very sick little girl for many days.  Ugly, ugly stomach virus.   At the same time, the weather was rainy and overcast.  Just added to the dreariness around here.  I did a lot of mommy-time: making cold compresses, feeding ice chips, worrying about my little darling.  Look – she’s so beautiful, even when she’s sickly.


It was pretty obvious I was going to be stuck indoors being nurse for several days.  Even with the dreariness of those few days, I became keenly aware of the beauty I saw out my windows.  God’s Beauty is more stunning than anything I could ever create.

I live in an old home, on an acre and a half of land.  Lots of old trees, old plantings, old windows.  Lots of history.


 I wouldn’t replace these drafty old 8 over 8 windows for the best energy-efficient faux wood replacement windows out there.  Sometimes “better” is not really . . . better.




This is what I get to see, even on sick days.  What a gift!  For that, I am thankful.  


I have windows on three walls of my bedroom.  This is the view of the creek with its stacked-stone walls out the back of my bedroom.  Occasionally, I see a duck or a red fox when I glance out this window.


This may be my favorite – this is the view I have when I put on my make-up in the mornings.  My husband made a tree swing for each of my daughters, and I get to see both of them when my day starts.


This is my view from where I write most of my blogposts.  I stare out this window when I’m searching for inspiration.


My baby girl is all better now.  What a gift.  For that, I am truly thankful.


Photo Credits:   The Decorologist.


  1. Dianne Tant

    I think this is my favorite post…your house is awesome….your girl is precious

  2. Naturally Carol

    Your lovely daughter looks so much like you! About windows, today gusts of wind rattled our drafty 85 year old windows and i agree with you, I wouldn’t trade them for the best new ones. There is a certain charm about them and the glass is patterned and beautiful and they let in all the summer breezes and make the outside come in, they are more than windows, they are history, beauty and fit the house implicitly.

  3. Michelle

    Yay for beautiful views and healthy little girls!

  4. Amy

    Amen, amen, amen.

  5. Brenda Be

    Glad to see you extolling the virtues of original windows. What’s true is that in addition to maintaining beauty and architectural integrity, 100 year old window if merely restored when needed, will last another 100 years easily, while new replacement windows even when wood, will last at most approx 30 years. And what’s more, restored wood windows combined with new, high quality storm windows with low-e coating, are nearly equally energy efficient as double pane windows. So restoring your old windows and adding where needed new high quality tight fitting storms (storms last about 15 years) is actually a radically greener option due to conservation of materials and landfill space as well as nearly identical energy efficiency. The national trust for historic preservation has studies on this on their website. Thanks for the post.


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