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I have to tell you:  it’s pretty exciting to be shopping for groceries in your very own local grocery store and be able to pick up a magazine you are in.  And thankfully, not a tabloid.
2014-10-24 14.24.37

in my local Kroger grocery!


A real nation-wide design magazine featuring the likes of Sabrina Sota and Candice Olsen. With a three-page article on using Psychological Staging™ to sell homes, written by yours truly. With my photo in the article. And the article title and “The Decorologist” on the cover.


Everyday Home magazine available nationwide


I apologize for the bragging, but I will try to make it up to you!  Everyday Home Magazine wants to give away ten subscriptions to the magazine to my readers.

the decorologist in everyday home magazine


To win, simply:

1) “Like” their Facebook page, and

2)Leave a comment on my blog about the kind of information you would like to see in upcoming issues.


As a contributing writer, I’m already working on the content for the spring edition!  Everyday Home magazine is available on newsstands everywhere, and in stores like Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix, Harris-Teeter, Safeway, Barnes & Noble, Bi-Lo, Food Lion, and Safeway.  Don’t forget to look for it!  And I’ll let you know Wednesday who wins the Everything But the House $100 gift certificate.


  1. Karen

    I’d like to see articles on decorating on a budget by using your existing furniture, artwork, etc in ways that make your spaces look fresh and new. And timeless decorating vs trendy decorating.

  2. barbara

    room arrangements

  3. Carol Bowman

    Paint is my passion, so anything and everything to do with paint colors sparks my interest!

  4. Natalie

    I would love to see more staging articles and design trends that are affordable in Everyday Home:)

  5. Elizabeth

    In the Everyday Home magazine I would like to see articles on how to rearrange the furniture in a room to give it a different look without having to buy new furniture, accessories, etc. Thanks!

  6. Carol

    I always love to see real life organization. On how to organize and it still be useful and doable, instead of just pretty for a day until you need something! Hope I win would love to have this magazine! Congratulations and looking forward to more of your input!

  7. Pam C

    I liked them on FB

  8. Pam C

    I would like to see color choices, furniture arrangement for awkward rooms, lighting and accessories, etc.

  9. Paula

    I would like to see some advice about selecting and buying art for my home–especially tips for buying online. Also need help with choosing frames and mats.

  10. Janet Voltaggio

    Love to see staging recognuzed as necessary component to home sales with how to’s, stats, and before and afters! Looks like a grata new magazine!

  11. Sarah Schulz

    I’d love to see an article, from your point of view, naming the top 5-10 economical DIY projects a homeowner can do to help update their house before it goes on the market. The most impactful, bang-for-your-buck type of projects. Not necessarily decorating or staging projects. Thanks!

  12. jeannie casey

    i would like to see:
    1. how to choose the right light fixture- 70s home, over a bathtub in new bathroom, over dinning table. to choose drapes; ex solids vs patterns?
    3. if your putting down new wood flooring in a room with no fixed elements, how to select a color?

  13. jeannie casey

    if your buying a older 1st home- how to update it on a moderate budget. paint, lights, curb appeal.

  14. Chris Baum

    Congrats making the cover of Everyday Home! Future ideas….downsizing our possessions as we age; storage ideas for seasonal decor.

  15. s mattes

    Love more stories demonstrating reimagining spaces, using existing furniture,objects, art etc.
    Also, more on how to build off and/or showcase a beloved object, pice of furniture or art.

    Using what one already has, and enhancing our spaces is always great.


  16. Susan Walker

    hey Kristie,

    Thank you for sharing your passion you help us create awesome living spaces. I always like hearing about how to mix patterns art, rugs and colors. I am eclectic and always wonder if there is just too much going on in my rooms. these types of articles would be most useful for me in general. A current project is recovering a couch and chair, any articles on fabric shopping on line and finding a good person to reupholster these pieces, the couch needs a bit of cushion rebuilding as well.

    Keep up the great work, girl.


  17. Lisa Sraders

    I would love to have a subscription!

    I love practical ideas and lots of pictures – maybe something on taking old videos/photos and comparing which companies are the best to turn them into dvds?

    Or best times of the year to buy big ticket items for the home?

