Allison’s Home Makeover: Part Two

Things are moving along well in my assistant’s home makeover that began a few weeks ago. We started with fresh, new paint colors and just the right color placement to update the entire house. Then we chose a new sofa, a pair of upholstered chairs, a new dining table and chairs, and a sideboard. The sofa has been delivered:


new sofa 


Once we decided on the upholstered pieces, it was time to choose rugs – one for the living room conversation area and one for the entry.  I found a few options for the living room that I knew would work, and I’m happy that both she and her husband chose this one:

OB-Allison L Living RoomRug3Living Room Inspiration Board 



She was deciding between two chair fabrics that I had chosen for her – do you like the one she ultimately chose?  Those chairs should be ready in a couple of weeks.  This was the gold-yellow entry before we got started with painting:

gold entry

entry before


Allison’s mother passed away a few months ago after a long battle with cancer.  It was very important for her to use this blue vintage hutch that belonged to her mother, which was really a great inspiration piece for the new color palette for the house.  I absolutely LOVE this piece:

entry hutch

blue vintage hutch in the newly-painted entry


Below is the rug I chose for Allison’s entry.  Most people skimp on entry rugs, and small ones can look like a bath mat!  I chose a 4×6 so that it will make a statement instead of looking like an afterthought.

Cecily+Rugentry rug 



Allison ordered both rugs on Saturday, so hopefully they will be in by the time her new chairs are delivered.  Here is the vaulted ceiling in her entry in it’s “before” state:

yellow ceiling

entry ceiling before 


I hate to see a ceiling with crown molding painted out the same as the walls.  It creates a striped effect and just seems lazy to me.  This is what the entry ceiling looks like now:

blue ceiling entry ceiling with new color scheme


I love it when a plan comes together!  When all of the major pieces are delivered, Allison and I will do some power shopping for new lighting, pillows, bedding, and a few interesting accessories.  She has a lot of art and family photos she wants to use, so we probably won’t be purchasing new art.  But I have a feeling we will be painting quite a few existing frames . . . 



  1. Jamie

    I love it when people quote the A Team in blogs! Awesome job – love the colors!!

  2. Marcee ... ILLINOIS

    Nice! Colors are lovely. Looking very good!

  3. Livia

    Love Love Love… Did I mention Love! the entry. I am looking forward for the reveal.

  4. ~Syl

    Love the patterns she chose, which must fit her personality with looking at the previously used paint colors. The entryway ceiling is fabulous and that special piece from her Mom is perfect!!!! Looking forward to the from pelted project!!!! Lovely!!!!

  5. Stacey

    That sofa is gorgeous. Love the new color scheme and the painted ceiling.

  6. Beth


  7. Judy

    Wow! That entry chandelier, which was nice before, looks even better with the new paint colors. I am working on budgeting for your long-distance help in the home we bought last summer, Kristi. I started out okay, but have gotten stuck, and your transformations are beautiful every time. 🙂

  8. Nancy

    Get her a new front door. A full French, true divided light door will transform the space and her home from he street. Trust me!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Yes, I’m sure that it would, Nancy! But did I mention we are on a tight budget? 😉

  9. Linda

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished result…love that blue hutch as well.

  10. Kelli

    Absolutely gorgeous!! May I ask what kind of paint you recommend when painting frames?

  11. Karen

    Love it all! But especially that blue vintage hutch — what a treasure!

  12. Mary CC

    I am so glad Allison has that beautiful desk and secretary from her mother. What a legacy to hand down. Did I mention it is in the perfect location !
    Every detail you ladies have decided on is lovely. I really believe your home is your castle. You will love coming home, I guarantee it, if the colors, the lighting, the furniture and all the things you love are placed together in a way that inspires you. It will just feel “right”. I don’t have any other way to explain it.
    Kristie you truly are a pro at this, and I really look forward to your blog each week. I am excited to see the finished reveal for Allison !

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you so much, Mary! We did a little shopping yesterday for pillows and lamps – the little things that really “finish” a space. Excited about the end results 🙂

  13. Deborah

    Love everything you do. I really need to call you!

  14. Luci@BungalowAtHome

    That’s such a beautiful piece and i’m glad she is incorporating it in the design. Can’t wait to see the transformation..

  15. Marti Gommermann

    Hi Kristie-I have followed you for about a year & really enjoy seeing your projects. Everything always comes together beautifully after you accessorize. Not sure I understood an earlier comment though….would you even put a French door as the main door into a home…do not think I have ever seen that before. Wanted to ask too-are you loyal to a particular brand of paint?

    • Kristie Barnett

      I wouldn’t do a full french door as a main door – although I had one on mine when we first bought it! I moved it to the back and installed a solid wood door with divided lights at the top of the door (6) with seeded glass to let in light but have some privacy. I am not loyal to a particular brand of paint, but I specify Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors. I just demand that the COLOR MATCH be PERFECT!!!

  16. Cathy Norris

    I love that sofa, shape, color, everything!!! !!! Was it custom or can I buy one, too!!!?

  17. kelly

    Looking so beautiful so far! Love her new couch! All very pretty. Love the trey ceiling also. Great job. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  18. Eddie Ross

    What a fun project! Love the blue hutch, family pieces are so important! The couch has such a beautiful shape to it, looking forward to seeing the final reveal! Have fun power shopping!


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