Video Killed the Radio Star, Let’ s Hope That’s Not My Fate

It’s been quite the week. I’ve been working on a number of projects, including editing my soon-to-be-released instructional video, Psychological Styling.

styling bookcases


It’s all about styling and accessorizing tabletops, mantels, bookcases, sofas, and bedding. Everything is very step-by-step and will guide even the most timid of decorators!

styling beds


I’m sharing lots of tips and tricks that you’ve never heard before, even if you are already a design pro. You should have heard the video team during the shoot! Even these manly-man types were impressed to learn that styling isn’t just a random act. There’s an actual process I go through when styling for clients and for photoshoots – surprise!

styling tabletops



The Psychological Styling video should be ready for launch sometime in August, so stay tuned.



I also began working on a series of instructional videos for LP SmartSide that will help homeowners and remodelers choose the best exterior colors and color combinations. I’ve written all the scripts, and this week we did a run-through of one of them as a sample. AND I stood in front of the mysterious green screen for the first time!

decorologist video


Tomorrow, I will have a better idea how that turned out.

I was recently interviewed by Flooring International as part of their Designer Influencer series, and they wrote up a really nice piece about me that came out earlier this week.

interview with the decorologist


If you’d like to check out the interview, you can find it in its entirety here. Oh yeah, one more thing: my last Expert Psychological Stager™ course of 2016 is coming up Sept 15-17, and there’s an EARLY BIRD discount through August 1st. If you are the slightest bit curious, just take a look at what the course is about – it’s the only course that offers a unique, proprietary system for psychologically staging homes so that buyers are falling all over each other to write up an offer!

A third of the spots have already filled, so sign up soon and join us in September:

staging training by the decorologist

Now I’ve got to get back to the grindstone – hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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15 thoughts on “Video Killed the Radio Star, Let’ s Hope That’s Not My Fate

  1. Phyllis E says:

    I love the idea of your styling videos. I hope they will be priced so that the average homeowner can afford to buy/watch them–not just the pros who can deduct the cost from their taxes, LOL! I do hope that videos don’t “kill” the blog star, though! I really do love blogs–especially yours. I think both mediums have their pros and cons.
    By the way–I am very intrigued by the way you have styled the bedroom above. It has a very understated, unstudied, casual elegance about it; it isn’t “overstyled” or “over staged” at all! Is this the new trend or part of the “psychology” of staging or both? It seems like I recently have seem other examples of professionally designed bedrooms that look pretty and inviting without making it scream “a decorator was here!”
    I recently bought a white quilt for the bed and was going to paint my walls, which are currently a neutral light beige, one of the blue shades you suggested in your book, but I do like the white and beige (or should I say “greige”?) combo you show here! I see how you have tied it all together by repeating the wall color with the beige pillow and throw! I think I will “steal” your styling idea–it will save me having to repaint my bedroom walls! Am I correct? Thanks!!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Absolutely, Phyllis – steal away! The Psychological Styling video will be priced affordably, like the other streaming videos I offer. It will be helpful to homeowners and pros alike 🙂 The price of the video will save you the cost of buying decor items that don’t work for your home. I find that a lot of people spend too much money on a small accessory or pillow, when they can get the same look for less. The items I use in the video are very affordable – mostly from Home Goods. Thank you for your comment, Phyllis, and I hope you have a great weekend!

      • Phyllis E says:

        Thanks, Kristie! I will definitely have to check out your other streaming videos. Home Goods is my favorite store so now I REALLY can’t wait for the video! Instead you could give some tips(either in the video or a blog post?) for not getting overwhelmed when we go into Home Goods and see so many great things In so many different styles and colors!
        Good point about the cost of the video paying for itself by not buying the wrong accessories or ones we don’t need, or at least (as in my case) many needless trips back and forth to return items that didn’t quite look as great in our homes as it did in the store,? ! Have a nice weekend, too!

        • Phyllis E says:

          Oops-That shouldn’t have said “instead” above- the spell prediction changed it from what I intended to type,” it would be great if” ( typing this on my phone, sorry)

  2. Mary CC from CA says:

    Everything you touch turns to gold because of your genuine, kind, honest and willingness to help others personality. Wishing you all the success in the world my dear. Thank you for all you do and share with your readers and blog followers.

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