    Still on my first cup – that is what I could come up with! 🙂

    Best regards,

  18. Jen T

    I would love to see more on decorating on a real budget if you are not a design expert. What can we do if we are interested in home design but don’t have much experience? Where to start?

  19. Kemerie Foss


    I would love to see a home office transformation for a shared office (husband/wife team) with bright colors!

    Thank you!

  20. Martha Gallaher

    I enjoy Southern Living, More and Oprah Magazines so if Everyday Home can offer some articles for women like these 3 publications, then I would be pleased.

  21. Judy

    I would love to read an article dealing with the dreaded popcorn ceiling. Yes, the obvious thing to do is TAKE IT DOWN but our entire home was finished like this, and it will be a long time before we can get rid of all of it. In the meantime, I would like to learn tips on minimizing its presence in the room with the right wall colors, lighting, etc. I know that the texture really messes up the room’s lighting since the ceiling doesn’t bounce any light around, and casts a MILLION tiny shadows everywhere, but what can we do to improve the situation while we’re living with it? I don’t know who came up with the idea, but these ceilings are everywhere around here.

  22. Kari

    I love tips on decorating on a budget.

  23. Max

    Keep it simple for us non-professionals. Attainable for an average Josephfina interested in having a cozy, welcoming, lovely home. Thanks!

  24. Leigh Ann Portale

    Furniture placement and room planning how to. I enjoy reading about your expertise.

  25. Donna Stoutenburg

    Hi Kristy! Congratulations on your many accomplishments, especially as a contributing writer for Every Day Home magazine! As a stager/redesigner, I would definitely appreciate seeing more articles on that subject to share with potential clients. Thank you for your consideration and…make your next Endevor an Artistic one!

  26. liz larson

    Hi Kristie,

    First I would like to say Conratulations. Very happy for you, but also for stagers in general. Its great to see staging in print. Now to answer your question.
    How about design articles based on challenging family dynamics such as wheel chair user, triplets/lots of kids, an elderly parent….etc. And, challenging spaces. Those are so tricky for most.

    Thanks for your consideration. Liz

  27. Teri

    I would love to see an article that solves the problems of less than ideal spaces. Like what do you do when your kitchen sink faces a wall? Or your rooms are very narrow, one after the other?

  28. Kim

    I would like know more about staging.

  29. Lindsey W.

    I like them on Facebook! I would love to see articles on furniture placement, especially for wonky shaped rooms or less than desirable floor plans.

  30. nancy

    I would love to see ideas for making my simple ranch style home more loft/repurposed style beginning with a LNG repurposed island and recycled lighting…and the how to’s also. Congratulation on the magazine spread…looking forward to many more!

  31. Barbara Million

    I would like to see articles and pictures of designers who are into French and English cottage/country. I really don’t care for all the modern homes that are shown. Tell the readers where they can purchase items and the cost.

    Also I love to go to estate sales in Norman, Oklahoma, so if you could show items in estate sales and what they were purchased for that would be great.

  32. Kay Anderson

    Ditto to all of the above comments.

  33. Sanadi

    I enjoy articles on updating the home using what you have and adding paint and inexpensive décor items.

  34. Joanne G

    I liked on FaceBook. I would love to see articles on “Decorating on a Budget,” and “Accessory Styling Tips”. Thanks for the opportunity to win a subscription. Looks like a great magazine.

  35. Joanne

    I have not read an Every Day Home magazine but I’ll certainly search out this month’s so I can read your article. I love your ideas for decorating a home without breaking the bank. What I love to see in a home decorating magazine are ideas for vignettes on tables, mantels, etc. How to update your rooms without spending too much or changing out all your major purchases. One of my dilemmas is curtains for my bedroom when I have two totally different bedding for spring/summer and fall/winter. Any hints on this would be very helpful.

  36. Kelly

    Congratulations Kristie,

    You deserve this and I am so happy for your wisdom and that you share it with newbies like me! I would like to see more of you in their magazine, your color and styling wisdom is rare! I love anything about creative design, design for less and of course, paint color!

    Thank you and I look forward to reading the article!


    • Kristie Barnett

      You are so sweet, Kelly – thank you so much for your kind words!!!

