Paint Some Stripes – But Ditch the Paint!

I ran across an image on Pinterest that caught my eye -this fabulous striped floor in Kate Spade’s flagship New York store.



Have you ever had a secret desire to paint stripes or some other cool pattern on your floors, but were too chicken to try?  Guess what?  That floor wasn’t painted at all – it was created with colorful vinyl tape!

Vinyl Tape

Imagine what you could do with a little of this inexpensive product.

 Jim Lambie Stair Design

Maybe you could stripe a wall like this:



 Or create a unique design on a previously-uninteresting furniture piece.



 Striped decor of all kinds –  the possibilities are endless.


And waaaayyy less commitment than paint!  What do you think – gonna run out and buy some vinyl tape?




  1. I just might! It’s in keeping with the vinyl wall decals we just put up in Kaleigh’s room. Love the no commitment and easy to remove part :-)

  2. Very pretty. I wonder how the tape on the floor holds up over time. Anyone know?

  3. That stairwell is cool! That’s one of those projects that you’d ask yourself why it seemed like a good idea to do at the time, and then when it was done you’d forget!

  4. I love this idea. I have ugly linoleum in my entryway so it would be fun to give the vinyl tape a try for a short-term solution.

  5. I love this idea–seems so much easier than taping off lines and painting!

  6. Kate Spade Rocks it out, love her style!!

  7. I think it would last on the walls A LOT longer than on the stairs. Fun idea just not sure how practical.

  8. That Kate Spade floor is really cool. I won’t be trying this technique anytime soon but I think it’s a great idea that could be applied to many different areas.

  9. I just wanted to tell you that we saw a pillow in Boston Design Center- front only was made with different sizes and colors of ribbon. Looked on the same idea as this. Price tag- $ 510.00 each! And you know you need to buy two.


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