How to Make Your Home Feel Like YOU

Too many people want their home to look like someone else’s.   Shouldn’t your home reflect who you are and what you love?   Well, of course it should!   If you’re not sure how to express yourself through your decor, here are some ideas to give you the confidence you need to do just that. just published the last in my series of 8 articles about how to make your space “feel” a certain way – they dubbed it “Mood Makers.”  Here’s my latest post with lots of decorating ideas for making a house your unique home: 
Please let them know if you like my articles – I’m working on an idea for a new series for them now.  Have a great weekend!

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Morgan {Style Oyster}

I had a room that same color (we recently painted it a light gray). It served as a guest room with a beautiful green and coral bedspread – I loved that room – it was “ME”. I love my decor to say a lot about me. I’m an artist who loves bright and bold things. I love that room and that bed! We now need the room as an office/playroom/workout room – so we toned it down a bit with the gray walls, but are using teal, pink, white and black as the color scheme! Love your blog. xoxo


Wonderful headboard! And a great title for a post! I’d leave a comment at Houzz, but don’t have my password handy. Btw, your post titles are all excellent! Went to Haven last month and post titles were covered as being so important for our friend Google. You wrote the book!

Shauna @Satori Design for Living

Fantastic tips! Injecting personality into a space is definitely key to making a space your own.


But if we truly were to be as eclectic as we might like to be, then we’ll have designers saying we screwed up. The colors of the walls in the house didn’t flow from room to room, we have dated brass doorknobs throughtout and sconces in the living room and other critiques. How far can an interior designer take us when we need help and stay true to ourselves. I remain even more baffled…

Kelly Berg
Kelly Berg

Hi, Kristie.
Your articles are fantastic on houzz – great job! Good luck with your next story pitch. Oh – and thanks for using my pic for your title post. You’re singing my song.

Have a great weekend!


You know I am all for bringing your personality into the room! A very boring room without.
Your articles have been great!

Donna Frasca

Funny – you and I seem to me on the same page about so many things! I have color in my home that I love but would never recommend it for any of my clients because – we’ll, it breaks a few rules but ssssshhhhhh – don’t tell anyone. I like it and that’s all that matters 🙂


I love this article and look forward to more like this! I am trying to decorate my apartment in a style that is true to me with pieces that are easy to move with. I’d love any advice or a future article about compromising decor styles in a new marriage as my husband is very country traditional (he would be happy with a pheasant hung on the wall with red plaid) and I love bright colors with a contemporary style. You have a great site, thanks for such a wonderful design resource!