  37. Kay Kennedy

    Kristie, Candice, Sabrina, exactly the decorators that will lead me to look for a copy this month. Can’t wait to see this. Lovin’ my Prescott Green

  38. Anne Hunter Williams

    I’d love to see more about how you can spruce up “builder basics,” either in an existing home or choices that you can make when working with a builder to make your home feel more custom built. This would include a focus on where you ought to spend more to get the most bang for your buck design-wise.

  39. Mary

    I would like to see articles on room arrangements and storage ideas.

  40. Linda

    So excited for you Kristie!! Congratulations, it is so well deserved. As far as articles…always love a good before and after!

  41. Pam

    I really love to see before and after pictures, especially in homes that are very common…the average builder spec home. I do so much better with seeing what can be done to make a plain home have more character.

  42. Cindy Butler

    I love the articles about old, worn pieces of furniture that sell for hardly nothing at garage sales and transforming them to a new, usable piece of furniture for your home. Paint and new hardware make such a difference on old, worn pieces. It really is true, one mans junk is anothers treasure!! I love dumpster diving or picking up pieces on the curb side that should be thrown away for junk and giving these pieces new life!!

  43. MarySue

    I’ve already learned so much from you here on The Decorologist blog. In the future, I’d love to see some posts about arranging rooms for real-life family living. And I ‘liked’ the Everyday Home page. I’d really enjoy a subscription!

  44. Debbie Bruns

    I’d love to see paint before and afters.
    Furniture before and afters as well as staging and decorating with furniture.
    Economical decor pieces. Ecclectic decorating to name a few.

  45. Helen

    Room arrangements and makeovers

  46. michelle

    love to see advice on updating the classic 1960’s ranch bathroom – specifically the tile! (usually pink, green, blue or burgundy) … tear if out or resurface it?

  47. Margaret

    I love to see before and afters (but on a budget)! With a lot of DIY Craigslist makeovers thrown in! I also cannot seem to make any decisions about decorating (still, very stuck), so maybe some exercises about how to get over that hump.

  48. Beth

    Congratulations, Kristie!

    I would like to learn more about WHERE to put different paint colors, beyond the common accent wall. Weird angles, adjoining rooms where there isn’t clear delineation but it clearly calls for something more, etc.

    I’ll have to find that magazine!

  49. Geo C

    I would like to see more small house designs. Most of us live in smaller spaces but I rarely see more modest homes in design magazines, Also would like to see budget friendly options. Maybe monthly articles with plenty of pictures on design bloggers- there are so many of you! Thank you and congrats on your feature.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Great idea. But I think you’d be surprised at the number of very small spaces that are featured in design magazines – there are actually quite a lot! I’ve seen a lot of inspiring articles lately about apartments that are 350-650 square feet that packed a tremendous design punch. You certainly don’t need a lot of space to have good design – in fact, you need it even more to live well in the space you do have.

  50. Carol Clark


    My Publix doesn’t have this magazine so I’m off to Barnes & Noble to get it! Congrats on your article! I would love to see high/low designs …. I love how you can take flea market and estate sale finds and make them look like something purchased at a design center!

  51. Kelly H

    I would love to see more articles that include the total costs of the makeovers.

    • Kristie Barnett

      That’s an interesting request – so many tv shows and even magazine articles don’t tell the whole truth about design/decorating costs. You can do a room on the cheap, but it requires lots and lots of bargain hunting, hours of painting and upcycling, and even then you have to purchase a few things to pull it all together. So if you have lots of time available, and a tremendous amount of creativity/skill and eye for design, you can move a few mountains. But in reality, it’s gonna cost you money. There are no sponsors giving you free labor and high-quality furnishings in real life. Just week, I was working with a client who just purchased a 750K house who wanted me to look for brand new, comfortable, and stylish living room chairs for “about $200 each.” I had to tell him it’s not possible. As much as I love watching it, I think DIY tv shows have skewed our perception of the realities of decorating costs. Ok, off my soap box!! Have a great day, Kelly!

  52. Kathy

    I would love for a mainstream magazine have articles on how to work with what you got, and the house you have, without picking up a sledgehammer. There must be more ways to work with a “dated” home than to tear out perfectly good stuff like quality tile and cabinets. I truly believe that it is better in the long run to work with the inherent style and era of your home, whatever it is, than to impose a style on it that will become dated itself in 5-10 years or so. It can be done of course, but it can be very expensive, and the results can be disappointing if not done well. For example, many would have wrinkled up their nose at the “dated” tile in your bathroom and torn it out, but you made it look smashing.

