eDesign on the Florida Coast

I could probably do eDesigns full-time, if I chose to work solely from home.  I love doing long-distance paint color and design, but I try to keep it to just a couple a week so that I can do more local (Nashville) designs and paint color consultations.  Otherwise, I just might stay in my pajamas everyday blogging and doing e-designs!

computer in pajamas 


The cool thing about this edesign is that this is the second home I have worked on with this awesome client.  The first was for her musician son’s condo near Music Row in Nashville.  Soon thereafter, she and her husband bought a second home on the coast of Florida and asked if I could work on a design long-distance.  The Florida home looked like many typical beach homes – lots and lots of ceramic tile floors and slightly sterile decor.  

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 8.41.52 PM

before eDesign


She wanted a casual coastal design without the cheesy “beach decor.”  She sent me the floorplan of the open concept living/dining/kitchen area and I got to work plotting out a furniture arrangement.  This is what I came up with:

Ft Lauderdale Floorplan

Furniture Floorplan


eDesigns are to help cast a vision for the space – to create a plan for the client that meets their needs, taste, and budget.  Here is the Inspiration Board I created with Olioboard that accompanied the furniture floorplan I made for my client:

coastal olioboard

Coastal Home Olioboard


Some of my clients like to follow the design to the letter, using the resources I provide.  But I would say most end up approximating some of items on the Inspiration Board, to get the look and feel of the design but perhaps saving money by finding similar items locally or from discount retailers.  Remember the “before”?

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 8.42.07 PM

Living Room Before eDesign



Let’s see how my client interpreted my vision for her space:

decorating around the television

Coastal Living Room After eDesign


I think she did a fabulous job!  She totally understood how I wanted to make this television wall part of the design and not an ugly eyesore, like most media centers.  Decorating around the television can be done with style, and this proves it!

media center design

Decorating Around the Television with Style!



decorating around television


If you have to have ceramic tile floors, I suggest you warm up your space with a few good-sized rugs to anchor your seating.  My client chose a HomeGoods knock-off at a bargain price to give her a similar look to the rug I chose for her Inspiration Board.

striped chairs

Striped chairs and leafy rug



Here is the Inspiration Board I put together for her attached dining area:

dining room e-designDining Room Inspiration Board



Here’s a photo of the area before the eDesign: 

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 8.42.40 PM

Dining Area Before eDesign


And here’s the space now.  My client has purchased the Pottery Barn curtains, but hasn’t installed them yet.  The space will warm up a bit when the window treatments are installed.

Dining room painted ceiling

Dining Room After



One final look at the “before” and “after” of this home:





It still needs window treatments, which will really finish out the design.  But aren’t most spaces a work in process?

living room after


I’m so thrilled to see this design plan come together!  If you have a beachfront home and need design intervention, contact my assistant to schedule:  [email protected]rologist.com

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Jamie P Brantley
7 years ago

She did a great job implementing your beautiful plan!

7 years ago

Really amazing transformation! Love the stripes for the coastal style.

Michelle Burke
Michelle Burke
7 years ago

Looks great! Let’s visit!

Dana Tucker
7 years ago

Awesome job Kristie! I love a beach home!! BTW, we are available to travel to beach locals if you need any help painting LOL!!! The heck with e-design. Beach homes require in person meetings under an umbrella, don’t you agree?

Carol Clark
Carol Clark
7 years ago


You are welcome to come down anytime! I still have a couple of rooms to do!

FYI, the Ballard’s table you specified was a bit out of the budget, so I took a picture of it to an unfinished furniture store and they matched the finish! Thanks again for all your help. We love our home!

7 years ago

It’s like you stepped inside my head for this redesign. We recently bought a lake house and this is the “coastal look ” I am working toward. It’s beautiful!

Connie Nikiforoff Designs

I’ve done a few e-designs but really enjoy getting out there and touching/feeling/seeing all the needed materials in person. Sadly I’ve yet to see even one of my Olio boards brought to life. Haha! I wonder if my e-clients ever carried out the plan……Maybe some day. 😉

I LOVE your design for this client! I’d do it in a heartbeat! So much cozier and yet more life, than the ‘before’.

7 years ago

Great job! The before looks more formal and mediterrien (sp) . The after looks more coastal , relaxed , and lightens up ; where the other was dark and drew your eye in. thanks for the picturs

7 years ago

Looks great! I would love to learn how to do a successful e-design. You should think about doing an e-course on it. I’d sign up for sure!

7 years ago

Hi Kristie, it looks amazing and you make it look so easy. Staying in my pyjamas some days sound like a good thing:)

7 years ago

so fun to see the afters. Your client did a great job interpreting your look and feel. Kudo’s to all!

Holly Gruszka
7 years ago

This is really nice Kristie and so nice to be able to work with a client on another space of theirs – a true compliment. The living room looks really great and I love the new pendant light fixture in the dining area.

Holly A
Holly A
7 years ago

I love the paint/color choices too! Great work!

7 years ago

I never would’ve thought to put the bright, striped chairs with that area rug, but it really works in the room — there’s a nice balance of muted and bright. Looking and learning, as usual, from The Decorologist’s good instincts. 😉

7 years ago

You are so good at what you do! Really great job.

Elaina Hall
Elaina Hall
6 years ago

Kristie: You are my inspiration! I love reading your posts and seeing all your designs. I just purchased your Paint Color course and am learning so much. I taught school for 17 years and am now moving to the Kansas City area…I’ve decided to pursue a new dream: becoming a home stager and color consultant! Yes, from far away in Idaho, a Nashville gal helped me realize what I wanted to do as a second career. 🙂

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