Grand Millennial Inspiration from an Estate Sale

One of the hottest trends in design isn’t anything new. It’s a return to a classic interior design style where floral chintz, rattan, painted furniture, skirted sofas, chinoiserie, wallpaper, cloth napkins, and grandmother’s china are celebrated. And most importantly (to me, anyway) it’s about COLOR.  Not a lot of neutrals in this style. My friends, the Grand Millennial style is a trend that I embrace whole heartedly!

Grand Millennial Style Inspiration

If your favorite designers include Dorothy Draper, Sister Parish – maybe even Tobi Fairley, you may already know the look. Happy colors, relaxed formality, attention to detail, and unapologetically feminine.

grand millennial living room

If you love to attend estate sales, tour historic homes, and collect things of nostalgic beauty, you just might be a Grand Millennialist. Wondering why it’s named that? Millennials in their 20s and 30s are reviving and reinvigorating the look of dear old Grandmother’s home.  If you consider all the modern, clean-lined design that has saturated homes for the last few decade, it’s really quite rebellious!

I was fortunate enough to recently attend a FABULOUS estate sale in the toniest old part of Nashville. The images I’m sharing here are from its many-decades-old design, which holds up surprisingly well in this latest design trend dubbed Grand Millennialism.

belle meade exterior

Please excuse me while I linger in the front entry to soak it all in:

grand curving staircase

glass knob bannister

rounded staircase in grand home

green chinoiserie wallpaper mural

I just can’t even. Is it just me, or HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING SO BEAUTIFUL????

grand millennial entry

So much beautiful flooring. Lots of marble, hardwood, vintage rugs, and patterned carpet.

marble flooring

Oh, the fabrics and colors! The next two shots are from the a young girl’s room, with a walk-in closet to die for:

blue bookcase backs

tole painted closet

The house was built in the early 1900s, and nearly every room has a fireplace. Every one is uniquely beautiful.

vintage fireplace


orange marble fireplace

black marble fireplace

This hallway took my breath away. I mean, look at that ceiling!

grand hallway with marble floors

gold and white architectural ceiling

grand millennial wallpaper

art deco wallpaper

The dishes, furnishings, and decor items for sale at this home – a total dream for lovers of Grand Millennial style.

grandmother's china

grand millennial floral drapery

You don’t have to amass a collection of antiques to apply the Grand Millennial style, but a few special old pieces really help.

unique wood chair

Mixing brand new items with what you love from different eras keeps the Grand Millennial style fresh and modern, in its own way. I’m just dying to share what I scored at this estate sale!

But before I do:

For those of you who are in the design biz (or who would love to be!), I’m offering 2 LIVE, IN-PERSON certification courses in September. The first is for paint color consulting, and the second is for real estate staging. Students of both courses will attend an hors d’oeuvres reception at my own Grand Millennial style home at the end of the class! Click on the images below to find out more:

live paint color course

live home staging course Nashville

Ok, now for my great estate sale finds! I scored a gorgeous, striped, custom sofa and a bound, patterned carpet that is PERFECT in size for my large, square drawing room:

grand millennial living room

The photo below is showing some shadow from the furniture, but the rug is not faded.

blue striped sofa

grand millennial sofa

Someday I’ll post better images of this room, but I’m still working on the layout since I’ve incorporated these awesome estate sale finds! I want to know – what do you think about Grand Millennial style?


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