Choosing Colors in a Virtual Kitchen Design

I’ve been running mad this week following last week’s beach vacation, and I’m headed out this morning for a Speed Staging.  I thought I’d share an email I received last week along with some “after” photos that came from an online client who consulted with me long distance on a virtual kitchen design.

living room

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

“Hello Kristie…
Awhile back…you did an online consult with me to help me pick some paint colors for our new home construction…I just wanted to share with you what you helped me do!  
We JUST moved into our home a couple weeks ago…so it is still a “work in progress” getting everything how we want it…but I thought you might like to see couple “after” photos.
I know it is hard to view the colors correctly with iphone pictures…but my kitchen great room area…you suggested Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 🙂   It is the color I had envisioned in my head…however, I would have NEVER EVER picked this color just by looking at the paint swatch! 🙂 
The second is my daughter’s room…you suggested Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments…and again I would have NEVER picked this color just by going off the paint swatch…it compliments her bedding and furniture perfectly! 🙂 


benjamin moore quiet moments

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments


During our virtual kitchen design consultation, I helped Heather make decisions about the right stain for her hardwood floors and colors for her walls and kitchen cabinets, among other things.  I told her how to properly hang her window treatments to best effect, and helped her make decisions about her countertop, backsplash, and island color.  I also talked her out of the corner appliance “garage,” as I recall. 

benjamin moore grey owl

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl


I was so happy to get this email, and to hear she was pleased with the results of our virtual kitchen design consultation!  Ok, off to stage a home this morning.  Will you be doing something creative this weekend?  I’d love to hear what you’re up to!


  1. Kristin Long

    Love these colors and I love that you use Benjamin Moore! We moved here from NC a few years ago, and BM was the staple there and seems to be growing in popularity in the Franklin area- woohoo! This weekend I’m getting our Barn ready for the huge Consignment Furniture Sale we are having next Friday with 70 consignors. If you’re in the Franklin area next week, come by!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks Kristin – I got your invite, then Dana T. asked if I’d like to come to the pre-sale. So I’ll see you there!!!

  2. Lisa

    So so pretty, Kristie! You made some great recommendations – the kitchen and wall colors are beautiful!

  3. Rhonda

    The grays are very calming and pleasing in those two rooms! Good job!

    Hmmm…. So please tell me why you don’t like appliance garages? We currently have one, but will be having some remodeling done in the kitchen, along with repainting the cabinets. I thought I would keep the garage, but now I’m wondering!

    Also having a terrible time choosing a new counter top! Would love marble in the kitchen, but the fabricator is sooo against it! And we have a butler’s pantry that could use a lesser expensive material, but I can’t seem to find the right one! Maybe Corian? The house is a new Victorian, so I want everything to be in the period. Well… not the plumbing or air conditioning! haha!

    • Kristie Barnett

      I’m not completely against garages, but I think they are not particularly worth the trouble! That roll-y mechanism can break and if you have a great Kitchen Aide mixer, you probably want to show it off. I love marble, but I’m not surprised your fabricator is against it. What does he want you to do, granite??? I’d do honed marble any day of the week 🙂 Maybe do a white Corian in your butler’s pantry?

      • Rhonda

        Thank you, Kristie! Our current garage has never given us any problem, and is large enough to house a blender, coffee pot, a small food processor, and the Kitchen Aid mixer (forest green). Haha! Yes, granite! Every kitchen shop in this town (Fort Myers) is pushing granite; very little marble is around here due to the cost. They tell me if I want marble, I need to go to Naples. I think you have confirmed it for me, though. Honed marble in the kitchen (if I can find something in my budget!), and white Corian in the pantry! Thanks!

  4. Eileen

    Looks great!

    Right now my husband is picking up 2700 bricks. So I think I’ll be helping lay brick pathways through his vegetable garden.


  5. Christi

    I love it!! I’m wondering which white and which black you used for the cabinets? They look great!!

  6. Holly Gruszka

    Kristie, I applaud your work on this one – online consults can be really difficult but it looks and sounds like this one is a big hit. These colors look really nice in her home.

  7. Paula Van Hoogen

    What a soft , pretty gray–almost a blue/green gray, at least on my screen. Lovely how it complements the browns in the flooring & next room. Hope you took pictures at the Speed Staging!!!
    I LOVE to see those. Bet you’re pooped at the end of the day!

  8. Kate

    That kitchen is gorgeous! The wall and cabinet paint go together so well you don’t even really notice the cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling. I find it jarring in a lot of new build homes when the short cabinetry is dark wood, which gives it the appearance of levitating, haha. Did you recommend the light counter tops for a particular reason or did the homeowner already have her mind made up? It seems like a lot of light kitchens have dark countertops for contrast but this is a beautiful effect.

  9. Dawn Stockbridge

    Love this! Gray Owl looks so great in this space… and I LOVE how well it works with their “brown” furniture! You do such an amazing job every time!

  10. Kelly

    Both beautiful colors Kristie. Great job on the color selection in both rooms! You really pulled it all together in the kitchen for her. No wonder she is so happy!!

  11. marta

    HI, It looks like i am late to the party! but just came across this picture of the living room and it is an inspiration… and nails what i would like to do with my family room. The paint color, the color pf the couch and chairs…. I would have never have thought to put brown striped window treatments in this room, but it works. What other options do you see making a nice fit? Would something with a splash of color e.g. orange be too much?

    thank you.


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