  53. Heidi Herchelroath

    I love your perspective and am excited you are getting more exposure. Everyday Home seems like a great magazine- for some reason I’ve never seen it in.

  54. Jen A.

    I would love to see a real life, real family redo of a room from start to finish (maybe a bedroom or living room). Where you do start? How do you go about choosing colors, furniture, accessories? How should the furniture be arranged? It would be great to see that whole process, in a really practical way, with some really specific and helpful tips.

  55. Sara

    Thanks for the giveaway. i would love to see a series in Everyday Home on where to start when redoing a room (or possibly a few rooms) in a fixer upper house. My husband and I just bought a house that is very outdated and could use some serious improvements, some that could possibly require knocking out walls…but we aren’t really sure where to start. What room should we do first? What is realistic tasks to do ourselves and what should we hire out to a contractor for. Etc.

  56. Trevor W

    Transforming bathroom on a budget using existing tile and sink/cabinet

  57. Debbie Bruns

    I’d love to have the magazine!

  58. Tami from AB Canada

    We are living in a 1916 Arts & Crafts Bungalow. We have recently completed a year-long renovation, but there is always more to do. I am currently needing Living Room coffee tables, rug, and curtains. I would also like to update/redo my 11 year-old son’s north-facing bedroom. Thanks for your fabulous blog Kristie!

  59. Rhonda

    I would love to see articles about updating older homes without much construction involved.

  60. Jennifer

    Solve the mystery behind paint colors and undertones with pictures of paint swatches that go together and for what rooms etc. I have read so much and I still can’t pick a color.

  61. Michelle L.

    Wow! Kristie, your readers have fabulous ideas! Take these ideas and you can contribute for years to come! Like many others, I LOVE before and afters, especially when the make-overs are not terribly expensive. Maybe something like, here’s what $1000 would do for this room… here’s what you’d get with $500… and this is what $200 would do. I’m so proud of you!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you, Michelle! They have fabulous ideas, and so do you 🙂 Thanks for the input and the support xo

  62. Jacqueline

    I’d love to see a copy of Everyday Home magazine in my own “everyday home”! Love your blog and the magazine. You inspire!

  63. Debbie

    I would love to see articles on paint color combinations and examples of each. For example, what colors/color goes best with some of the most popular colors for different rooms and how to make them look classis.

  64. Jill

    I would love to see articles about how to add vintage/older home looks (woodwork, doors, floors, etc) to newer homes. Kristie, it is SO FUN to watch your success! You have such a gift and are amazing to work with!!

  65. Cathy Jo

    I love to see before and after room makeovers with all the thought behind the changes. Also love organizing products that look beautiful as well as being functional. The new magazine looks great!

  66. Sandy

    I’d like to see more on updating using existing and vintage items while keeping things ready for staging in a year or so… and, more on bath remodels, also with an eye to future staging (e.g. do we still need to keep tubs in all the baths or is it better to expand the shower, etc)

  67. Ursula

    What a nice way to solicit feedback for a new publication! I look forward to seeing an issue, win or not!

    I’d like to see real life problem solving–
    *changing furniture arrangements and even floor plans for flow and function
    * window treatments for awkwardly placed and sized windows
    *paint solutions for imperfect rooms– weird angles and ceilings, poor lighting, coordinating with adjacent rooms…
    * working around components that can’t be changed (rental,can’t afford to replace, or spouses differ on keeping or changing a feature!)
    * rooms with multiple uses; rooms that don’t “feel” right and don’t get used
    *comparing features on emerging products and technologies– lighting options (are they really LED’s that mimic incandescent’s warmth and ambience?), paints (primer and paint in one–really?), flooring systems (what about cork–there’s a lot of it out there but it’s rarely seen in shelter mags–who’s buying it and where is it being installed?) and so forth.

    It sounds like Everyday Home could fill a real need– we don’t need another shelter mag where the cost of a single light fixture or occasional piece = my redecorating budget for the year… or another flashy magazine advocating mass market, cookie cutter trends of the moment!

  68. Angela

    I would like to see inexpensive ideas on updated a dated house with lots of “builder basics”.

  69. Peggy

    I’d like more info on room arrangement


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