A Book Lover’s Christmas Tree

Decorating with books – one of my favorite things!  So I had to attempt a Christmas centerpiece of a bookish nature.  I started with a white cake stand and a big stack of books.  A few decorations and a bag of mica snow later, this is what I came up with:

book sculpture christmas craft decorologist



 I used small porcelain figurines to decorate my book tree and topped it with a porcelain bird.

decorating with books



This photo was my inspiration.  My decorator friend, Linda Holt of New Light Redesign, posted it on my FaceBook wall and I KNEW I had to make a version of this!  


I decided to do a tabletop version, although I feel quite sure I have enough books to put together one as large as the one above.  The problem is floorspace – where would I put it?

Christmas craft idea


Ahh, there’s always next year . . .  By the way, there’s a lot of fun stuff that is shared via The Decorologist’s FaceBook page.  Why not come over and “Like”?


  1. very cool. I am mid re do of my study but next year a book tree it will be, as soon as my cheese cloth arrives I am making a lampshade for said shabby chic office. Thankyou for the inspiration I am loving your blog :)

  2. Dianne Tant says:

    love this!

  3. You put a bird on it! Too cute and very “Decorologist!”

  4. I love it! Great job…I’ll post it on my FB page as well.

  5. SO neat!! Your version is adorable and I love the small figurines you’ve added for more character. And the book tree in the library is incredible. Very very neat. Have a great weekend!

  6. this is a very nice one, very inspirational :)

  7. Oh that tree is darling! What a cute idea!!

  8. I love your book tree! I just had a friend send me a link to your site, so I had to share that I just had made a tree too, from a different inspiration photo a frend of mine posted on facebook!! I too have enough books for a big one, but where o where would I put it!! If you have time, stop by and take a peek at my tree! Merry Christmas!!

  9. So cute!! I love this, Kristie!

  10. As a teacher, I am sooooooo loving this! (Of course, I love everything you do!)


  11. Adorable Kristie! See you are very crafty ;-) XoXo

  12. Wow, I’m in love! This is the coolest idea I’ve seen in a while. The little gnomes & figures are a great addition. I’m tucking this idea away for the future. Merry Christmas to one of my favorite bloggers.

    Warmly, Michelle

  13. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your version the inspiration tree, too. The big tree is neat but what a chore to put them all back away. Your little one is just right!

  14. oh my gosh, that is the most amazing thing ever! i like yours better, with the pastels and colors, than the all green large library tree. saw your feature at nita’s and had to come over and tell you how fab i think it is!

  15. Wow so cute. I am a crazy book lover so will have to pin this for next year. Thanks for the cute inspiration.

  16. That book tree is so fun … I’ll definitely be copying that for Christmas!

  17. Absolutely fantastic! added you to my blogroll!

  18. Darla Welch says:

    Rats! I love this and wanted to pin it out on my Pinterest site. I follow you there, but couldn’t find it in any of your categories. Disappointed – it’s such a fantastic idea.

  19. Belinda Blair says:

    I love this and am obsessed with the little figures. I can not find anything like them. Who makes them?

    • I was wondering the same thing. Although, I know a little about them. When I was in high school, my mom, sister and myself had a bunch of these as unprinted ceramics. I still have my full set of boys but none of the girls. Curious where you were able to get yours.

  20. Love the small tree, are you using a rod to hold the books together?

  21. Love this! I am taking your idea and using it for Christmas. Shared it on Facebook with my book loving friends!


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